The Week in eCommerce: Week 32 (August 8 – 14, 2021)

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The world moves on, and the numbers in the world of business management fluctuate wildly.

It’s critical to keep up with the newest news and developments in the business markets if you want your company to prosper and avoid being damaged by a recession.

And this is what we, ExpandCart, present to you through our weekly E-commerce wrap-up as we cover the most recent and prominent news, and the most important announcements, so you’re always immediately in the know.

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5K Is the Number of Gahez Platform Users as Soon as It Launched

Within just a month of its launch, Gahez Market registered nearly 5,000 active users on its platform.

“Gahez” platform is an Egyptian e-commerce platform that operates on a B2B or corporate trading system. It is intended as a platform that provides its services to all companies, institutions, merchants, business owners, and emerging and large commercial activities.

“Gahez” platform services include providing a large group of Egyptian factories, companies, and institutions that produce clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, besides being responsible for storing and shipping orders.

The platform began its experimental work last July, and founder Wael Olama stated that over 5,000 active stores have been registered on the platform so far, given the platform is in its trial period.

Some shop owners on the platform have reported that it offers them great commercial value and unique features as it allows them to make direct deals with suppliers with no intermediary while providing them with a variety of factories, allowing them to choose between over one supplier.

This is besides providing customers with lower-cost services and the opportunity to purchase small, restricted quantities to help them reduce their financial load.

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Abu Dhabi Is Looking to Boost Its E-Commerce Capabilities

As part of the efforts of all Arab countries to support the field of e-commerce, the General Administration of Customs in the State of Abu Dhabi has decided regarding the promotion and improvement of e-commerce and online trade.

Rashid Lahej Al Mansouri, Director-General of the General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs, stated that the modern e-commerce policy has been changed to suit all forms of e-commerce and support the import of goods for merchants and develop their investments.

The new policy’s list of terms and conditions intends to establish a set of guidelines that will make customs operations easier and more regulated.

The provisions of this policy include exempting imported products and goods that will be sold online from customs so long as their cost does not exceed 1,000 dirhams, starting from August 15, 2021.

All items imported to be sold locally through e-stores are covered by the new e-commerce policy requirements, which are based on the list of terms and conditions provided by the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Customs Department for postal parcels and express shipping businesses.

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Dubai Issues Customs Exemptions for Goods Costing Less than 30K Dirhams to Support Merchants

The city of Dubai has issued a new decision to exempt some electronic goods from customs duties on the condition that the cost of these goods does not exceed 30,000 dirhams to facilitate the import process for merchants to be easier and less costly.

This move is part of Dubai’s expansion and improvement plan, which aims to elevate the country’s position in the world of investment and e-commerce. It will go into effect on November 14th of this year.

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L’azurde Aims for a 20% Increase in Online Sales in 2021, Following Their Success in 2020.

Given the COVID-2019 crisis and the impact on many businesses’ economies, including “L’azurde,” the world’s largest and most well-known jewelry company, 2021 was a tremendous success for the company. In the first quarter of this year, L’azurde made a profit of 10.2 million riyals, compared to a loss of 1.6 million riyals the previous year.

This recovery in profits for L’azurde came because of entering the world of e-commerce and selling products through their online store, contributing to compensation for the loss they suffered during the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After L’azurde expansion and success in selling online and recording numerous sales, the company stated that it is working to improve its e-commerce position more effectively by targeting about 20% of its sales during this year.

This was stated by Selim Chidiac, CEO of L’azurde, that the company aims to develop their online sales by targeting 20% ​​more sales, besides expanding into the Gulf market by opening two new branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Jordan Records More Than 600K Online Sale Delivered Parcels

The Hashemite of Jordan has recorded 642,807 parcels delivered from various e-commerce platforms in 2020, according to what was announced by the Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

In the announcement, the authority revealed that there was an increase in the number of parcels by 72% during the latter half of 2020 after global markets have cleared the movement of buying and selling, and customs opened to transport parcels after they were closed at the beginning of the year because of COVID-19.

This closure caused by the Corona pandemic has caused a decrease in the number of parcels from popular online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba, but the authority stated that 87% of postal and parcel transport operators seek to develop parcel delivery services and face any obstacles they face today.

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