The Week in eCommerce: Week 36 (September 05 – 11, 2021)

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Welcome to ExpandCarts’ Ecommerce Weekly Wrap-up once again! This weekly report includes the most prominent inks about e-commerce and digital technology and how the whole world is moving towards supporting and participating in these areas.

Waves of this trend vary between seeking financing for business development and investments and seeking developing work systems and mechanisms to catch up with the competitive race, and many other trends that we will learn about in this week’s wrap-up! 

ِ A New Born: Charitable Work Is Now in E-Commerce

The demand for e-commerce was not limited to merchants and individuals who aspire to sell products and services online only, as we find charitable and development work also came to benefit from e-commerce and its various advantages, through the launch of the “Hunt” store, which represents a form of e-commerce in charitable work and Community development in the state of Jordan.

“Hunt” store is a joint project that rose under the activities of the Youth and Technology Conference, which is constantly organized in Jordan under the supervision of the government and civil society organizations, especially the “Jordanian Women’s Solidarity Institute Association“, which is fully responsible for the conference’s activities.

The concept of the store project comes from providing the necessary support and protection for women in debt in reform and rehabilitation centers in Jordan, and it was established with the aim of helping these women pay their debts and installments by offering their own products for sale through the store.

Thus, we see how e-commerce has a role and image in many sectors of society, as it now contributes to solving an important and common social problem, which reforming and supporting women in debt in order to overcome this difficult stage and integrate them into society again with a valid and effective role.

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POS Launching: Amazon Develops A Point-Of-Sale System to Attract Start-Ups And Small Businesses

Amazon has stated that it is working on a new project, which is developing its own point of sale system “Amazon POS” to support merchants and brand owners in managing their e-commerce and offline commerce easily and effectively.

This system is aimed not only at merchants sold through Amazon but also non-affiliated merchants who are looking for smart transactions with Amazon.

This step comes as Amazon seeks to provide easier and smarter transactions for online merchants and shoppers, as the point of sale system processes electronic and non-electronic financial transactions together efficiently without the need for an online connection.

This project will enter Amazon’s competition with the global payments company Paypal, which provides a POS system for all merchants and owners of small and large brands and has a large number of users around the world.

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Big Bucks: MNT-Halan Receives $120 Million of Funds!

Halan Company succeeded in raising investments worth $120 million through global financing round, and the company received investment from several investors such as Apis Partners and DisrupTech.

MNT-Halan is the first non-banking company in Egypt to obtain a license from the Central Bank to create a digital wallet that provides digital financial services such as transferring and collecting money through smartphone applications, for those who do not have a bank account.

It is worth noting that Egypt seeks to support digital technology, focus on investing in it, and push it forward in order to keep pace with the development of the whole world towards digital technology.

“MNT-Halan” company was established in 2018 by Egyptian entrepreneurs and its goal was to provide transportation and delivery services through a smartphone application.

However, over time, the company’s services expanded and included digital financial transactions such as bill payment service, buy now and pay later service, and loan service for micro-enterprises.

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Here we come to the end of this week’s report on the latest news of e-commerce, digital technology, and business, and to meet in next week’s report.