Searching for Halloween selling ideas or a professional and fun book to give you insights on how to make a Halloween milestone this year?

You’ve got it.

Just follow the tips and tricks displayed creatively in the following sections.

We bring you this guide full of killer tips to scare up your sales during this Halloween holiday season, including new and fresh ways to engage your audience, as well as add to their shock element — the good way!

What’s in “How to Increase Your Sales During Halloween? 2021 Guide”

Chapter 1: An e-Commerce Halloween

Before delving deeper into Halloween selling ideas, in this chapter, we went through various aspects of Halloween in e-commerce, showing some e-commerce sales statistics to improve the power of this scary season.

We also provided tips on how to compete with benchmark marketplaces and mentioned Halloween shoppers’ needs and interests.

Chapter 2: Adapting Holidays to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this chapter, you will be surprised that the COVID-19 didn’t prevent the celebration of Halloween. You’ll also find out how the pandemic affected e-commerce directly and the pros and cons of marketing during this challenging time.

However, the pandemic has made people thirsty for celebration—an opportunity that Shouldn’t be missed if you plan on using Halloween to promote your business and increase your sales.

Chapter 3: Halloween in the MENA Region

This chapter contains different Halloween categories that are trending in the MENA region, as well as how brands come up with spooky Halloween selling ideas to spread Halloween vibes.

Also, you will find surveys that explore consumer behavior and according to these insights, your plan will be going well.

Chapter 4: What Halloween Means for the Different Industries 🕷

Luckily, this chapter has statistics for the most popular industries’ earnings; during Halloween.

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Others

Chapter 5: Halloween Selling Ideas & Tips to Increase Your Sales

Here you will be able to learn nine professional and creative ways to increase leads during Halloween. Having a good marketing strategy for your store is in this chapter to get more clients and, making money on Halloween.

It's never too late. You can create your online store in the blink of an eye and take advantage of this scary season.

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