How To Increase Your Store’s Sales?!.. Top 10 Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization | part 2

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Success in e-commerce is not an easy and simple mission, as many people think. It needs several things to do to reach your goals in this competitive e-commerce landscape. you have to work hard and spend more and bigger efforts, which will help you put yourself as an industry leader. And, having a successful and powerful online store that achieves huge sales and a great conversion rate also is not an easy task, it also needs to scientific tactics that allow you reach your goals, whether increasing sales, build brand loyalty, or push conversion rate.

In the previous article on our blog, we have listed the top 10 tips that help any online store owner to increase his store sales and boost conversion rate, otherwise, we have explained the meaning of conversion rate optimization and the vital, important, and effective role of the conversions rate optimization in enhancing customers’ experience, build brand engagement & brand loyalty, increase sales, and push the store conversion rate.

Through this article, we will continue our great, informative, and insightful journey, where you can discover, learn, and identify how to enhance your web store performance, increase your store sales, and boost your online store conversion rate. Just take a deep breath and enjoy with us:

Top 10 Tips To Increase A Web Store Sales

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As a web store owner, there are a lot of things you can and should do to attract a potential audience, build brand loyalty, then push your web store conversion rate, which means more profits and earnings for you. All of those things are centering around one vital, effective, and important aspect, which is the store performance.

And, to manage in enhancing and boosting your web store performance, you need to:

6- Engaging Content and Clear Copy

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Providing engaging content is considered to be one of the most attractive and helpful steps that can encourage customers, whether they are ordinary customers or potential customers to identify your product, love it, and finally buy it. Hence, all online store owners should pay too many efforts in creating and building engaging content and clear copy on their websites or stores.

Your website or your online store should be provided with enough, helpful, informative, and attractive content from product information to return policies, in order to enable all your web store customers to find all information and details they look forward, as a great way to encourage them to take action, convert, and buy your store products.

Remember, supporting good, engaging, and informative copywriting on your website or online store helps you build powerful customer trust, which plays a vital role in building brand loyalty that will reflect on your store sales and conversion rate.

7- Introduce Irresistible Offers On Your Store

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As one of the most attractive features in any online store is its offers; it has a great ability to attract more customers and encourage them to take a buying decision. So, you should introduce great and Irresistible offers on your online store for all your customers, in order to ensure your online store has a competitive advantage amongst other stores.

It was confirmed that presenting great and Irresistible offers on any online store play an important role in increasing conversion rate optimization, which helps all web stores owner reach their goals and boost their business.

On this front, it should be pointed out that there are several tactics to bring an irresistible offer but the most popular are pricing strategies and bundling. It is well known that presenting a steep discount on your store products helps you to increase sales and strongly affects the conversion rate optimization. In addition, depending on a bundling strategy on your sales plan, such as  “Buy Two Get a Free Gift” or “Buy Three Get One Free”, plays an important role in encouraging customers to buy from your online store.

It is clear that having freebies and saving money makes people very happy, so you should harness this fact to sell better and attract more potential customers to your store, which allows you to increase sales and push conversion rate.

8- Depend On Sliders Instead of Videos On Your Homepage

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Designing the web store homepage is a very important mission because it is considered to be a double-edged sword; it can encourage your customers to shop on your store or let them go and log out. Regarding, there is an important question that is “what should online stores owners do on their homepage?.”

Some of them are depending on a video featured on the homepage, which is considered to be a vital aspect in website converting but the length of the video is very important here. As proven, using an image slider converts better than using featured video on the online store homepage.

On this front, it should be mentioned that one main image sliders on the store homepage convert better than using multiple images or banners.

9- Run Out Retargeting Ad Campaigns

No one works in the e-commerce industry can deny that cart abandonment is considered to be one of the biggest challenges they face on their online stores. As reported by the Baymard Institute, there are about 69.23% of carts get abandoned on online and retail stores.

Hence, most industry leaders, e-commerce experts, and marketing executives recommend depending on retargeting emails, in addition to setting – up retargeting ads, which are considered to be more effective than email retargeting. Retargeting ad campaigns play a vital role in maintaining your customers, especially who add one of your store products to their cart. Hence, it is a smart strategy to set – up retargeting campaigns to your clients who put your product on their cart but never complete the buying process. This strategy to run retargeting ads able to easily push conversions rate and convert clients you thought you lost.

10- Optimize “Above the Fold”

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First off, we should explain the meaning of “Above the Fold”; it is pointing to the top part of the store website, which any shopper sees before scrolling. Above the Fold” is considered to be one of the most important aspects that allow you to well display your products. As reported by Neilsen -one of the most popular software companies in the digital marketing and e-commerce industries-, online shoppers spent 80% of their time on your online store above the fold.

Hence, as an online store owner, you have a great challenge to ensure your store visitors have all the information and details they want to take action or buy the product above the fold. You will be required to put the product star rating, product photos, marketing tactics and, of course, the add-to-cart button above the fold.

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