If you’re a new YouTuber, this one’s for you. And you’re going to want to read on, because according to this guide, making money with YouTube is still going well in 2021!

As with every road to success, it takes time to hit the jackpot. Anyone can make video content, but it takes a few ground rules to make it on YouTube as a profit-making brand channel. Those rules include optimizing content and strategizing your marketing, which means a gradual build-up – but hopefully to a rapid success.

You can consider this guide a hefty shortcut: everything you might miss on the journey to jaw-dropping content, and jaw-dropping growth.

What’s Inside

Chapter 1: What is required to make profits from YouTube?

Learn what YouTube needs from you and your videos in order to start profiting off of them. We’ll also explain the steps you need to take in order to start getting paid, as well as the very beginning steps of how to start your own brand channel, what profitable content should look like, and what tools you need to achieve that.

Chapter 2: How to optimize your YouTube videos to attract more views

The gold mine of every guide: the part where we tell you what to do (and not do) to succeed. This section reveals some big-ticket rules, tips, and tricks on how to engineer and optimize your videos so that you garner more views.

We also confess some mistakes you can pry away from for the best viewing experience. Learn to give your audience a reason to subscribe, how to present yourself, and more.

Chapter 3: Best strategies to advertise on YouTube

We want to introduce you to all the best ways you can advertise on YouTube, so we’ll share everything we know about the different types of YouTube ads and how you can analyze those ad results. Having a good advertising strategy for your YouTube videos goes hand in hand with getting more views and making money on YouTube.

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