The Complete Guide for Affiliate Marketing with ExpandCart

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most important and prominent ways to profit from the Internet, which has attracted many people around the world to work with, due to its importance and many advantages, whether for business owners, service providers, or owners of products and goods, or for affiliate marketers themselves. Although there are many ways and businesses that many around the world resort to in order to make huge profits from the Internet, affiliate marketing or commission marketing is the most profitable and the least risky of all.

Here are some of 2020 global affiliate marketing stats to get you in the mood ;)

  1. Affiliate marketing grabs a market share of multiple million dollars, and going up

  2. Large, trusted affiliate networks (like affiliate marketing Amazon) have more than 100,000 active affiliates

  3. MOST online shoppers use a price comparison website before purchasing, a form of affiliate marketing best practices and one of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing

  4. 85% of online shoppers turn to Google for ideas and information before making a purchase

  5. 81.4% of affiliates (and affiliate marketing companies) promote B2C products and services, and 18.6% of them focus on B2B ones.

Affiliate Marketing Definition

What is affiliate marketing definition? Let’s take a practical example so that you can get a precise understanding of what is affiliate marketing meaning?

There are a lot of companies or stores, whether traditional or online, and brands that own unique and competitive products, goods, and services, but they do not achieve high profit or the desired profit rate from their trade.

The decrease in profits in any given business is mainly due to the decrease in the volume of sales inside the business — regardless of its type and the nature of the product or service it sells to the public.

Experts attribute the decline in sales and the decline in demand for products, especially the unique ones, to the weak marketing operations of these products, goods, or services. What is the benefit of having a unique product or service without your target audience knowing anything about it?

On the other hand, there are individuals or companies working in the field of marketing, both online and traditional, and they have huge bases of consumers and fans for products, goods, and services, and they also have their own professional marketing channels and means that help them reach and influence the consumer audience and push it towards buying a product or a particular good or service.

Yet, those individuals or marketing companies may not have that unique product, commodity, or service to market in their own ways among targeted customers or consumers who are interested in one way or another in what they promote.

Except that online affiliate marketing has found the missing link between both parties, the owners of products and services who do not have effective marketing capabilities to reach the largest number of target audiences to sell what they own and make the desired profit rate and those who have effective and distinctive marketing capabilities who can do what the owners of products cannot do.

In other words, each of the two parties will compensate for the shortage that the other party suffers from, which is done based on the agreement between the two parties in exchange for a specific commission.

This is exactly what happens in the established affiliate marketing operations, as the second party (affiliate marketer) promotes and markets the products and services of the first party (the owner of the product, the producing company, the brand, or the service provider), in exchange for an agreed commission between the parties on each actual sale.

In short, this is affiliate marketing definition or commission marketing. The below infographic design can help you digest what is affiliate marketing meaning:

Infographic design: How online affiliate marketing works
Infographic design: How online affiliate marketing works

Why is global affiliate marketing a success?

Online affiliate marketing does not require and does not carry any degree of risk to both parties, whether the owner of the product or service provider, or the affiliate marketer who promotes the product, commodity, or service in exchange for a commission agreed upon by both parties.

Online affiliate marketing operations resemble brokerage operations by brokers, real estate or car brokers or even stockbrokers, as their work is mainly based on mediation between the seller and the buyer to facilitate the transaction between the two parties, in exchange for obtaining the commission agreed upon if the sale is completed.

It is the same task that affiliate marketers do; they use their marketing and reach capabilities to promote a product or service that is owned by another party, and when the deal is completed and the customer purchases this product or commodity, the marketer gets commission from the owner of the product or service for his work.

The commission in this process is collected on every sale, and it is an agreed percentage of the price of the product, commodity, or service sold, whatever the price is.

Tip ? If your goal is to earn money online affiliate marketing is your way to go. Become an affiliate, as affiliate marketing for beginners is easy and achievable.

Example of affiliate website to inspire you ?
          Every Day Carry is an affiliate website where one can find analyses of Swiss Army Knives, watches, flashlights, gadgets, backpacks, notebooks, and other products, which are indispensable in the luggage of the adventurous public. All their links lead to Amazon products, where the purchase is made through their affiliate link.

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The Importance and Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

In the previous paragraphs, we emphasized that commission marketing has become one of the best ways to make a profit from the Internet, given its importance and its multiple benefits to all parties involved in this field.

The first party benefits, which is represented by the owners of goods and products, service providers, brands, and various business companies, and the second party also benefits from it, which is represented by affiliate marketers who bear the responsibility of marketing and promoting a product of any kind or nature in exchange for a commission.

Stat 35% of online affiliate marketing professionals make at least $20,000 as revenue annually from their online affiliate marketing efforts.

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The following are the most important advantages for both parties from commission marketing .

First: Online Affiliate Marketing Benefits for Marketers

Infographic design: Affiliate-Marketing-Benefits for-Marketers

1. Setting Free from Working Times and Rules ⌛

One of the most important and prominent advantages that attract many to work with the commission marketing system is the ability to work from home without being bound by any of the tedious work schedules or rules that most companies impose on their employees.

Working in this field sets you free, you’re the one who determines the dates you desire to work in and controls everything related to the work environment and conditions without anyone being held accountable or imposing rules that are not satisfactory to you.

The owner of the product, the service provider, or the company will never ask you to work unless you want, because you get paid for the sale, because the first party in this process does not pay until after the sale is completed and thus he does not lose anything.

It all depends on you, the more you want to achieve greater profits, the more it takes you to work harder and make a greater effort to achieve more sales for the employer and thus collect more commissions and more profit.

2. There Is No Risk or Liability ☠️

One of the very important features is that the affiliate marketer does not bear any responsibility at all in this process, as he/she is not responsible for many operations related to the product itself nor to the sale of this product.

For example, an affiliate marketer doesn’t have to be concerned with providing the product, managing its inventory, shipping it to the customer’s whereabouts, or even collecting the price of the product itself from the customer, which are the tasks that the first party (the owner of the product, service provider, or brand) takes care of.

This is in terms of liability. As for the risk that the affiliate marketer may incur, we emphasize that marketing by commission does not carry any kind of risk to the marketers, and the marketers do not bear any losses whether the products are sold or not.

As their role in this process is limited to just marketing the product or service through the various marketing channels that enable them to reach the target customers in order to pay them to buy and then deserve to get the agreed commission, without assuming any responsibility or risk.

3. Guaranteed Profit ?

Profit is guaranteed for those working in affiliate marketing , which is another feature that pushed a lot to work in this field; it depends only on the marketing capabilities that workers have, and the ability to employ various marketing techniques in serving your marketing goals.

Stat ? Online affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue.

4. You Do Not Need Capital ?

Affiliate marketing  is considered one of the most important businesses that do not need large capital in order to start, and sometimes you do not need capital at all, all that any affiliate marketer needs in order to start working is only a personal computer and a connection to the internet so that he/she can do his/her job and promote the products, goods, or services that he/she is marketing for.

It is one of the things that made this field one of the businesses that attract huge numbers from all countries of the world.

Example of affiliate website to inspire you ?
          Money Saving Expert boasts one of the most inspiring affiliate marketing cases. This affiliate site teaches you how to save money and educates you on the main financial instruments. The site is highly profitable thanks to the affiliate links of uSwitch, TotallyMoney, Tradedoubler, or Affiliate Window, among others.

Practice affiliate marketing and marketing skills through ExpandCart Affiliate Program —
the most trusted affiliate program in the Arab world

Second: Affiliate Marketing Benefits to Product Owners and Service Providers

Infographic design: Affiliate-Marketing-Benefits for-Companies

1. Broader and Faster Reach for Target Customers ?

Affiliate marketing for companies, product owners, and service providers brings many advantages at a very low cost, and among the most important of these advantages is achieving a widespread reach of these companies, brands, and products, as well as faster access to the target audience in large numbers.

All of this is achieved by companies and brands without making any effort whatsoever, as the affiliate marketers bear the mission to carry out all these tasks that may seem to many as difficult and costly tasks as well.

Affiliate marketers are responsible for everything related to the marketing work necessary to promote the product and reach the target audience that is interested in one way or another in the product, commodity, or service that is being promoted, including the management of marketing campaigns on various marketing channels and other tasks.

2. Cutting Marketing Budgets ⬇️

One of the most important benefits for business companies, brands, product owners, and service providers from operating with a commission marketing system is to achieve their marketing goals at a much lower cost than they would pay if they rely on themselves or on companies that specialize in marketing their products and services.

As another party is responsible for everything related to marketing in exchange for obtaining a small percentage of the price of the product in the event it was sold, and thus the company saves a large part of its budget, which is the part dedicated to marketing, and also saves itself and its members a great effort.

3. Increasing Sales Volume and Hence Profits ?

An important advantage also for companies in this regard is to increase sales volume significantly and thus increase the percentage of profits achieved. Working with a commission marketing system, as we explained in the first point, achieves for the brand a wide spread and reach for more potential customers, which in turn means that sales opportunities will increase and therefore profits increase with it.

The more the business addresses various marketing channels, the more it helps in spreading and reaching a larger number of targeted customers, and this helps to increase the volume of sales and increase in profit that follows.

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most important and prominent marketing channels known in the whole world, on which many major and well-known brands depend.

Stat ? Revenue from affiliate marketing programs grows by 10% annually.

4. Zero Risk ☔

If the affiliate marketing business does not entail any responsibility or risk to the second party represented by the affiliate marketers , then it is also to the first party represented by companies, product owners, service providers, and brands.

As the payment by the companies in this process depends on the sale; that is, the first party does not pay the second party the commission unless the sale is completed and the first party gets the price of the product or service that they sell and own; therefore that process does not carry any risk at all to the first party represented by companies.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is considered a guaranteed business to do on the Internet that provides all insurances for both parties, whether the advertiser or the marketer with a commission (affiliate).

Example of affiliate website to inspire you ?
          Consumer Search is an affiliate website for product recommendations and analyses. Consumer Search professionals personally examine each new product and recommend the best of the best from each category and market niche. The public relies on the transparency of their opinions and clicks their links to make a purchase from The Home Depot, a powerful U.S. retailer of DIY and household products.

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What Do You Need to Start Working in Affiliate Marketing?

There are elements and criteria that must be available in order to start working with the commission marketing system; part of these standards is related to business companies, product owners, service providers, and brands, and the other part relates to the affiliate marketers themselves.

First: How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer? ?

How to start affiliate marketing? How to be a successful affiliate marketer? For those who want to work in the online affiliate marketing system, a set of necessary ingredients is required. The following are the most important components and tools.

1. A Computer and an Internet Connection ?️

Obviously, anyone who wants to work in commission marketing and make profit from the internet needs to have a personal computer on which they can do their work and for this computer to be connected to the internet, so that they can manage their marketing campaigns, reach customers, and track sales and profits effectively.

Therefore, they are indispensable means for the work in this area to be straightforward. They are essential tools that must be available before starting work in the first place.

2. Availability of a Product or Service ?️

After confirming the availability of the personal device and providing a good way to connect to the internet, we move to the second and most important stage in this regard, which is obtaining a vital product, commodity, or service on which your business in commission marketing is based.

You need something that you can market and promote among consumers by using various marketing methods and techniques, in order to be able to reach customers interested in what you promote and thus achieve sales and get the commission agreed upon with the owner of the product or service.

3. A Good Source for Visitors ?‍♂️

One of the ingredients that effectively helps in succeeding in this field is owning a good source for visitors, frequented by different groups of consumers, so that you can easily promote and market among them for the products, goods, or services that you work on.

And the sources of visitors that can be relied upon and promoted for your products or services are many and varied, including but not limited to blogs on the Internet, various content sites, forums that attract many visitors, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and accounts on famous social media platforms like Instagram , Snapchat , Twitter , Pinterest , YouTube , and others.

All of these are good sources that attract large numbers of users of the Internet, and you can use these sources to market goods, products, and services and reach large numbers of potential customers, and thus collect more commissions from your corporate customers and owners of products and services.

4. Certain Tools that Help You in Your Work ?

There is a set of tools that most commission marketers rely on to help them perform their business effectively, and enable them master affiliate marketing as well as achieving success and collecting large profits. Among the most important of these tools in general are the following:

  • A tool for creating landing pages
  • A tool for follow-up and analysis to track the results of the advertising campaigns
  • A tool to view advertiser pages not available in your country
  • A tool to view competitors’ campaigns
5. Bank Account and Credit Card or Master Card ?

Another ingredient that carries a lot of importance in order to start working in this activity on the Internet is to have a bank account so that you can receive commission money on the deals that you succeeded in completing, by the party you are marketing products or services for.

As for paying for advertising and marketing campaigns on the Internet and on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat ), you need a credit card, whether Visa or MasterCard, in order to be able to pay for your paid advertising campaigns on those platforms.

With these basic and simple requirements available, you will already be able to start your commission marketing business as well as achieve good results in this business.

Second: Affiliate Marketing Companies

For business companies, product owners, and service providers wishing to work with a commission marketing system, the process is much easier compared to that for affiliate marketers.

Here’s what companies need to attract marketers to become an affiliate for them by providing good affiliate programs.

1. A Clear Political Situation ?

The first step in the business trip with the commission marketing system for any of the companies or brands is to set a clear policy for its marketing program for its products or services in return for commission.

This policy is intended to determine the percentage of commission obtained by the marketer for each sale through him/her, as ExpandCart platform does, not only that, but also to determine the way in which the marketer gets his/her commission and the minimum commission for spending and is there a maximum, and other policies that must be Initially visible to all commission marketers who want to work with your company.

2. Advertising and Promoting Its Program ?

The next and most important step in this regard is to announce the company’s program for commission marketing and to promote it effectively in the places where affiliate marketers can be found, so that they can get acquainted with the company’s program and apply for participation in it and start marketing for the company’s services or products.

It is an indispensable necessity for any company, service provider, or brand to market for its program in the right places until many reliable marketers come to you.

3. Providing an Effective Accounting System ?

As for the third basic ingredient needed by companies, service providers, and trademark owners in order to enter this field, it is to provide an accounting system through which they can determine the number of sales that were made through each marketer working for them and thus be able to track his/her sales effectively and send the commission to their bank account.

By this, we have established a list of the most important ingredients that both parties working in affiliate marketing need in order to start working and benefit from the advantages of this field and that unique industry.

Example of affiliate marketing website to inspire you ?
The Wire Cutter is one of the internet’s favorite review affiliate websites for electronics, gadgets, and consumer goods that it has grown into one of the top 6,000 sites online by incessantly focusing on finding the best product in each category.


We have agreed on affiliate marketing definition, how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, what do you need to become an affiliate marketer, and affiliate marketing for companies.

Now we move to the next station, for those of you who are reading to find affiliate marketing jobs from home or want to earn money online affiliate marketing.

Stat ? According to Hosting Tribunal, some of the best affiliate programs are to be found in web hosting — the Bluehost affiliate partners received over $5 million in 2018 alone.

If you are familiar with online affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing companies, then you must have heard about one of the most famous affiliate programs in the whole world, Affiliate Marketing Amazon (Amazon affiliate websites). Amazon Associates (affiliate) program is very trusted and Amazon affiliate earnings are highly profitable (steps for how to get Amazon affiliate link can be found here). But Amazon is not the best choice for those seeking affiliate marketing jobs from home in the Middle East.

Interested to know more about e-commerce best strategies? Looking for answers for your urging questions about marketing and selling online? Attend ExpandCart’s webinar for free and meet e-commerce pros live

Hence, allow us to review everything related to the largest e-commerce enabler and online stores provider in the Arab world and the Middle East, “ExpandCart.”

ExpandCart in points

  • ExpandCart platform is one of ExpandSolution.Inc projects, which was founded in the USA and Egypt and has regional partners in the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • ExpandCart is an integrated platform for e-commerce, which helps all businesses and ordinary individuals create a successful online store in just a few minutes and without the need for any technical expertise.
  • ExpandCart provides a complete service system to help its customers through all online commerce operations, starting with helping them to get high-quality products, using the latest trends and updates in digital marketing to increase sales, and dealing with sales orders and fulfilling them, in addition to providing unique after-sales services.
  • The platform is backed and filled with thousands of competitive features that meet all the needs of online commerce, as it provides comprehensive and effective solutions for all retailers and online store owners that help them to manage their business successfully, including a smart dashboard, point of sale system, and original mobile applications compatible with both operating systems: iOS and Android.

ExpandCart is your choice if you decide to join the global affiliate marketing trend and start affiliate marketing jobs from home. When you decide to earn money online affiliate marketing is your way to go — choose one of the top trusted affiliate programs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Important Numbers and Statistics about ExpandCart

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, we emphasized the tremendous success achieved by ExpandCart platform since its beginning in 2013 to this day, this success is translated into numbers and statistics that confirm it strongly. Below is a group of the most prominent figures that the company has achieved and its customers have achieved through it.

  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of e-commerce
  • Clients in more than 40 countries
  • More than 5,000 affiliate marketers on our platform
  • More than 10,000 online stores are built with ExpandCart platform
  • More than $27 million in profit from sales was made by stores built through our online platform
  • More than 6000 e-commerce features to meet all the growth needs of the businesses and activities of various merchants
  • More than 190,000 orders have been received by ExpandCart
  • Over 50 innovation and invention professionals work full time to help clients succeed
  • Worldwide unlimited hosting powered by Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud with 99.9% availability guarantee
  • More than 60 advanced integrations with the largest online payment gateways and shipping companies from all over the world.

ExpandCart Solutions and Products

We conclude our report on the future of e-commerce in the Arab region and the Middle East and the role of online stores’ creation platforms in the success and prosperity of this industry during the past few years by reviewing the most important solutions and products offered by the living model that we used as evidence of this role played by e-commerce platforms, ExpandCart.

Below is a group of the most prominent solutions and products that are provided and supported by ExpandCart platform for all merchants , entrepreneurs , service providers , or even ordinary individuals who want to start their own business and project on the Internet.

  • Online Store ?

ExpandCart prepared everything for the merchant: a wonderful cloud hosting with Google Cloud & AWS, a very high level of security, and daily backup of all store data. All of this is included in any of ExpandCart’s price plans with more than 6000 e-commerce features.

  • Mobile Application for Online Stores ?

E-store owners from “ExpandCart” can develop their own native mobile applications for both operating systems Android and iOS right from their store dashboard, which is a completely unique feature that only ExpandCart platform offers. The applications are also highly customizable and support several features!

  • Point of Sale (POS) ?

ExpandCart’s point of sale is a comprehensive system that store owners can use to sell their products at their retail stores. It works in an offline mode, supports multiple storage points, multiple shares for each store, connected playback modes, and connects to any code scanner and receipt printer.

  • Multiple Merchants Market ?‍?‍?

The Multiple Merchants Market is the system that allows more than one merchant to easily add, display, and manage their products on one store, such as Souq , Amazon , and Jumia.

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Defining ExpandCart Program for Affiliate Marketing

For those seeking affiliate marketing jobs from home, then ExpandCart affiliate marketing is considered one of the most powerful programs available in the Arab world and the Middle East region, which helps large numbers of affiliate marketers or workers in general in the field of e-commerce to collect huge and unprecedented profits.

And if ExpandCart company is basically a company that sells online stores that enables product owners and service providers to sell online, the mission of the commissioner is mainly based on reaching out to retailers, product owners, or service providers and persuading them to design an online store through ExpandCart platform.

In return for this task, the commissioner gets a large commission from the company, which may reach up to 900 dollars, for every affiliate marketer registered on ExpandCart platform.

After you get to know more about the company and its services in the field of e-commerce and the design of online stores and online selling sites, as well as learn about price plans, promote our platform between merchants and service providers and different brands and persuade them to switch to e-commerce and create their own stores with ExpandCart  .

The more successful it is to reach more customers through different marketing efforts and convince them to design their stores through our platform, the more commissions you get and the greater profits are achieved through our company.

This article can help you figure out how to be a successful affiliate marketer and convert visitors into paying customers.

Commission Marketing Benefits with ExpandCart

The commission marketing program from ExpandCart platform holds many advantages and competitive features that make it one of the most attractive programs for all affiliate marketers in the Arab region and the Middle East.

In addition to the advantages of working in affiliate marketing that we touched upon at our first stop, which any of the workers in this industry benefit from, there are unique advantages and benefits that ExpandCart enjoys and other competitors don’t. Below are the most prominent of those unique and exclusive features.

In the previous paragraph, we emphasized that ExpandCart Affiliate program is one of the most powerful commission marketing programs in the entire Middle East, as it provides high-quality competitive advantages that make an attractive program for all affiliate marketers in the Middle East. The advantages and features of ExpandCart affiliate marketing program are as follows.

1. The Subscription Is Free

One of the most important advantages of ExpandCart affiliate is that subscription to the program is completely free, so that any affiliate marketer can register for the program and start working and collect profits without any fees or charges for that.

It is exactly the opposite from many companies that have special commission marketing programs, as they charge certain program fees for subscribers to sign up and start working with them.

2. Profits and Commission

The more sales that are made through your marketing efforts, the more profits you get. The relationship here is direct, but the most important thing that distinguishes ExpandCart program is that there are no limits to your profits that can be achieved through the company.

3. The Biggest Percentage Ever

The percentage of commission granted by ExpandCart for affiliate marketers to market for its services and products is the first competitive advantage in this regard, as the commission rate can often reach 50% of the value of the package that the merchant who comes through you is registered with, according to the package or price plan that the merchant finds suitable for him.

However, it is basically agreed upon that you will receive 20% commission profit on the first payment from the next customer on your way. By way of example, if a customer signs up for the annual Ultimate package, you will earn $179.9 on that customer.

4. You Can Use the Company’s Advertising Campaigns

Another competitive advantage of the commission marketing program with ExpandCart is that the company allows the marketers who work with it to use its advertising and promotional campaigns in their marketing, which saves them a lot, either efforts or marketing budgets.

How to Participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program?

Participation in ExpandCart affiliate marketing program is very easy, as it is considered one of the easiest affiliate marketing programs offered by the various online store design platforms not only in the Arab region and the Middle East , but in the whole world.

Any affiliate marketer can subscribe with easy steps and very simple requirements, they can be summarized as follows.

1. Just go to the registration page of the affiliate marketing program on ExpandCart platform through this link

Affiliate Marketing ExpandCart Affiliate Marketer

2. After going to the registration page, you will notice that there are four obligatory fields to be filled with your personal data: your e-mail address, password, name, and mobile phone number.

Affiliate Marketing ExpandCart Affiliate Marketer

3. After registering the required data, click on the “Create an Affiliate Account Now” button, located at the bottom of the registration page, and once you click on it you will be directed to another page informing you that an email has been sent to you with the link to create an Affiliate Account .

4. Go to your e-mail inbox, you will find a message from the company with a link to your account activation in ExpandCart affiliate program .

5. Click on the activation link to activate your account, after which you will be taken directly to your account page, from where you can control everything, adjust settings, link your credit card, and other tasks.

Affiliate Marketing ExpandCart Affiliate Marketer

After you have registered and activated your personal account in the affiliate marketing program with ExpandCart, you can start promoting the company’s services among merchants , product owners , service providers , and brand owners, by using your own link and your discount coupon as well.

After any of the subscriptions to one of the company’s packages are completed through your link, this process is registered for your account and in return you get the agreed upon commission which amounts to 20% of the value of the subscription package, regardless of the package or price plan that the merchant subscribed to. Via your link as a commission marketer.

Practice affiliate marketing and marketing skills through ExpandCart Affiliate Program —
the most trusted affiliate program in the Arab world

The Most Common Questions about ExpandCart Affiliate Marketing Program

Is there a minimum amount to receive my commission from ExpandCart?

ExpandCart platform, like any commission marketing company, sets a minimum amount to collect profits, which is the amount of money that is required to be reached so that any of the affiliate marketers can receive from the company, and it is called the minimum profit collection.

The minimum commission earning fee for ExpandCart affiliate program is $25, and as soon as the percentage of your profits from the program reaches this limit, the company transfers funds to your personal account on the PayPal online payment portal automatically at the pre-determined monthly date.

How to get profits or commission from the company?

Any of the affiliate marketers within the affiliate program gets their profits when they exceed the agreed minimum collection of profits, by sending money to their personal accounts on the popular payment gateway PayPal according to the monthly dates set by the company.

Registration and participation in the program require that the affiliate marketer owns a personal account on the PayPal payment gateway and sends the account number to the company so that the company can send the commissions to each marketer working for it.

Is there a maximum for earnings?

One of the questions that concern most workers in affiliate marketing is the minimum and maximum profits that they can achieve by participating in any of the affiliate marketing programs with any of the companies or trademark owners.

And if there is a minimum amount for collecting profits from ExpandCart which is, as we mentioned, 25 dollars, the company does not set profit limits; in other words, there is no maximum limit for commissions that you can get from the company, even if all the sales are achieved through you.

The more you promoted and marketed for the platform and converted more customers to the company, the more commission you got and the higher your profits increased in a way that has no limits and no ceiling at all.

Who can participate in ExpandCart affiliate program ?

Anyone who has the ingredients that any affiliate marketer needs to start his business, which we have shown in the first part of this article, can register with ExpandCart affiliate program .

If you have the ability to reach a large number of people interested in working in e-commerce and owning an online store and are able to persuade them to do business with our company, then you are able to register and participate in ExpandCart affiliate program , whether you are a blogger on the internet who owns your own blog, or a content maker on the YouTube platform with a private channel, or one of the influencers of the famous and different social media platforms.

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Last Words,,,

In the recent period, many have converted to the field of affiliate marketing as one of the best ways to profit from the Internet around the world, due to its characteristics and benefits for all its constituents and operators.

It is one of the risk-free businesses that does not need capital in order to start and does not bear any responsibility on both sides, whether advertisers or affiliate marketers, and therefore the two parties are safe from risk or problems.

During this trip on our blog, we went through various stations in the world of commission marketing, starting from a detailed explanation of its concept and ending with a review of one of the most powerful commission marketing programs, ExpandCart affiliate program .

In the first stop, we discussed the concept of commission marketing, its importance, advantages and benefits of working with it, as well as the requirements that each party needs in order to start working with this system.

In the second station, we got more into getting to know ExpandCart platform, the beginning and history of the company, as well as reviewing the most important services and products that the company provides, so that as an affiliate marketer you can easily promote the company’s services.

As for the last stop of our trip, we talked extensively about the commission marketing or the affiliate marketing program from ExpandCart platform, where we started by defining the program, and then reviewing its competitive advantages against other programs from competitors in the same field, as well as explaining how to register and participate in the program, and finally we presented a set of the most common questions about the program.

Share your comments and inquiries about ExpandCart affiliate program , and explain to us what you are missing in order to register for the affiliate program , start work and collect your profits today!

Practice affiliate marketing and marketing skills through ExpandCart Affiliate Program —
the most trusted affiliate program in the Arab world

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