How to Write Professional Product Description: Tips + Examples

How to write a creative product description?

Before answering, you should know that a bad, poor, insufficient product description can, and will, drive customers away from an e-commerce website, no matter how well the store itself is crafted!

Why Should You Continue Reading This Article?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some creative writing examples for a perfect and professional product description, where the writer could have done better at the product description writing process!

In addition to providing you with creative writing tips for beginners, this article will answer all your questions about creative writing in product descriptions.

Let’s dive in! We’ll clear the air for your products’ descriptions!

What Is Product Description?

The product description means those words and marketing expressions that are used in a coordinated manner to explain the advantages and characteristics of the product and to clarify the benefits and the positive impact that the consumer gets on the acquisition of the product in hand.

These words and expressions must be chosen very carefully so that they can achieve the desired effect on the shopper as soon as he/she reads them and push them to buy without hesitation.

The product description also plays a vital role in addressing the shopper’s imagination through a review of the quality of the product and its competitive advantages without the shopper being deceived by exaggerating the description of the product. It is an attractive way through which we give a clear and integrated picture of the product to the shopper, consumer, or buyer.

Good Product Description Writing

The product description is one of the most important success soldiers in the field of eCommerce and online sales through online stores around the world, where it plays a prominent and effective role indisputably in influencing the shopper and convincing them of the superiority of this product or that of other competing products.

Especially, if it’s written in a creative writing format, this will undoubtedly increase the volume of sales within the e-store and raise the conversion rates and then maximize the volume of eCommerce.

Let me ask you a question directly: Would you buy any product, like a piece of clothing, without knowing any details about the size or the material written on the clothing clip?

Certainly, no shopper can purchase any product without knowing all the details and information. From here comes the importance of product description in increasing sales and demand for the product.

Based on the importance of the product description and its place in the success of e-commerce and online sales, we tried in this article to provide a complete presentation that helps you to know how to write a product description.

Bad product description example
Bad product description example

Grammar mistakes are a big turn-off for readers and online shoppers because creative product descriptions are all that they have got next to a high-quality image to take a purchase decision.

In this article, we shall explore the different practices for how to write product descriptions and what to avoid in the process of creating one.

How to Write Professional, Creative Product Descriptions?

Allow me to walk you through a great set of inspirational tips on how to write creative fiction product descriptions. Not only! but also; professional, creative, influential, and attractive product descriptions that help all online stores owners around the world push their sales and raise their online store conversion rate.

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1. Study Your Product Well

The study of the product we want to develop a precise and attractive description is a good first practice and steps that must be taken by shop owners and websites to develop a professional and attractive description of this product.

The study of the product here means identifying its advantages, characteristics, and benefits, as well as its accurate specifications and all the information related to it so that it can be described in a good and attractive manner that addresses the imagination of the buyer and drives him towards the purchase.

Here’s a good t-shirt product description example, which tells that the product description writer knows the product well:

How To Write Creative

2. List All Competitive Product Features

One of the most important of these methods when describing the product on the online store is to review all the competitive advantages of the product described, which reflects the ability of this product or that meet the needs of the consumer as if you sell him comfort in brief words about all the benefits and advantages of this product.

💡 Remember to optimize your content to be SEO-friendly at the same time.

An example for food product description:


How To Write Creative
Food product description example: see how they list some tasty competitive features?

3. Don’t Tell. Storytell

It’s all about how to write a creative story! A smart product description writer uses storytelling to highlight the advantages and benefits of the product.

The most creative product descriptions are those that come from owners who know how to write creative writing in English! those who master connecting the product to the feelings of the shopper. Making them feel that this piece is unique and has a story behind it, not a mere solid object.

The more your content is engaging, the longer your audience will stay on your page. Maybe you just need to research how to make engaging content for your online store or website.

4. Speak Technical When Needed

Depending on your industry and the nature of the product, get into the technical details if you have to. Answer your audience’s questions even before they ask them: details, usage, other uses, steps, etc.

Include a video, a gif, a tutorial, or whatever helps you get your message through — technical products can be tricky and there is nothing called “enough explanation.”

On a Side Note, What Is a Technical Description?

A technical description is a text we use to describe an object or process in terms of its function, organization, parts, and details (e.g., specification).

Take a look at these technical description examples:

How To Write Creative
Technical description example: musical instrument

How To Write Creative

Technical description examples: Interesting way to put it

5. Explain the Product History

It is also good to write a description of the product to give a brief overview of the history of the product and its story in terms of how to manufacture the product and the processes that the product goes through until it reaches its final form.

💡  Studies have shown that a large proportion of shoppers love in varying degrees and enjoy stories and history of products.

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6. Select Appropriate Words

One of the most important and most dangerous practices in describing a product is choosing the words to be used in the description. These words must be carefully selected so as not to make the shopper abandon your store or your website. The choice of words, expressions, and information greatly affect the decision of purchasing the product.

Take a look at this product description example for food:

How To Write Creative7. Review the Product Specifications

One of the most important factors that positively affect the purchase decision is to review and clarify the specifications of the product — the formal and standard specifications that help online shoppers feel the product in their hands before obtaining it.

Examples of formal and standard specifications could be length, width, height, area, finish, among others. Specifications differ depending on the product’s nature and use.

Take this t-shirt product description example:

How To Write Creative

8. Take Care of the Size of the Description

Store owners and e-commerce sites must also pay close attention to the size of the description in terms of length and shortness. Length of the product description (whether long or short) plays a negative or positive role in crafting a bad or good impression about the product and hence making the purchase decision.

The description should not be too short for the shopper in that it conveys a feeling that the product does not have any advantages, characteristics or usages to be written in the description.

Nor should the description and narration be too long that the shopper feels bored or feels that the description of the product is exaggerated.

Integrate a comprehensive description, with all specifications and details of the product briefly and attractively without exaggeration or shortening.

Here’s a product description for shoes that’s just the right size:

How To Write Creative

9. Review the Description Before Publishing

Review the description of the product after completion and put it in order. Fix all linguistic and grammatical errors so that the shopper does not feel that the product description writer is a beginner or that the store is a fake.

How To Write Creative

10. Use Simple Language

In addition, it is necessary to use the easy language of writing when describing the product and to choose simple words and phrases that are easy for the consumer or the shopper to read and understand without pain or suffering.

Look at this service description example, the product here is a car wash service. The writer uses very simple language because the nature of the service doesn’t call for any sophisticated language:

How To Write Creative Service-description

11. Use Bullet Points

People’s eyes scan the product description rather than read it thoroughly. Yes, we’ll write a stunning, detailed, error-free, creative product description for those who read word by word (or shoppers who are about to close the deal and make a purchase; they read word by word).

At the same time, we’ll make the description scannable for the fast readers, busy shoppers, passersby’s, and else. An intelligent product description writer will get the right mix.

Some brands are creative with their product description that you’ll be amazed. Here’s a nail polish brand description example:

How To Write Creative

How To Write Creative

12. Discover the Nature and Quality of Shoppers on Your Online Store

If all of these steps and practices are very important, knowing the nature and quality of shoppers through your store or e-commerce site is ahead of all of them in terms of importance and risk.

Knowing the behavior and preferences of shoppers through your store helps you discover the nature of the content and the ambiguity that can attract and push them to make a purchase decision.

Understanding the quality and nature of the audience makes you understand exactly what type of description is the favorite for them: short or long, detailed or brief, narrative or technical, etc.

Keep in mind things like location, age, gender, interests, educational level, monthly income level, language, etc.

💡 Pro Tip: There are many online free tools to help you understand your customers.

Avoid Using These Words!

“Our product is the best in the market. You’ll never find a product like ours because we are the leaders”

And the customer goes “yeah yeah.”

Once you get the “yeah yeah” then you’re at great risk that your customer is running away.

Be authentic, honest, and detail-oriented rather than exaggerating the description.

Do not use such words:

  • Honestly
  • Stunning
  • Just
  • Nice
  • Sorry
  • That
  • Very, kind of, maybe
  • Market-leading
  • Breakthrough
  • Innovative
  • Stunning
  • Ultimate
  • Revolutionary

Elaborate on the delicate details, the unique selling points, the usages, and the benefits of the product in hand — that’s how to write a good product description.

Should I Use a Product Description Generator Free of Charge Programs?

Some software tools generate content that can be used as product descriptions.

Yes, they are good.

Yet, no, don’t rely entirely on such product description generator free software programs. After all, you’re writing for human beings and a human should be doing this not a machine — no matter how intelligent it is.

Examples of product description generator free software tools include Descra, ItemScribe, AdZis, and many others.

The process is the same: you upload a database of variables, synonyms, and different formats, and the software generates different sets of product descriptions.

Now you tell me, a product description writer with a creative mind and minding soul, or a heartless product description generator free of charge?

To Sum Up!

Whether you’re a marketer or a store owner who’s marketing for your own product/service, how to write product descriptions and craft them creatively is the key to better click rate, increased conversion, and high revenue.

We have learned together what to write, how to write it, how to think about your audience, and what a product description writer should do.

We have also checked some great examples for a variety of product descriptions to learn from: technical, fashion, food, shoes, brand, and service descriptions.

We have also come across some words and expressions that we better not use in our descriptions; honesty is key to gaining your customers’ trust and appreciation.

If you want to get the whole nine yards of product descriptions and dive deeper, you can check our pro guide on How to Write a Catchy Product Description?!

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