Digital marketing channels that effect on Ecommerce

The concentration on digital marketing channels is considered one of the best means in the growth of the activity of ecommerce. If you want more interactive clients you will need to get a unique name for you to attract more clients to visit your online store and get more sales.

Here, the question is about what are the 8 digital marketing channels that should use to improve the ecommerce and make the clients visit your online store.
digital marketing
1: Organic
2: Email
3: Paid Search
4: Content Marketing
5: Social Media
6: Affiliates
7: Referrals
8: Direct

There is an explanation for each one from the channels in details:

1: Digital Marketing Organic Channels

digital marketing channels

Unpaid digital marketing channels include all the visits that people made for the website and which it comes from search engines for example: Google, Bing, Yahoo or

The improvement of your online store and organize it well can be facilitate the process of people reaching your website during searching about subject or specific product, The search engines will put it in its first results during the page searching process. If you want more traffic on your website you should improve search engines through SEO which is simply mean choosing the suitable words that related to your online store or your website on one hand and on the other hand this words are common in search engines.

2: Email

The digital marketing channels that related to the website are including all visits which are come from Email messages.
Email messages are various and include the following:

  • Promotional email campaigns (Christmas sales)
  • Triggered email campaigns (ex: shopping cart abandonment email
  • Transaction email campaigns (ex: order confirmation email)

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your email you should activate your email list

3: Paid Search

Paid digital marketing channels are include all visits that people make to the web site and which is come from paid ads, this channels are also called: search engine marketing ( SEM ) or Pay per click ( PPC ).

Search engine campaigns are lunched in the following networks:

(Google adwords )
( Bing ads )
google ranking
The online store that seek to attract people through the marketing of search engine should be focus on lunching marketing campaigns through Google and product advertisements through Bing site because this kind of ads lead to effective investment revenue for ecommerce.

4: Content Marketing

Content marketing channels include website visits which are come from your blogs and videos or downloading digital file such as buying guides.

Content marketing is also called Inbound Marketing and this term used by Hubspot.


Establishing content that give useful things or even contain kind of entertainment can help in directed ecommerce to attract more people to their online stores because this content can be reached by search engines or through post on social media.

5: Social Media

Digital marketing channels through social media include all people visits to the website and which is come from social media networks such as: Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, Snapchat and more sites.

social media

People visits through social media can be free or unpaid through things that search about it by their selves or through paid ads that appear to the target audience.

In the past two years, social media networks made it difficult for ecommerce to reach it through free initiatives. Even if you want to play you should firstly paid and it was difficult to find even free games.

If you want to lunching paid ads on social media networks you should focus on the following:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Snapchat Ads

6: Affiliates

The affiliates digital marketing channels include all the website visits which is come from affiliate partners in the exchange for get a commission on all orders.
You can lunch your affiliate program on famous networks such as:
Rakuten Linkshare Affiliates ShareASale
You can establish relationship with cash back website such as eBates, coupon sites such as, deal sites like, bloggers and online influencers.

7: Referrals

Referrals digital marketing channels include all website visits which is come actually from everything on the internet including apps for example create new apps or the announcement of gathering important figures in specific place all those things from the marketing factors that attract more people to visit your website.

And this also include websites their function to show ads or paid content blog or electronic newspaper. Anything that isn’t included in the previous seven channels is be considered paid or unpaid.

8: Direct

The direct channels include all the website visits which is come directly to your website without turning you to any other websites.
People usually write their website address in their web browser or reach their bookmarks.

Direct traffic channels allow you to measure some effective efforts that resulted from offline marketing such as radio and TV. They are quickly using their smart phones to reach directly to your website.


The most important thing you should do during establishing digital marketing strategy is select the objective that you want to achieve through it, in addition to measure your performance and know the percentage of developing or failing and the necessary of using digital marketing channels to give effective results on ecommerce.



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