Promo Codes: Expert Tips to Drive Sales with Promotions

Promo codes are an undeniably excellent way for you to score significant revenue. But to make the most out of your online store, you need to have an attractive strategy to lure your customers.

If you need help in getting started with promo codes in your eCommerce store, the below are tips and tricks you can follow to maximize their advantages! ⏬

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What Is a Good Promo Code?

A good promo code is one that serves both the shoppers and the business itself while also applying to the 3 “Easy” points below:

  • Easy to remember.
  • Easy to calculate.
  • Easy to apply.

To achieve an easy-to-remember promotion coupon use everyday words that are relative to the occasion of the code.

💡 Example

“Mothersday2021” or “Newvisitor2021”. Those are easy to remember and are relative to their occurrence.

An easy to calculate coupon is one with round numbers.

💡 Example

A 10%, 15%, or 20% off is much easier to calculate than 13% or 17%. And the goal is to attract your customers, not make them stop and think and calculate the benefits behind every discount.

The easier your promo codes, the more they’ll be used, and finally, the more conversions you make.

To achieve this, make sure to have minimal product type or locations or other factors restrictions on your discounts. Such restrictions might drive your customers away, and we don’t want that, do we?

What Are the Expert Tips for Promo Codes? ⏬

1. Use Promo Codes on Rarely Sold Items

For items that rarely get sold, adding a promo code would get the jackpot rolling.

Also, make sure to use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to increase sales for these products.

✴️ Hint ✴️

Now that you can take your promo codes inspiration from websites like GoPromoCodes, use these to your advantage by creating the FOMO effect with attractive promo codes on your eCommerce website to lure your customers and generate more sales on abandoned products.

2. Use Special Codes for New Visitors

Say, for instance, you have 500 monthly new store visitors. The use of special promo discounts may attract 30% of them into successful purchases. By the end of the year, you might find yourself with 1800 completed purchases only from new visitors promo codes.


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3. Make Sure Your Coupons Fit Your Business Model

The ultimate goal of coupons is to generate profit and sales. If they aren’t within your budget they’ll cost you a fortune. Make sure to plan your promotions ahead while considering your marketing strategy and budget in order to prevent any fallout.

Expert Tip: 🗼

All online stores in 2021 should consider budgeting for promotions as part of their marketing at the very beginning of their business planning.

Start brainstorming for significant shopping days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Black Friday’s and Valentine’s and so forward.

Such seasons are more likely to generate sales, so make your store worthy of attention on such competitive days. Fill it with promotions and discounts and digital decorations to get your sales up and rolling.

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4. Make Discounts on Purchases Over a Certain Amount

Who wouldn’t love a free gift on their purchase? One of the great ways to attract your customers is to offer limited flat rate discounts that are only valid over a certain amount spent.

💡 For Example

Offer a limited-time discount of $100 on purchases over $300 or more.

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5. Use Free Shipping Coupons

Free shipping always wins in getting customers relieved while shopping through your site that they don’t have to pay shipping expenses. It often annoys people, especially if they’re abroad online store visitors.

Offer free shipping coupons after spending a certain amount of money to incentive more sales from your customers.

Did you know? 📌

73% of online shoppers say free shipping was one of the biggest factors that made them choose a brand or a company to make their purchase.

6. Make Use of Past Consumer Behavior

Everything that happens on your website can be taken to your advantage. Follow your customers’ journey, and study their behavior.

See if they tend to buy certain products together, and consider putting those products together with a discount coupon so it’s easier for those customers to find them and buy them in bulk.

OR, offer one of the products for free or at a discounted rate if purchased with their main regular list.

Such behavior will encourage a perfect retention rate and loyalty. Making your customers feel like they’re understood and their needs are being smoothly met throughout your store will make them yours truly, for a lifetime. 🏹

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7. Abandoned Carts

Did you know? ⛳

73% of desktop users abandon their cart.

And one effective way of retrieving those lost customers is to send re-engagement emails and text messages.

Remind them that their abandoned cart awaits (with a fine gesture of a big discount code only if they complete checkout within 24 hours).

This tactic is surely getting you the sale. Your final challenge here is whether or not the customer has already logged before abandoning his cart so you can reach and re-engage him.

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8. Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Before saying anything else, it’s worth mentioning that ExpandCart has a rewards system in your back office (all-in-one dashboard) that you can easily utilize to draw rewards for your most loyal customers.

Fact: 📌

Loyal brand customers tend to spend 67 percent more time than new customers. So it’s cheaper and easier to keep those customers happy than spend thousands on acquiring new ones.

Steps: 📎

  • Email your loyal consumers with exclusive promo codes to incentive them to open your store and view what you have to offer
  • Make your loyal customers feel special with “only for you” discounts and coupons free for use anytime.
  • Divide your loyal customers, the ones who spend more on your website and your store’s regulars into special audience segments to easily target and create ads for them

Back to You

Promo codes are everywhere, what matters is how you use them to attract your customers and why would they get excited about using your promo codes rather than your competitors?

Make sure to use them right, and focus on satisfying your shoppers and offering them the best user experience and they will surely come back for more.

Let us know in the comments below how you intend to use promotion codes in your future strategy?


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