How to Increase Sales of Your Online Store? 10 Rocking Techniques

Success in eCommerce is not an easy and simple mission, as many people think. Several techniques are needed to increase sales and reach your goals in this competitive eCommerce landscape. You have to work hard and spend more and bigger efforts, which will help you put yourself as an industry leader.

On this front, through this in-depth article on the ExpandCart blog, we will explain the top 10 business strategies to increase sales of your online store and tips on how to boost your store performance in terms of revenue growth.

First off, we should ask this important question ?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

In answering this vital question, we should mention that conversion rate optimization means to know, identify, and discover more details about shoppers’ journey on your online store.

Conversion rate optimization is also answering more important questions, such as

  • how customers see your web store,
  • why more of your store’s visitors aren’t converting,
  • and how to increase sales in retail to reach your goals effectively?

Hence, all store owners from all over the world have to spend more effort and work hard to enhance their customers’ experience, boost their web stores performance, and keep in mind the customers’ interests, in order to reach all their goals and increase their online stores’ sales.

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As a web store owner, there are a lot of things you can and should do to attract a potential audience, build brand loyalty, then push your web store conversion rate, which means more profits and earnings for you. All of those things are centered around one vital, effective, and important aspect: sales boost.

In order to enhance and boost your web store performance, you need to follow these tips. ?

10 Tips to Increase Sales Online to eCommerce Stores

1. Test Your Site Images

No one can deny that images are considered to be one of the most attractive aspects, which invite any shopper to try any product or take an action to buy or convert. Hence, as a web store owner, you must keep in mind the importance of products’ images performance.

In a desire to push your conversions on your web store, you need to test a wide variety of product images before using them in the marketing process, in addition to putting all of your used product images under testing to discover which one converts better. This scientific test should answer several insightful questions, such as:

  • How to increase sales revenue?
  • Does your product convert higher with an obvious white background or if it’s enclosed in a very lifestyle sort of image?
  • What range of images will a client have to be compelled to see on your store before creating a purchase?

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2. Test Your Ads

Running ad campaigns is a priority that should be kept in mind if you need to increase store sales and push your online store conversion rate. But, how can you make sure your ads convert better? This is considered to be a very important question, which should be asked from every online store owner, as they desire to reach their goals.

Hence, testing ads is a necessary effort if you need to save your time and money. Testing your store ads enables you to have enough selection so that your customers don’t get accustomed to seeing a constant ad.

? This process is called A/B testing, and this is a complete guide to A/B testing.

3. Improve Your Site Load Speed

It is a clear fact that site load speed is one of the most important and vital aspects that affect store conversion rate optimization. All online store owners should be aware of the site load speed role in sales and conversion rate.

How to Test Site Speed?

Tools like Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix will help you get the mission done. All you have to do is paste a URL and the tool will analyze the page speed and give you suggestions for improvement.

increase store sales-test speed-gtmetrix
A screenshot from GTmetrix speed tester — how to increase store sales

Evidently, a number of stores saw a 1% increase in revenue for every 100 milliseconds of web load speed improvement. Depending on that, you should improve your site load speed if you really want to increase your store sales and push the conversion rate. And, these are some tips that can help you in your mission:

  • Decrease the number of elements the site has to download.
  • Remove unnecessary items to help your page load faster.
  • Reduce the website images’ size, without affecting the quality. You can do that by using specific apps, like (ImageOptim or ShortPixel).
  • You should reduce the embedded YouTube videos that are used in your online store.

4. Benefit from Urgency & Scarcity Tactics

Researches and experts confirmed that developing a countdown timer on online stores plays a vital role in increasing store sales to boost the store conversion rate. Actually, it is one of my favorite ways to improve sales.

As confirmed by one of the most popular e-commerce software companies “Sumo”, owning a countdown timer one of the online stores allows all retailers, sellers, and store owners to improve sales by 226%.

So, you should keep in mind the great importance of having a countdown timer on your online store if you really want to push your store sales and boost conversion rate optimization.

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On this front, it should be mentioned that scarcity and urgency are also playing an effective role in encouraging a great number of customers to take action, whether sell a product or add it to cart to complete selling it later because many customers have a fear of missing out.

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5. Change or Redesign Your Website Look

All people who are operating in eCommerce, retail, social media, and digital marketing admitted that continuous updates and change are essential requirements to maintain the brand audience and build brand loyalty.

In addition, they confirm that updating and redesigning a website look plays an important role in increasing sales and boosting conversion rate.

As explained by an appreciable number of industry leaders, there are many design Constants, which allow to enhance and push the online store conversion and sales, like using a wide variety of colors, as well as using white space.

? According to Statista, by 2021, the increase in online shopping will constitute 54% of all sales.

Still, success in eCommerce and having a successful online store that achieves high sales revenue is not an easy task. It needs scientific tactics that allow you to reach your goals, increase sales, build brand loyalty, or push conversion rate.

So far, we have explained the meaning of conversion rate optimization and its effective role in enhancing customers’ experience, build brand engagement & brand loyalty, increase sales, and improve sales performance.

We will continue our informative, and insightful journey, where you can discover, learn, and identify how to improve sales performance, increase your store sales, and boost your online store conversion rate. Just take a deep breath and enjoy with us.

As a web store owner, there are a lot of things you can and should do to attract a potential audience, build brand loyalty, then push your web store conversion rate, which means more profits and earnings for you. All of those things are revolving around one central and vital, axis, which is how to find new customers and increase sales?

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In order to manage, enhance, and boost your web store performance, you need to work on the following. ?

6. Engaging Content and Clear Copy

Providing engaging content is considered as one of the most unique ways to increase sales as it can encourage customers, whether regular or potential customers, to identify your product, love it, and finally buy it. Hence, all online store owners should pay much effort in creating engaging content and clear copy on their websites or stores.

It’s also important to build an eCommerce blog. It’ll bring many benefits to your online store. It can help you;

  • organically promote your store,
  • sell your services and products,
  • helps the current store visitors get deeper into the store to enjoy the products/services offered,
  • and convert the potential audience into buying customers.

Benefits of eCommerce Blog

Your website or your online store should be provided with enough, helpful, informative, and attractive content from product information to return policies in order to enable all your web store customers to find all information and details they look forward to, as a great way to encourage them to take action, convert, and buy your store products.

⚠️ Remember! Supporting good, engaging, and informative copywriting on your online store helps you build powerful customer trust, which plays a vital role in building brand loyalty that will reflect on your store sales and conversion rate.

7. Introduce Irresistible Offers on Your Store

One of the most attractive business strategies to increase sales is “offers”. It has a great ability to attract more customers and encourage them to take a buying decision.

So, you should introduce great and Irresistible offers on your online store for all your customers, in order to ensure your online store has a competitive advantage over other stores.

It was confirmed that presenting great and irresistible offers, on any online store, plays an important role in increasing conversion rate optimization, which helps all web store owners reach their goals and boost sales.

It should be pointed out that there are several creative ways to increase retail sales, but the most popular of which are pricing strategies and bundling.

Check this article to learn more about how to price your products.

It is well known that presenting a steep discount on your store products, is one of the brilliant marketing strategies to increase sales, as it can help to increase sales volume and strongly affects the conversion rate optimization.

In addition, putting into place a bundling strategy on your sales plan, such as “Buy Two Get a Free Gift” or “Buy Three Get One Free”, plays an important role in encouraging customers to buy from your online store.

It is clear that having freebies and saving money makes people very happy, so you should harness this fact to sell better, attract more potential customers to your store, and find ways to increase sales revenues and push conversion rate.

8. Apply Sliders Instead of Videos on Your Homepage

Designing the web store homepage is from the out of the box ideas to increase sales because it works as a double-edged sword; it can encourage your customers to shop on your store or repel them to log out.

In this regard, there is an important question, “How to get new customers for my business?”

Some of them are depending on a video featured on the homepage, which is considered to be a vital aspect in website converting, but the length of the video is very important here. In terms of growth in sales, using an image slider converts better than using featured video on the online store homepage.

On this aspect, it should be mentioned that one main image sliders on the store homepage convert better than using multiple images or banners.

9. Run Retargeting Ads Campaigns

No one who works in the eCommerce industry can deny that cart abandonment is considered to be one of the biggest challenges they face in their online stores.

? As reported by the Baymard Institute, there are about 69.23% of carts get abandoned in online and retail stores.

Hence, most industry leaders, e-commerce experts, and marketing executives recommend relying on retargeting emails, in addition to setting-up retargeting ads; which are considered to be more effective than email retargeting.

Retargeting ad campaigns is one of the best ways to increase sales volume, and play a vital role in maintaining your customers, especially those who add one of your store products to their cart.

Hence, one of the smart strategies to increase sales is to set-up retargeting campaigns for your clients, who put your product on their cart but never complete the buying process. This strategy to run retargeting ads able to easily push conversions rate and convert clients you thought you lost.

? We cannot be talking about ad campaigns and not mention this amazing step-by-step guide for beginners to profitable PPC ads campaigns.

10. Optimize “Above the Fold”

First off, we should explain the meaning of “Above the Fold”; it is pointing to the top part of the store website, which any shopper sees before scrolling. The area called “Above the Fold” is considered to be one of the most important aspects that allow you to well display your products.

As reported by Nielsen, one of the most popular software companies in the digital marketing and e-commerce industries, online shoppers spent 80% of their time on your online store above the fold.

Hence, as an online store owner, you have a great challenge to ensure your store visitors have all the information and details they want to take action or buy the product above the fold. You will be required to put the product star rating, product photos, marketing tactics and, of course, the add-to-cart button above the fold.

As we are approaching the end of our article, we would like to define two widely used items in the field of eCommerce ?

What Is Profit vs Revenue?

In accounting, economics, law, and real estate, ‘profit’ and ‘revenue’ have different definitions.

  • Basically, “Profit” refers to the amount that he earns behind it after all expenses are taken in a certain time frame.
  • “Revenue” refers to the total amount generated by a company without taking the expense of services rendered or goods sold within a certain time frame.

What Is Revenue Growth?

The “Revenue Growth Rate” is the percentage change in a particular variable during a specific period of time, to express a specific situation.

For investors, the Growth Rate expresses the compound annual growth of the company’s revenues. It also expresses the overall concepts such as GDP and retail sales.

The Expected Growth Rates or Future Growth Rates, are two common types of growth rates usually employed in the analysis.

In Conclusion

It’s not impossible to increase e-commerce sales. As you have read above, there is a multitude of opportunities available for you. Most of which is enough to upgrade a modest business into a flourishing one.

You just have to do one thing in the end. Each week, take an hour, put yourself in a quiet room, no phone, no interruption. And contemplate about what you can do if you want to sell more.

Try to come up with a new deal every week. In this article, we have enumerated so many ways to increase e-commerce sales online. To make it happen, just take a few minutes, and get started.

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