Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019.. Discover the Latest in Affiliate Marketing

In the previous articles, we took about the importance of e-commerce, conversions, ROI, retail, and affiliate marketing events, summits, and conferences, in addition to talking about the importance of attending these big and large events, which focus on a great suite of important topics in all fields of the digital marketing, e-commerce, and retail industry.

As we have also explained before, the knowledge and information that has been shared in these conferences -including e-commerce, retail, and affiliate marketing– can make a great difference in your business decisions, help you be informed with the trending in your work, and enables you to reach your goals, solve all problems and challenges that face you, and achieve great success in your specific business.

Hence, in this article, we will showcase one of the biggest events that are discussing one of the most important topics in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry; this important topic is “Affiliate Marketing”. We will talk about Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019.

First off, we should mention that Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 is presented and produced by Affiliate Summit Corporation, as one of its big e-Commerce, conversions, retail, and affiliate marketing events that held regularly across Europe.

On this front, it should also be pointed that Affiliate Summit Corporation is considered to be one of the largest events’ organizers in the world, as it is introducing a smart series of Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Retail, Social Media, conversions, and affiliate marketing events, conferences, webinars, and summits around the world, especially across Europe.

And, Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 is one of its great events; it focuses on six main categories: affiliate, affiliate management, advertiser, OPM/agency, solution provider, and network. Additionally, Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 introduces to all marketers, advertisers, retailers, e-commerce persons, affiliate marketers, and all people who are interested in the digital marketing industry several great opportunities to be leaders on their industry.

Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 is a three-day event, which will be organized from 12 -14 of March 2019 at RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Don’t let this big and valuable conference miss you anymore. Continue reading this article to be informed with all information of Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019, such as main topics, main speakers, benefits of attending, and tickets pricing.

Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 Main Topics:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Innovations
  • Commerce
  • Voice Search
  • Social commerce
  • E-Commerce Trends 2019
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Distributed commerce
  • The Omnichannel Expectation
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand meets performance marketing
  • Machine Learning strategy
  • Data Science
  • AI
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing Data
  • Search Bots
  • conversion optimization
  • B2B Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Summit Europe | Amsterdam 2019 Main Speakers:

  • ANTHONY CAPANO – Managing Director EMEA At Rakuten Marketing.
  • CARLA ARRINDELL – European CEO At Optimise Media.
  • ELLIOT MYERS – Head of Affiliate At Gymshark.
  • DAN COHEN – Group Commercial Director  At Savings United GmbH.
  • FIONA BARRON – CEO At Innovasion Hub.
  • EMILY HEATHCOTE – Influencer Manager At Top CashBack.
  • JASON DUKE – Founder & Chief Tea Boy At The Domain Name.
  • KATE KNIGHT – Client Services Manager At Groupon.
  • KEITH POSEHN – Head of Performance Partnerships At Uber.
  • JOOST DE VALK – Founder & Chief Product Officer At Yoast.
  • JUSTIN RONDEAU – Director of Marketing At Digital Marketer.



  • Networking – $389
  • VIP – $659
  • Affiliate – Free
  • Advertiser – Free27

    No credit card required and no hidden fees.


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