How to Find Trending Products 2021 and Market for Them

I just LOVE this potato peeler <3. Ok then, I’ll start selling it.

Stop 🛑

It’s not about how much you use or love a product. What matters is how many people in your target market are searching and willing to pay money for this product.

How to Find Trending Products to Sell in 2021?

Let’s explore some ways to search for and find trending products that you can sell and make a profit out of in 2021.

1. Listen to Social Media Conversations

You’re searching for the best trending products in order to sell them to people.

And where else can you find people if not on social media platforms?

People are talking 24/7 with each other: commenting, liking, asking for recommendations, answering, and so on.

New trending products are trending because people made them so.

What platforms do I go to?

Depending on your target audience and nature of products or services.

But here are some suggestions.

Facebook Groups

No need to elaborate on how Facebook is the #1 social media channel and bla bla bla— it’s crystal clear by now.

Join groups on Facebook that talk about your niche and contain people who could very likely be interested in what you’re offering.

Listen to what they’re asking about, what they’re looking for, what problems they have, and so on.

You can also offer giveaways for influencing people on this group to try and write a review about.

Real-Life Example ✋ The Facebook group Dorganize. People there are a maniac about recycling and re-painting old pieces of furniture. Girls are recycling old stuff, turning them into beautiful art, and posting every step and every material they’ve used.

Paint brands are sending girls free samples to use and write good, authentic reviews about them, and it’s working wonders (product example).

On the other hand, some have assumed the position of a recycler and started to brand themselves on the group as so and offer help for others who want to redecorate their houses in exchange for money (service example).

find trending products 2021 on Facebook groups
Facebook groups are rich with ideas to find trending products in 2021


Search for relevant hashtags to your niche on Instagram and find tons of new trending products to sell.

For example, if you’re selling in the “home exercising” niche, search for hashtags such as #workingout and #homeexercises to see what’s popular in your market.

When talking about Instagram, we have to mention influencers as they dominate the platform and direct millions of minds every single day.

Keep an eye on influencers, of all sizes and numbers of followers, in your niche and see what items they endorse or talk about in their Stories, posts, and videos.

Instagram influencers are often responsible for the trends and shifts that often result in a high sales revenue.

You can also send them your products as gifts to try and endorse, either for money or for the free samples fame they get.

Real-Life Example ✋ A quick search with the #workingout and I find this user announcing that she’s just received a weight-loss kit of some equipment and supplements.

How do you think people will interact with that?

Some will ask “Where did you get that?” and others will wait for the final result of such a routine so that they copy her, and so on. How brilliant is that?

find trending products 2021 on Instagram
Find trending products 2021 on Instagram: People tend to trust other people than advertisers

Do you know how to sell online with Instagram shopping?


YouTube is a search engine by itself and it’s a great place to find the most trending products any time anywhere.

Search for “the best (your niche) products” and see what comes up.

From the very first few videos, you’ll get inspired by new trending products that people are after nowadays.

There’s also a new trend that’s called “unboxing,” where the host of the video “unboxes” a product and shows the viewers its parts or content. Watching a couple of videos about “unboxing (your niche) products” will definitely help.

From the number of likes on the video and the comments left by users, you’ll know if this product is hot and trending or people aren’t so crazy about it.

find trending products 2021 on YouTube


Look for and study influencers in your niche to know how to make the utmost use of this new marketing trend.

Follow influencers and thought leaders within your niche, see what products they endorse and support in their social media efforts, and try to match those up.

2. Dig Into Online Marketplaces

What’s a marketplace?

A place where people search for and buy products.

No need to say more. 😄

Marketplaces are the perfect places to find products that are currently being sold on the internet.

In order not to get lost in this huge space, let me walk you through the best marketplaces you should be searching to find hot selling items and what sections of the marketplace you should explore to find those winners.


AliExpress offers you an enormous database of consumer products that are made by Chinese manufactures and used by people all over the world.

Go to the search bar of this website, search for products in your niche, and get a better idea of trending items nowadays.

find trending products 2021 on AliExpress

Tip 💡 Head to the popular section of the website and get inspired by hundreds of the most trending products in each category on AliExpress.

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Amazon is an ideal resource for doing your product research because it’s one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies.

Check Amazon’s section titled Movers and Shakers, which lists Amazon trending products that have experienced the biggest sales ranking within the last 24 hours.

And the best part is: Amazon trending products are updated on an hourly basis!

Or head to Amazon’s section titled Best Sellers, where you see the marketplace’s most popular items, which is updated every 24 hours.

Tip 💡 Use the links on your left to browse bestsellers in your niche.

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eBay might be the next destination in your quest to find new trending products to trade in this year.

eBay is an e-commerce platform with millions of users and tons of hidden gems for you to explore.

Check eBay’s section Watch Count, which helps you get insights about the number of times consumers have “watched” a certain item.

Or head to eBay’s section Trending, which presents you with a list of the most trending products, the number of searches, and product page URLs.

3. Use Google Trends

It doesn’t matter how amazing you see your product is, what’s important is how many people are searching for it and are ready to buy it.

Google Trends is a free tool that enables you to get information about the number of searches for a keyword during a selected period, aka, search volume.

Type the product you have in mind on Google trends, and study how trendy and popular it is.

For example, you want to sell “Yoga pants” online in Egypt. Go to Google Trends, set the country, time period, and other metrics, and then hit search.

You’ll see that there are thousands of searches for the term yoga pants for the past 12 months, maybe due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Read carefully into the insights and the numbers on the graph. Analyze why does the search goes up on certain days of the month.

find trending products 2021 on Google Trends

Scroll down and read into the other data generated by this smart tool. Such tools have made finding trending products pretty easy.

Attention ⚡ If you see that your product is on a downhill slope in regard to search volume, go look elsewhere; it’s not a good sign.

4. Find Trending Dropshipping Products

Another way is to search for trending dropshipping products on many websites and online places.

Trending dropshipping products can give you ideas about what people are looking for and purchasing online.

Depending on your geographical location, go to websites like Wish, Amazon, YouTube, blogs, niche scrappers, and others.

Look at the number of likes, shares, views, and other social indicators that tell you this is a trending dropshipping product.

See what’s “hot” and “trending” on Amazon, how many people have viewed/bought a product, and what related products people also see.

Attention ⚡ Do not always choose the best-selling product, because it’s probably a highly competitive one with a lot of sellers marketing for it.

The question here is not only how to find trending dropshipping products, but to find trending products that are cheap, lightweight (to save delivery cost), fun, useful, and good enough to catch people’s eyes.

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To Sum Up,,,

In this article, we have explored some of the ways to find trending products to sell in 2021, in addition to some marketing ideas.

For some, finding new trending products is a talent; they do it just like that.

For others, it’s a skill and a lot of time and effort invested till you land the best trending products that fit your market and appeal to your audience.

Social media, with all of its platforms, is a very good place to find the next trending product people are looking for.

But marketplaces are the real gold mine; Amazon trending products, for example, can give you tons of priceless ideas.

We’ve also looked into how to find trending dropshipping products from websites like Wish and review blogs.

Now it’s your turn to go fish ;)

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