SEO gaps that negatively affect your website on the internet

SEO gaps that secretly affect on your site

Are you doing serious work and want to see your project on Google? Okay. I will explain to you some secrets, with little knowledge.

Although you expect your site to be advanced in search engines, you find it decreasing progressively.

Seo errors affect the ranking of your site in the Google search engine. These errors lead to the failure to expand our business according to Google’s ranking criteria.

Let’s get started, this article contains the SEO errors that affect the ranking of your site on Google. Next to the effects, how to find gaps and fix errors

As well as learning how to implement search engine optimization properly, helping us to develop and expand our business to improve Seo.

1. Find keywords

Clarifying the problem: Most sites fall off to find keywords or create content on a single keyword. In this case, your site competes in the ranking with a huge number of sites, making your ambitions and your property in achieving ranking more difficult.

Effects: Your site takes longer to rank keywords, sometimes years. You may feel a failure in the SEO game because ranking strong keywords requires focusing on many elements, such as the Backlink.

How do you discover the gap? Go to Google Keyword Planner, then put your main topic in the search bar.
For example, if you want to write a blog about SEO factors, look for Google Keyword Planner on SEO tools.

You’ll explore a large number of monthly search engine optimization tools.

If you target search engine optimization tools in articles, you record the keyword, the more content you generate on the keyword only, the more you rank on Google.

How to fix it? In Google Keyword Planner, check for keywords with a low monthly search volume. Your site traffic depends on finding the right keywords, which are keywords with a low monthly search volume.

You can look at a list of keywords and procedure it with monthly searches of 100-1000 and establish long content on these keywords.

2. Extensive keywords

Clarifying the problem: You are creating excessive content for the main keyword.

The keyword must be added once in important parts of the article; at the beginning, the content and the conclusion. If you fail to follow this rule, you failed to avoid keyword stuffing.

Effects: Search engines look at stuffing content with keywords as SPAM content is not desired.
Matt Cutts at Google warned against keyword profusion and said making Google Bot smarter against stuffing keywords.
This approach is taken as a strategy a Black Hat SEO strategy, leading to a deterioration of your site ranking.

How to find the gap? For 500 word content, if your keyword is repeated more than 3 times, you may not avoid keyword stuffing.
Follow the same metrics for all the content you write.

How to fix it? Use the keyword once in the first 100 words of the article, twice in the main content and once in the closing section.
Follow this rule on the 500-word content. He also took different meanings of the keyword in the article.

3. Structure of internal links

Clarifying the problem: Google needs to view your site just as humans see your site.

A site that generates bad internal links is a site that puts internal links unrelated to the subject article, which makes search engines confused about your site’s structure, topics, and progress.

Effects: The failure of search engines to index your site correctly and clearly leads to a negative impact on the ranking of your site, although you are constantly improving the standards of your site.

How to find the gap? If your site is built on WordPress, determine the Permalink Structure of permanent links in the settings. Its best structure is Custom, where you specify categories for different types of content on your site.

How to fix it: Besides changing the permanent link structure, establish a sitemap file

4. Developments on seo page

Clarifying the problem: Improvements Include on page elements such as keyword search, optimizing your site for conversions, content range, and internal links.

Your page may not have targeted relevant keywords. and similarity may lose the improvement of your pages for conversions, or make content with a few words.

Effects: Page developments put your site at the beginning ranking ladder. The page that does not care about the required improvements sooner falls in the ranking among the competitors.

In the same way, fewer words and bad internal links affect the ranking of your site as well.

How to find the gap? You can find each member manually, such as the number of words, you can also use items for the listed purposes, such as Neob’s SEO Analyzer and Site Checker.

How to fix it? Once negative elements have been found on your pages, improve them properly and avoid SEO errors within the page.

For example, your link composition should seem normal. Similarly, you must write content containing more than 1000 words.

5. Backlinks

Clarifying the problem: Backlinks affect from unindexed sites on rank and categorize your site.

Your site is penalized if it contains links from unreliable sites.

Also, if both sites have different topics, search engines calculate the backlink as not desirable.

Effects: Instead of getting advanced ranking, your site is penalized.
In addition, deleting such links from sites is a cumbersome task. These links serve as a permanent source of search engines to keep your site penalized.

How to find the gap? Apply background lookup search.
Use Open Site Explorer or Semrush to find Backlink that draws attention to your site.

How to fix it? If you find out or have learned unwanted backlinks, check the contact information for the targeted sites and request removal the link.
Also, do not buy links. When building links, long-term content builds on backlinks naturally.
Similarly, constantly search for relevant sites before you publish.

6. Analyzes

Clarifying the problem: Your site lacks an appropriate analytical system. You do not notice site analytics, which leads to errors in SEO without learning.
Avoid doing important things while focusing on less important things.

Effects: The process of submitting your site has become boring and unseen. Its rules do not have successful things and the failed things that must be avoided.
Accordingly, you do not know if you are leaving on search engine optimization or that you are close to successful results.

How to find the gap? Have you put Google Analytics on your site? If yes, do not ignore its results and statistics.

Also, if you have not created a Google Search Console account for your site, you’ll lose some important facts about improving your site’s ranking.

How to fix it? Install Google Analytics on your site. Also, create a Google Search Console account for your site.
Please pay close attention to the guidelines for site ranking, search terms, crawl failures, and site protocols.

7. Number of words of content

Clarifying the problem: We have a misconception, normal content does not put your site on the right track.
If you do not care about the quality of the content, the executable annotations, the images and the number of words, you can not rely on a permanent and stable update to rank your site on search engines.

Effects: You may lose your time doing things incorrectly.
If you do not meet the quality criteria for content, you can not appear on Google search pages.

How to find the gap? Check if your site’s content lacks a suitable placement for keywords, word count, and enhanced images.
At the moment do not think about updating your site on a regular basis.

How to fix it? According to an analysis of more than one million searches, longer content outperforms less content in the number of words.
You need to write 2000 words and get better results.

8. Create similar content around the same keyword

Clarifying the problem: Your site contains multiple articles about the same keyword.
For example, your site includes an article on SEO tools for beginners, you can create another article about search engine optimization factors for beginners.
In this case, search engines look confused about finding an original portion of the content.

Effects: Search engines exclude your site because of similar content. As a result, your site is dropped from search results pages.

How to find the gap? browse google and enter the keyword you want to find similar content.
For example, if you’re looking to find duplicate keyword addresses for the keyword “SEO tools for beginners”, you can use “site: SEO tools for beginners” and check the results.

How to fix it? by using the site: SEO tools for beginners, if you’ve found more than one result on google, add all of them.
Look for the original version of the article, and set up a primary address to inform search engines about original content.
You can also leave the original content of the article and delete others.

Latest tips

Search engine optimization is not only procedure important, but it is more important to do it correctly. There are many factors related to optimizing your search engine. Require that take all of them into consideration and adopt appropriate ways to keep things in the right way.

Apart from these facts, you have some important points:

  • Building long and applicable content improves your SEO rankings by low-competition keywords.
  • Select the structure of your site and index the content under related sections.
  • Improve Your Pages On Page SEO. Focus on gaining a backlink by building reliable content around different relevant keywords.
  • Improve search ranking by monitoring Google Analytics data and Google Search Console.
  • Ultimately, stability and avoidance of the Seo errors we talked about play an important role.
  • If your goal is to create content, post long content once a week, better than posting short articles several times a week.
  • At this rate, you can see your site ranking rise over time.

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