With the constant updates, ExpandCart developers are working on, knowing how to launch an online store and applying it have now become much easier and faster. You don’t even need any help, expertise, or technicalities. You can do everything professionally on your own.

And because the motto we believe in —‘Business For All’— we at ExpandCart are always striving to provide the easiest online store setup experience with minimal effort and minimal cost. This is to enable entrepreneurs, beginners, and professionals alike, to start their own eCommerce businesses.

All this is possible through a powerful, all-inclusive, and user-friendly dashboard that comes with full support for the Arabic language as well as more than 8 other languages.

“How to Launch Your Store on ExpandCart in 8 Steps” is, therefore, a complete guide that explains every step of the store creation process backed up by instructive visuals from the dashboard itself. 

What’s in “How to Launch an Online Store? Guide”?

The ebook includes 8 sections, each dealing with one of the 8 steps of launching a store. 

Let’s take a look at them:

  • Section 1: Customizing Your Store

In this section, you’ll learn how to choose the right template for your store from over 30 professional templates, as well as how you can apply that template to your store. 

In addition, we share some tips on how you can choose a template that best suits your trade, online store, and products.

  • Section 2: Adding Your Products

Adding the first products to your store is one of the most important tasks in your store creation journey. In this section, you’ll learn how to add your own products, and how to enter data for each product to be displayed on its page.

And as usual, some tips on how to properly craft product descriptions, product photos or videos, and other factors that play a role in how your product is displayed so you can add to its value.

  • Section 3: Setting Your Store’s Default Language and Currency

This chapter explains, with pictures, the process of setting a default language your online store will use for your storefront, dashboard, and currency. You can also pick more than one language.

  • Section 4: Creating Your Geo-Zones

This section explains the process of picking the countries or cities you’ll be delivering to and how to categorize them into geo-zones so you can set up specific methods of shipping and payment for each one. 

  • Section 5: Setting Up Your Shipping Methods

Adjust product shipping settings and choose the right shipping methods for the geo-zones you’ve selected.

  • Section 6: Setting Up Your Payment Methods

Here, the guide explains the steps behind setting up payment methods and choosing the right payment method for your store customers from over 50 payment gateways available to link with the platform.

  • Section 7: Setting Up Your Domain

This section explains how to link your domain, if you have one, to the ExpandCart store. If you don’t, we also explain the steps to reserving a domain and linking it through us. 

  • Section 8: Managing Your Orders

Congratulations! Getting to this section means your store is now ready to receive orders. Here, we explain how you can easily manage these orders from your store dashboard. 

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