Overwhelmed by the hassle around the biggest selling season of every year? Don’t Worry! ExpandCart got your back always! Especially in White Friday 2021!

You’re undoubtedly ecstatic as an eCommerce business owner at the idea of generating that much money in such a season. We’ve put up this guide with expert advice on how to expand your sales during the Black Friday marketing season, including new and innovative methods to engage your audience and outperform your competitors! there are several factors to consider, first of them all is that you begin by downloading the eBook we created for you.

What’s in “Pro Pack of Black Friday Marketing Campaigns & Strategies 2021”

Chapter 1: White Friday, E-commerce, and COVID-19.

Before we surf through the tips & tricks of this White Friday season, in this chapter, we will skim through how eCommerce went and is going during the global crisis of COVID-19!

Did it affect eCommerce negatively or positively? And what changes shall be made to the scene of eCommerce in the upcoming times?

This chapter will answer all your questions! Also, by showing some eCommerce sales statistics, it will aid you to improve the performance of your eCommerce in this profitable season.

Chapter 2: White Friday’s Crystal Ball of 2021

In this chapter, we’ll go through realistic expectations of how this year’s White Friday season will turn out to be.

How are we going to do that? Of course not by magic or crystal balls. But reliable studies and global reports. Not only but also MENA focused studies that will give you scooped insights and more probable expectations and assessments.

Taking them into account, you’ll be able to boost your sales and make the most out of the White Friday season!

Chapter 3: Marketing Campaigns to Make the Most of White Friday

In this chapter, we introduce you to the most tried and recommended strategies for the White Friday season. We capsulized top different & crucial strategies that will show you the top “How-to’s” and cover the below:

  • Cooking a Countdown Strategy.
  • Free-Shipping and User-friendly Return Policy: Your Black Horse in White Friday.
  • Preparing Black Friday Email List.
  • Double-checking your Website, Again!
  • Rolling Out Unforgettable Offers and Discounts!
  • Avoiding Playing All Your Cards on The Table.
  • Leveraging the power of social media.
  • Re-targeting and Retention.

Chapter 4: America’s Black Friday Vs. MENA’s White Friday

In this chapter, we’ll tackle a success story of our own! A comparison between the global, and specifically; America’s Black Friday with MENA’s White Friday. According to global reports & studies, in terms of the magnitude of the sales, shoppers turn out and where do we stand according to global reports & studies!

Chapter 5: White Friday Pre-Season Checklist! ✓

We couldn’t leave you with theoretical tips only! We prepared a pre-season checklist that will keep you organized, following up, and on the right track to push all your plans to action. It’s the greatest event of the year and we want you to be fully prepared and make the most out of it.

Trust the procedure, be prepared, and Simply follow the artistically and realistically provided tips and methods in our eBook.

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