What’s #AskGoogleWebmasters Service?

Do you hear about a service called #AskGoogleWebmasters before?. If your answer is “yes”, it’s fine, but if you don’t hear about it before, I regret to inform you that you miss a lot.

Despite that, you still have the chance to compensate for your loss and be updated with the new in your industry. So, through this new ExpandCart’s blog article, we will showcase this great google’s service called “#AskGoogleWebmasters.”

Additionally, we will talk about all the things related to this service; its history, features, benefits, importance, and its videos.

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What’s #AskGoogleWebmasters?!

In the beginning, let us confirm that all developers, site-owners, online stores owners, webmasters, bloggers, and of course SEOs have a lot of questions, which need to fairly answers. These answers will help all of them promote their business, as well as enhancing their customers’ experience, which plays a vital role in gaining all the business’ objectives.

Based on that, the Google company launched its great service #AskGoogleWebmasters, as an effective solution for this big problem, as well as being assistant for all developers, site-owners, online stores owners, webmasters, bloggers, and of course SEOs.

So, we confirmed that all people who are working in this industry have to know about #AskGoogleWebmasters and use it in enhancing their online stores or websites performance.

#AskGoogleWebmasters is a service that’s provided by the Google company for all developers, site-owners, online stores owners, webmasters, bloggers, and of course SEOs, in order to allow them to find comprehensive answers for their questions and discover good solutions for their challenges.

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This means that anytime, all webmasters, online stores owners, and bloggers can solve any problem face them in their websites or stores by getting support from Google, just they need to ask Google how to solve this problem, then Google will answer them in steps.

On this front, it should be mentioned that Google’s service is a 100% free service for all Google’s customers from all over the world, which is considered to be a great advantage.

As said by Google on its official blog:

“We love to help folks make awesome websites. For a while now, we’ve been answering questions from developers, site-owners, webmasters, and of course SEOs in our office hours hangouts, in the help forums, and at events.”

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#AskGoogleWebmasters History

#AskGoogleWebmasters is not a new service, but Google had started it with the webmaster office-hours back in 2012. When Google launched this service for the first time, it though that the webmasters’ questions will not be a lot and continues. Google also though that they can answer all the online stores’ owners, webmasters, and SEOs’ questions in a short time, but they collided with reality.

“When we started with the webmaster office-hours back in 2012, we thought we’d be able to get through all questions within a few months, or perhaps a year. Well … the questions still haven’t stopped — it’s great to see such engagement when it comes to making great websites!”

Then, as an attempt to make #AskGoogleWebmasters easy for all users, Google began answering its users’ questions in short videos, as well as creating a great series of videos that introduce effective solutions for all web challenges.

A few days ago, Google also announced on its official blog that: “Recently, we’ve (re-)started answering your questions in a video series called #AskGoogleWebmasters on our YouTube channel.”

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How To Ask Google A Question?

It should be pointed out that Google’s service is an easy-use service, all you need to benefit from it is that:

  1. Use the hashtag #AskGoogleWebmasters on Twitter.
  2. Then write your own question or problem on this hashtag.
  3. Google regularly strick the questions there to answer it in its future videos.
  4. It should be mentioned that Google is following a clear strategy in selecting the questions, as it primarily chooses questions that focus on websites & Websearch that are related to all sites.
  5. You have to subscribe to Google’s channel on YouTube to be updated with the new episodes.
  6. You have the ability to discuss the questions and answer it also, as well as chatting with the awesome experts there.

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