It’s all about contacting when we talk about Conversational Commerce…

Selling your products to your customers, or even just marketing it to them, was more or less always about how you talked to them. Whether it’s the 18th century and your communication was through an ad, or nowadays with social media marketing, commerce always revolved around there being some kind of ‘message’ you sent to your shoppers.

Today, shoppers crave more.

As technology began to advance, commercial communication became too technical and robotic – we only ever interact with our phones or laptops – and the lack of human touch became emphasized. But with those same technological advancements came the reward of the opportunity to make communication within commerce more ‘two-way’ and conversational.

This is where conversational commerce comes into play…

It fills the gap of that human touch that shoppers have started craving the more marketing became advanced. It put the much-needed emphasis on how brands needed to receive communicational as well, not just give it. It uses that desired social interaction to sell.

Our 2021 Guide to Conversational Commerce, therefore, teaches you everything you need to know about conversational commerce and how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategies – after all, it’s 2021, and now’s the time for you to be conversational!

What’s in “2021 Guide to Conversational Commerce”

This ebook includes 3 main sections that take you through the journey of conversational commerce and how it works.

Section 1: Introduction to the concept and Its Benefits

In this section, you’ll learn the meaning of true conversational commerce along with the different types of conversational commerce systems. Get an insight into statistics and an in-depth exploration of why it’s important and the ways in which its importance is emphasized.

Get to know all the benefits of incorporating conversational commerce into your marketing strategy!

Section 2: How Can Brands Sell More Using Conversational eCommerce?

After exploring what conversational commerce really is, you’ll want to know how to use it. This section tackles the shopper-side of conversational commerce: the ways it wraps itself around the consumer journey.

Understand that, and you’ll be able to seamlessly strategize your conversations with your shoppers so you can reap the benefits of conversational commerce.

Section 3: Tips and Steps to Conversational Commerce Success

There’s a road to everything: here, we introduce you to that, but we also share little tips and tricks in between to show you how you can implement conversational commerce in the best way for both you and your shoppers.

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