The Week in eCommerce: Week 35 (Aug. 29 – Sep. 04, 2021)

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The 35th week of 2021 witnessed new and significant dynamics in the world of e-commerce (August 29 – September 4).

Varying between more support for digital transformation and electronic payments, more control for the Amazon platform on the Arab e-commerce market, besides many other events this week, we will discuss them with you in detail in the coming lines.

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The Sunset of Souq: becomes Amazon

Arab Republic of Egypt: Starting with the most important event in e-commerce in Egypt; the official announcement on September 1st of the transformation of the giant “”, the first in the e-commerce scene, to the well-known “Amazon”, under the slogan “Souq, is now; Amazon.” 

It is known that Amazon has already been acquiring the Souq platform since 2017 in a deal whose value has not been announced, but Souq continued to operate with the same logo and method until it was completely converted to the Amazon platform with a change of name, website shape and the way products are classified.

The news got a suitable response from almost everyone, and they expected Amazon to add more new products while working more carefully on quality products, besides faster and safer delivery and payment services.

Back to School Discounts from Noon up to 80%

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “”, the leading digital shopping platform in the Middle East, has announced massive back-to-school sales with up to 80% off discounts on backpacks, laptops, school supplies, clothing, shoes, and more.

These special offers and discounts began on August 24th and will run until August 30th, saving clients both time and money with a lightning-fast delivery service.

Find out more via the following link: Noon Dubai Sale

Accepting Cashless Payments Only on The Dubai Talabat Platform

UAE, Dubai: Talabat, the leading food delivery and e-commerce platform in the UAE, has announced that it will offer its users a new option to accept cashless payments only, in a pioneering step to reach 100% cashless payments in the coming years.

This step comes from the Talabat platform to support the general vision of the UAE to become one of the top 10 global economies for cashless payment globally, and this is supported by providing customers with a greater sense of health security and reducing the risks of disease transmission because of the Covid-19 pandemic besides ease of payment, and sellers access A more transparent payment experience.

Earlier this year, the percentage of requests on the platform increased by up to 90% compared to the period from January 2020 to January 2021, and the number of application downloads doubled in the same period, and because of this significant growth in requests, more updates had to be done in The cash aspect is to make it easier, faster and safer.

Ajman Gets the Deliveroo Platform

Deliveroo has expanded its food delivery platform in the fifth region in the United Arab Emirates and the sixth in North Africa in general, as it launched its services in the city of Ajman, after the successful launch in the city of Al Ain in the middle of the last year 2020.

Deliveroo currently works with approximately 140,000 restaurants and 110,000 food delivery men around, where its services include serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything right from the restaurants’ kitchens to the hands of customers.
On the occasion of its launch in Ajman, the platform announced free food delivery services to over 30 restaurants across the city.

⬅️This concludes our quick tour of the latest e-commerce news for this week; stay tuned for additional updates in the coming weeks and leave your thoughts in the comments about anything you’d like to learn more about or enquire about in further depth.