Boost Sales With These 10 Checkout Counter Ideas

When was the last time you look at the checkout counter? Are there any Checkout Counter Ideas that caught your attention?

No, I don’t mean cleaning up or have the counter well organized… Today’s topic is way beyond this.

Did you know that your retail store checkout counter can be used to boost up your sales?

Keep reading on…

10 Checkout Counter Ideas Will Increase Sales in 2021

  1. Encourage Impulse Purchases
  2. Invest in a Piece of Art Checkout Counter
  3. Allow On-spot Online Browsing
  4. Add TV Screens Behind the Checkout Counter
  5. Use Modern Lighting Solutions
  6. Use Plants to Inspire Hominess
  7. Invest in A Modern POS System
  8. Encourage Social Shares
  9. Decorate Your Counter Seasonably
  10. Charities Effort: Stand for Social Responsibility

Let’s dig deeper into each idea of them…

1. Encourage Impulse Purchases

Dedicate a space at the checkout counter to display items that your store shoppers can buy quickly on their way out.

A survey by found that 84 percent of shoppers purchase some items when they are on their way out from retail stores.

So, what are the best items for impulse buying?

Any small products and self-explained items can be used to encourage impulse buying. Simply a small product that sells itself!

💡 Here are some examples:

  1. Accessories for your merchandise
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Seasonal products such as (Christmas)
  4. Toys for kids
  5. Snacks & drinks
  6. Generic items such as (Batteries, Car chargers. Mobile phone covers, etc..)

So, if you have a store for Mobile phones you can add some beautiful mobile covers and practical car chargers at your counter to impulse buy!

2. Invest in a Piece of Art Checkout Counter

We have no doubt that you have invested a lot to have unique and beautiful displaying windows for your products and your store fixtures, so why don’t you invest in your counter?

A piece of art checkout counter will definitely boost your sales.

retail checkout counter-piece of art

3. Allow On-spot Online Browsing

In this digital world, people love to browse products online and they get used to doing it.

So why don’t you take advantage of this at your retail store?

All you need to do this is a tablet or an iPad and a beautiful online shop. 🤩

Don’t worry, building a beautiful online store is no longer a complicated or expensive task it’s very simple.

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Once you have your online store up and running just display your online store home page on the iPad and place it over the counter table.

📱 Check out the below example:

retail checkout counter with ipad

4. Add TV Screens Behind the Checkout Counter

Adding a TV screen at the checkout counter will make a great look at your store.

But not only this, you can use these TV screens to display videos about your brand or display the latest offers.

Or simply display your online store home page showing a rotating slide show.

💡 View the below image:

tv screens over checkout counter

5. Use Modern Lighting Solutions

Having the checkout counter well-lit is essential. Modern lighting will add a great look to your retail store checkout counter.

Check the below image:

retail checkout counter lighting

6. Use Plants to Inspire Hominess

Plants are probably the most beautiful and affordable living creatures that you can add to your retail store to give it a cozy and homey feel.

Adding some plants at the counter or around it is a great idea to make your visitors feel at home.
checkout counter plants to inspire hominess

7. Invest in A Modern POS System

Pick a modern POS system that can work on tablets.

This will add a great appearance to your retail checkout counter and will generate faster and more secure sales.checkout counter

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8. Encourage Social Shares

We live in the world of social media as an essential part of every human activity. I was going to say marketing or business, but the fact is, it’s everything now.

So make sure to encourage your customers to share their experience at your store on social media.

Here are some thoughts: 🏌️

  • Make a rewards system for every social share
  • Create offers and discounts that only work if your customer shares a selfie with your storefront!
  • Distribute brochures with promo codes and print your social media profiles on them.

Another idea that is of the most effective ways to encourage social shares is to add postcards at the counter asking your shoppers to share photos or moments with your products on social media channels.

Inspire them by promising a great reward in return!

9. Decorate Your Counter Seasonably

Don’t keep your counter with the same look all the time.

Adapting the season’s look on your counter is really important as part of your retail store.

💡 Inspiring Story: 

One successful merchant of ours has made it a routine to redecorate his checkout counter for every one of those occasions; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and Mother’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day.

He didn’t even forget to redecorate and make discounts when his favorite soccer team was playing! ⚽⛹🏻‍♂️

retail checkout counter ideas for saint patrick's day

As a result:

His retail checkout counter gave the entire store a more lively feel.

Our friend generated more sales than other retailers in the area.

People came from other districts because he was the only one having offers and discounts all year long when his competitors thought it’s silly.

10. Charities Effort: Stand for Social Responsibility

Charity and good deeds for the community are a part of your business’s social responsibilities.

Your counter is the best place to promote your charity’s effort at your retail store. Make people feel your social responsibility

It gives a more humane feeling to your store and encourages a deeper connection with your store visitors.

Hot Idea for a Good Checkout Counter: 🔥

On your checkout counter, try to add a donation glass box or a card to promote your charity's effort and make people donate. Click To Tweet

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