How to Write a Catchy Product Description?!

The good product description has the ability to move your customers closer to sealing a deal with them. With foreseeable benefits and creativity, a casual visitor can see in your product, your store is likely to see an increase in sales.

Though it’s the product photo that prompts buyers to make their buying move, also the product description help fills in the gaps to make sure whether they are making the right purchase.

Product descriptions help educate customers about benefits and the uniqueness of a certain product so that they help recognize a solution for a problem, the thing that helps increase sales and build customer trust.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write product descriptions and find a product description writer, learn from product description examples, and we’ll introduce an easy to follow product description template.

What Is A Product Description?

A product description is a piece of writing that talks about the features and aspects of a certain product to the customer. The whole point is to provide information in a compelling way that informs and compels them to make the purchase of such a product.

Writing a product description that helps with your conversion rates requires writing a copy that persuades and tell your prospects what problem this product is going to solve, what benefits it is going to give them, and what kind of competitive edges it has over other products, all of this written in a simple and straightforward manner.

Product Description

How to Write Product Descriptions That converts

  1. Write by yourself

Don’t use the manufacturer’s product writings, because that way you can avoid any penalties by google for duplicate copying. Also, writing the description in your own way helps write a winning product description that helps in converting your customers.

  1. Make it easy to be read

Having a product description that is easy to read is crucial, so, for example, you could write a couple of sentences with several bullet points that allow easy and quick consumption so that the purchase is done more swiftly.

  1. Understand Your Audience

You should be able to know the kind of writings your customers could appreciate. Say for example if you are selling products that could be perceived as funny, humorous writing could be useful and would be appreciated by your customers and is more likely to drive sales.

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  1. Optimize for SEO

Optimizing the way, you write in terms of SEO is very important. Using keywords relevant to the products will be beneficial in the way your products could be found. Being specific and on the point will be helpful in sorting your products and staying relevant and recognizable.

  1. Use storytelling

Writing a story is one of the most attractive and effective ways to sell through the product description, you either use it to say why the customer needs your product, telling the benefits, or simply entertain your customer so that he feels compelled to buy the product.

  1. Try different versions

It could be useful to try different variations of your product descriptions, by using different wordings and formats and other elements of your writings so that you optimize and reach the most effective form that could benefit your conversion rates.

  1. Check for spelling mistakes

Review your product descriptions to make sure you don’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes, with tools at your disposal either online or offline.

  1. Give All The Details

Make sure you are providing all the necessary information that will aid your buyers to complete a successful purchase. For example, if you are selling clothing items, care and size information could help them before and after the purchase.

Some Product Description Examples

Product Description

ModCloth is such an inspiration on how to write a great product description. It’s short yet light and attractive with just a couple of sentences, with easy to read bullet points.

Here they have succeeded in flattering the customer in relation to the product in both the first and the second sentences.

While being appealing and attractive, words such as ‘delighted’, ‘gloriously’, ‘magnificence’ and other wordings were used to capture the attention of the reader.

Product Description

Tipsy Elves is yet another example of a product description done right, which uses a short and sweet description, stating the benefits of their product.

It’s notable how the first word used was ‘freedom’ that has a positive sound to it, and also associated with American pride products. And although the description is not very scannable, they mention the benefits and the features in a way that is attractive.

Product Description

Another great example is the product description of pair of shorts belonging to the brand ‘Chubbies’, with a name that they chose were “The Mojitos” due to the minty green color of the shorts. They also managed to talk about the benefits and the features when they mention how it could be so comfortable.

Product Description Template

While there could be many ways on how to write your product description, you could always follow this three steps method while writing your piece:

  1. Flatter the customer relative to the product
  2. Speak about how the product feature can benefit the customer
  3. Write down one recommendation or two

So, if you are selling a unicorn brush, for example, you could try the following:

You are one of a kind, just like this unicorn brush. With synthetic bristles, you will get an easy clean. Pair it with our mermaid set for a complete uniqueness could be looking for.

Wrapping up

It will take some time and attempts before you start to perfect your product descriptions, but it’s never difficult, especially when you make use of the advice given here and take advantage of the template mentioned above. With some experimentation and patience, you are going to get there soon.


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