Top 11 Testimonial Page Examples That You Will Like

It could be a useful strategy to mention the benefits of a product or service by its marketers, be the way visual, written copy or even a video, in an attempt to bring attention and appeal to the brand’s audience. However, nothing could work strongly as a customer testimonial would, which brings loads of credibility to your very own brand.

But why, exactly? While moving away from focusing the light on the merchant, the spotlight is focused on the customer experience instead, and making the best use of it by highlighting it so other customers could see the unbiased opinion of a similar customer who used such product or service, the thing that automatically deepens their trust and makes the customers more inclined to make the purchase.

That’s why brands and businesses need to take customer testimonials more seriously and decide on where to place them, and they won’t find a better place than featuring their quotes on their very own testimonial page where they could be easily found and accessed.

That’s why today we bring to your some of the best customer testimonials pages that could show you the broad positive impact of customer’s testimonials and how they could be beneficial and inspiring to you so you could start doing the same to your page too.

#1: ZenDesk

Customer Testimonial

Talk about a beautiful customer testimonial page. ZenDesk, a help desk software, literally provides tools for customer service. How could they do this without showcasing their happy customers?

If you are seeking a beautiful testimonial, you won’t find better than ZenDesk, which is a help desk software, so how exactly did they manage to showcase their delighted customers?

It’s easy; ZenDesk has embarked on a journey to make it efficient and aesthetically beautiful while starting with a video that is silently playing inside a banner, and the ability to choose testimonials by location, industry and specific use cases, with thumbnails to full stories of some of the most prestigious brand names in a concise manner and provide the much useful reassurance for their new customers so that they start investing with confidence.

#2: ChowNow

ChowNow’s testimonial page is also another winning page, thanks to its minimalistic design that shows videos and quotes from their respective customers in a way that is neat, to the point and easy to skim while freeing it from any chunks of overwhelming text that are not appealing to the user.

What they basically did is investing in some high-quality video testimonials by shooting them at their customer’s locations, which was a great choice, as other viewers would be able to connect emotionally for a well-received message that does the trick instantly and could potentially acquire more fans and customers.

What was also a smart move was featuring quotes why customers favored them over the competition with some solid numbers and statistics that directly speaks to the mind, combining both messages that address the emotional and rational mind simultaneously.

#3: Startup Institute

Customer Testimonial

Startup Institute has leveraged its business model to display their customer testimonials as “Love Letters.”

Startup institute allows professionals to acquire new skills to advance their careers in a positive direction while enabling them to follow a career path that they love, so once completed the program, they receive lots of praise from their students, formulating a series of original testimonials, showing them in a thoughtful way that garners admirers and their attention to the brand.

#4: Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a company that succeeded at providing tools to help professional event planning and its implementation, and they were able to make their customers content and could extract very interesting testimonials that come in many forms on their page.

For example, you could see short tweets from their customers at the beginning, and as you proceed you could observe other forms like service ratings, use cases and finally a video testimonial, giving you a multitude of options to choose from, and consuming whatever form that appeals to you, make sure that the number of customers that view the testimonials are as many as it could be.

#5: Steve & Kate’s Camp

Steve & Kate’s camp provides summer camps for children all over the US, and what was interesting is that their website is basically made of a series of testimonials.

Those testimonials alone could make you want to go camping because of them, as they could successfully provoke emotions of their viewers because of the testimonials that are made with videos, something that is powerful when trying to deliver an emotional message that hooks. One reason we could observe is trying to assure the parents a lot so they could make the decision of trusting the camp to accommodate their kids.

#6: Hootsuite

Customer Testimonial

This widely known social media management tool gives us an example of a great testimonial page that shows how their services can benefit about anybody, starting with a video that that features some of their customers, after which you could see some use cases, especially ones that are specific to your field, something that can be truly beneficial and convincing for almost everyone.

#7: Booker

Booker sells software platform that helps sellers maintain and manage their storefronts, and it uses storytelling by their own customers to tell a story that highlights the strengths of their platform, making such stories the main part of the website’s navigation and leveraging the power of testimonials.

#8: HubSpot

HubSpot is a software company that provides sales and inbound marketing tools for brands, and although it’s a bit expensive, the testimonials show that it’s totally worth the investment.

The landing page shows companies logos and the achieved results after they have used HubSpot. Furthermore, you could filter by industry, company size, location, etc. so that you discover the more relevant stories to your own business and similar challenges that could have been faced and overcome.

Besides they have not ignored the human factor as they have also published stories of happy people with their faces, so that both recognizable logos and real people show testimonials for maximum effect.

#9: Codecademy

Customer Testimonial

Learning to code could look like a daunting process, especially if your background is not technical so Codeacademy has stepped up and embarked on a mission to make such learning process an easy one, especially to newbies, where you can learn online.

Their testimonial page is an effective method to illustrate such journey where they had students telling their stories in video format for maximum impact. Also, the page highlights number of other stories where a long interview has been held showing why students got into coding and how they are learning about it. This could go a long way of lowering the barriers of intimidation to delve into their coding courses. Codeacademy has not also missed mentioning that you could learn from any place in the world by highlighting the different locations of the world where learners reside.

#10: Squarespace

Did you know that Squarespace powers millions of websites across hundreds of industries? Well, if you head over their customer testimonial page you can get all the details and more.

Squarespace shows that it has powered thousands of websites across hundreds of industries on their customer testimonial page yet in a different way: It uses real websites as a proof of concept for their capabilities and also as an inspiration for others. That’s why the page is helpful for other customers who want to make sure that Squarespace will meet their requirements.

#11: Shopify

Customer TestimonialLast website we have is Shopify’s one, that might look just like any other testimonial page with its success stories, just with a cool addition: There is button prompting you for Shopify’s customers to share their stories as well, which is a cool way to gather more loyalists and convince new customers as well.

Top 9 Tips for Creating a Great Customer Testimonial Page

From all the examples enough, we were able to create a list of ideas plus tips and tricks to kick-start your own testimonial page:

  1. Maintain the use of high-quality photos and videos.
  2. Put emphasis on making your customers look good, not just your brand.
  3. Seek solid numbers from your customers that show how you have helped their brands.
  4. Allow your potential customers to filter testimonials to reach the most relevant ones.
  5. Don’t stick to only one format; try many others that could potentially appeal to your many customer types.
  6. Make submitting a testimonial easy to gather as many ones as possible.
  7. Usage of testimonials is important where you want to sell, so make sure they are there, even on the home page.
  8. Don’t forget to show your product or service in action.
  9. Make sure you include familiar logos beside real people’s faces.


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