How to Create an Affiliate Online Shop

How to Create an Affiliate Online Shop

If you are looking to start your own online business, one of the easiest ways to do this is by creating an affiliate online shop. Well, so what affiliate marketing exactly is?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between you (online shop owner, website owner, blogger, or publisher) and a retailer who has an affiliate program.

Simply affiliate program is that you refer clients to an online retailer through a special link and you earn a specific commission per sale. So, when someone purchases from this retailer through your link you earn your commission.

How to setup your affiliate online shop?

Using Expand Cart platform, it’s super easy to create your affiliate online shop. All you need to do is just to select the products from the retailers and start adding them to your store with your own description, and request from Expand Cart development team to tweak your store design so that the (Add to Cart) button is redirecting your client to the product page at the retailer site using your affiliate link.

In other words, the add to cart button will be your affiliate special link for each product.

Top affiliate retailers for 2017

Here is a list for top retailers who have the best Affiliate programs.

  1. ClickBank: Is a top retailer specialized in digital products and has a very powerful affiliate program.
  2. Rakuten: Top retailer, ranked among the top 3 eCommerce stores in the world and has a very powerful affiliate program.
  3. CJ Affiliate: Is a huge affiliate network.
  4. Amazon: One of the largest retailers in the world and they introduce a very good affiliate program.
  5. Share Sale: One of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world.
  6. eBay: A very famous and powerful retailer and they have a very good affiliate program.
  7. Avangate: An affiliate network specializes in digital goods and software sales.
  8. Flexoffers: A primer affiliate network.
  9. Revenuewire: An affiliate network specialized in digital products just like ClickBank.
  10. Affibank: A marketplace for different affiliate programs.

Success tips for your affiliate store

  1. Pick a niche market: As it’s easy to find and add unlimited number of products to your affiliate store this doesn’t mean to add everything you found. Pick niche market and narrow it down this will help you stand out over competitor and will make market targeting much easier and effective.
  2. Branding: Although you are going to redirect your store visitors to other site (Retailer’s) this doesn’t mean that you can’t brand your store. Set a mission and a vision for your store create your slogan and provide a clear value for your visitors for example: “We bring you the best deals from the world largest retailers”.
  3. Eliminated non relevant outbound links: Your goal is to redirect your visitors to a specific retailer product pages using your special affiliate links, so no need for any irrelevant outbound links.
  4. Send newsletters: Ok let’s be honest here, as an affiliate store people won’t have a motive to create an account at your store as they will complete their purchase and registration at the retailers sites. However this doesn’t mean that you miss them out you need to bring them again back to your store, one of the easiest ways to do this is by sending a relevant and valuable newsletter. Set a newsletter subscription section and add a motive; for example (Sign up and receive alerts for recent best deals in the world).


Creating an affiliate online shop is a low cost and low risk business compared to traditional online shops or Drop Shipping stores.

However don’t forget that you are running a business so be aware of all business aspects, pick a niche market, brand your store, provide value, and stay connected with your clients, use e-marketing channels and techniques just like a traditional online shop would do.

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