Let’s be honest… Learning about your customers is the most exciting part of owning an e-commerce business. But what’s even more exciting is getting a god-honest look at how the recent global pandemic has changed that by way of numbers, facts, and figures.

We’ll tell you how e-commerce has come out a winner during these times, even though we might all be living in uncertainty. Only when you know you leverage what’s happening now will you be able to forecast ways to adapt to the new reality we should all be preparing for.

This report is your pocket guide to everything you should know about e-commerce in the MENA region in 2020, with all the golden opportunities you can utilize to further grow your business in 2021.

What’s Inside

Section 1

Ecommerce in the Middle East – Statistics and Trends

Ecommerce wins this round. Uncover all the ways in which the most recent pandemic has shifted the way buyers in the region shop. Read between the lines of how these changes can benefit you: how does the market continue to grow? Which segments now dominate the e-commerce field? and how do customers prefer to pay online?

Section 2

Consumer Behavior in MENA at a Glance (Facts and Statistics)

The world is online, and MENA is heavily plugged in. Here, you’ll find facts about how your regional shoppers when compared globally open up opportunities for you that you could only tap into here. How lucky are you? Discover demographics by gender, age, and even preferred device so you know who to better target and how.

Section 3

Top Ecommerce Trends 2020

And of course, no report is complete without the top trends of the year. Learn about everything that made 2020’s e-commerce market – this will help you better understand your customers and market and enable you to uncover strategies to grow your business in the most innovative of ways.

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