There’s no denying that pre-pandemic technology developments in all industries surged as firms changed to appeal to a more digital consumer. COVID-19 is attributed to accelerating the adoption of eCommerce. Beauty shoppers went online, and even as stores reopened, many continued to shop online.

eCommerce was a lifeline for a pandemic-stricken business. With online shopping becoming more common, brands need to be aware of changing eCommerce trends now more than ever.

The beauty industry can be very confusing if you’re not VERY up-to-date, especially in such a fast-paced world that accelerates faster than ever!

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What’s in “The Future of Beauty & Skincare in MENA 2022”?

Beauty and Skincare Industry Overview

There’s nothing better than getting to know the whole picture before digging into the details. In this section of the eBook, we’ll walk you through the industry situation and overview as a preface for the upcoming sections where we’ll get you down to the last detail of Beauty & Skincare Future! 

A Scoop Into Beauty: Facts And Figures

In this section, we’ll show you how things have been going and changing by numbers! Putting the pieces together that are forming the future of the industry, what those numbers mean on the real ground, how do they affect eCommerce, and what numbers do we expect in the near future.

How COVID-19 Swift Beauty Purchases From Offline to Online

We can’t examine a full and deep topic as that without shedding the lights on the most giant factor that has been affecting our world since day one. A full review on:

  • how the shopping patterns shifted in such an era, and again, what do we expect from such an event?
  • how long and if it is the factor responsible for such a shift?
  • Did it affect eCommerce negatively or positively?
  • what changes shall be made to the scene of eCommerce in the upcoming years?

This chapter will answer all your questions! As numbers are essential, yet our interpretation of these numbers matters the most! Don’t miss it out! 

The Beauty and Skincare Market in Egypt, KSA, and UAE

The pandemic has transformed and redefined all markets, with consumers becoming more self-conscious than ever before, while others have seen an opportunity and jumped right into the center of the wave to get a piece of the action. 

In this section of our eBook, we shed light on 3 case studies that reflect how the beauty industry is performing, and what do we expect from such a performance. With a side-to-side comparison that adds clarifying contrast between the 3 cases and a pattern that can be followed! 

Top Performing Facebook & IG Pages

ExpandCart leaves no space for doubts. We brought you the top-performing beauty eCommerce at the previous focus areas in flesh and bones. How? We analyzed their social media platforms, their growth rates, engagement, content, performance, and audiences. 

What else you may need? Whatever it was, ExpandCart has it!

Top 4 Beauty and Skincare Trends in 2021 Continues to 2022

They say black is the new orange, but what are “black” and “orange” in the beauty industry?? That is what we’ll find out in this section!

We’re going to speculate and showcase our predictions for the Beauty and Skincare market based on our comprehensive analysis of how it went in 2021; giving you the pillars that we believe they would make and change scenes in the beauty industry in the next year.

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