Drop Shipping: Start Your Online Shop Without Products

Do you want to start your own online business? Great herein this article will show you in steps how you can start your own online shop and start selling products online without having any products or building an inventory or even worrying about how to ship these products directly to your clients and without even touching it.

Sound so good to be true! And yes this is true and it can be done using Drop Shipping.

What is Drop Shipping

It is simply to display other vendors’ products at your own online shop after adding a profit margin and when you receive orders you simply order the products from the vendor’s site but you will add your client’s address as the shipping address in this order.

Then the vendor will directly ship the products to your client door step.

This can be done with any retailer however it’s better to use retailers who provide a drop shipping service. Click To Tweet

Top drop shipper retailers for Middle East

A drop shipper retailer is a retailer who will accept to send your products to your client without sending invoice or any promotions with the product.

The best retailer in which you can use for drop shipping is www.aliexpress.com and this is because of:

  • It has the largest product variety, millions of products.
  • Whatever the niche market you picked you will find the right products at Aliexpress.
  • Free account: you don’t need any kind of special accounts just the free Aliexpress account for shoppers.
  • Products are sent directly from manufacturer in most of the cases which bring the lowest price
    and the highest profit margin for yourself.

And here are some of the other retailers in which you can use as well.


How can you start your drop shipping business

  1. Pick your niche market.
  2. Find best retailer for it (best price, quality, shipping time to your target country, etc.).
  3. Build your own online store.
  4. Add selected products with your own description at your online store.
  5. Start your marketing campaign.
  6. Receive orders.
  7. Order from retailer.
  8. Follow up with your clients.
  9. Up selling.

Tips for success in drop shipping

  • Periodically check the stock status of your listed products.
  • Make sure of the quality of product and supplier you picked.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Set your profit margin always to be equal or above 75% (so look for products that you can sell with this margin).
  • Run marketing campaigns for each product to find your most successful products.
  • Start with Facebook Optimized for conversion sponsored ads.

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