Testimonial Examples You Can Use to Boost Conversions

So you want to skyrocket your conversions. We’re here to share with you some testimonial examples to give you some ideas for the way to do the same.

Do you believe it? Let’s take a quick dive into numbers that prove my point.

  • 92% of online customers don’t make a purchase before reading online reviews.
  • Online reviews are trusted like personal suggestions by 88% of online buyers
  • 72% of online customers say reviews increase their trust in a brand

Have you ever heard the word “this product has no reviews, I trust it, let’s buy it?” I think no. You’ve probably heard the exact opposite many times though.

Did you know there are 10 different testimonial types that can boost your sales? Let’s discover them.

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5 Testimonial Examples & Types to Use on Your Store

1. The Quote Type

Yes. That’s the one that came to your mind when we said testimonial examples. The quote type is the basic form of testimonials and is the most widely used type.

It usually contains the quoted review, along with the name and job title of the reviewer to prove authority.

quote testimonial type example
Testimonial Example — Cavaraty
the peer testimonial type example
eParkVille Testimonial on ExpandCart

How to Master Quote Testimonials?

  • Embrace them. Use them in your sales and landing pages to enhance your brand’s credibility.
  • Instead of kind words about your brand, make sure to ask your reviewer about the change or transformation your service or product did to him.
  • Don’t neglect your client’s photo, ask for a good picture of him that he’d like to be featured on your website. *effective to the credibility of the quote*
  • Use them in various forms. If you only have them in text, try to read them out in a video and say thank you to those who sent the kind feedbacks

2. Peer Reviews

Peer testimonials are the type of feedback given from a peer client that happens to be in the eCommerce business as well — given that you’re the merchant itself.

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How to Master Peer Testimonials? 🚀

  • Research your target persona and find out who exactly is the right person to reach and ask for feedback. And understand their peers
  • Reach out to people inside your target niche. Those’ll be the peers of your target persona.
  • Make your feedback givers feel free to include details about themselves and their work. That’ll help your target persona to relate to them.

3. Social Testimonials

Social testimonials are the ones found on Tweets or Facebook Reviews or comments. This type is known for its genuine signature on people’s hearts. And whenever it happens, it can be easily pointed out.

testimonials examples
Natural Touch Quote Testimonial Example on ExpandCart

How to Master Social Media Feedbacks 🗣️

  • Show them off! React on the post or comment and express your gratitude by saying a nice word and resharing it on your business page!
  • Save the direct link to the post and also save a screenshot for later. You may want to use it in an album collecting all the nice feedbacks later on.
  • Create a social proof section on your website and showcase all the social media feedbacks you have gotten.

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4. Influencer Reviews

This type of feedback is part of influencer marketing. Research conducted in 2018 shows almost half of global online customers rely on influencers’ recommendations when making a purchase. 40% of them had completed a product’s purchase after seeing it being recommended on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

expandcart testimonials examples

Mastering Influencers Testimonials

  • If you’re using influencer marketing to spread word of mouth and increase your products or brand’s credibility, make sure to feature a well-known influencer that’s related to your niche and is down to earth and well-loved by your target audience.
  • Try to include more than one influencer in your marketing campaign

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5. Video Testimonials

A long-form type of feedback that is hugely authentic and true to its nature. It’s hard to fake a full-length video of a fake testimonial without it affecting your brand negatively. People are smart.Faking written feedback and stealing somebody’s picture is one thing, but having someone on a screen and have them praising your brand? That’s authentic, and sure cannot be faked.

How to Make a Video Testimonial 📹

  • Combine various testimonials at once, you can read them out loud in a video
  • Or pick one of your biggest clients and ask them to make a recorded interview where you ask them several questions about your brand, product.
  • Ask about the key transforming points that your brand did for him and some weaknesses or challenges that he used to face using your service or products.

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Testimonial Sections You’d Want to Copy

Check out these testimonial pages for your online store inspiration!

1- mHelpDesk

testimonial sections samples (1)

2- Canva

3- ZenDesk

Another example for peer testimonials

4- Hootsuite

5- KissMetrics

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Final Words 💬

Testimonials form a crucial part of the conversion rate of your business. So make sure you’re using every feedback you get in the most effective way.

There isn’t a perfect way to make use of brand and product reviews. As long as you do research and check out a lot of feedback sections from powerful brands like the above mentioned, you’d be able to develop a good working strategy.

Make sure to use real pictures for your reviewers. And showcase benefits instead of features, that’s what testimonials are prone to present.

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