10 Effective Tactics to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

Whether you have recently launched your new eCommerce website, or you have had operating one for several years, it’s usually essential to improve your eCommerce business and enhance its presence online. It could be a tough task to drive organic traffic for your commercial enterprise with a consistent pace and is useful for you.

However, if this task is well-organized, then you will gain the rewards earlier than you think. There are many possible methods by which you can attract visitors to your online store, in this article you’ll discover four powerful methods which have been successfully practiced and examined.

1. Create Your Own Blog

The first and best action to take is to create content on your own blog. You can draw customers to your online store for free by creating unique, insightful, and engaging content.

You can find countless ways to situate yourself in the field of content and meet new audiences, from videos clips and podcast platforms to manuals and pdf books. There are two advantages for creating relevant content, this will:

(A) Identify you as an expert in your field.

(B) It will also drive organic traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) over time.

2. Create a Sound Social Media Presence

Facebook is the biggest web-based social network that can lend you such countless chances to approach new clients day by day. Make your own appealing Facebook page with your store’s data. Utilize their overwhelming advertising space, as it enables you to contact new clients according to their behavior, interests, locations, and posts. Additionally, it is the best space to post your unique content. To genuinely show what you have to bring to the table.

This is an excellent method to find your target audience to whom you will finally sell, and once more position yourself as a professional. If you are, for example, selling baby products. You should address the mother groups (possibly working moms) on Facebook or other networks and you need to be involved.

You are not expected to start selling your product instantly to them, but if you find that mothers are asking about recipes for their babies, where they can buy clothes, where to spend weekend activities? You ought to be the foremost one to reply to their issues and lend help to those mothers.

Think about going the visual course with Instagram; it has rapidly developed devices that are advantageous to any entrepreneur. Around 33% of the most viewed ‘Instagram Stories’ are from business-wise parties, utilize that for your benefit, as well as getting in touch with influencers to exhibit your products and syncing your online store with your Instagram feed, so your clients can click “shop here” and get access to your store.

3. Take Advantage of SEO Marketing

You need to completely comprehend and put investment into the role that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays in driving organic traffic to your business. If you organize your SEO marketing strategy well, there are prospective clients in the range of your radar, who will find you organically on the search engines. While the visitors are looking for products like the ones you are selling, they will discover your store.

Start by knowing how to utilize keywords for your own benefit. In case that it appears to be time-consuming work to do yourself, consider recruiting a professional; the WP plugins for SEO improvement (e.g., Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO) can help you extend your online visibility and improve your internet search rankings. That will put your online store on the online map, it’s something less to be alarmed about if you got your SEO strategies covered.

4. Attract the Press Attention

Building a relationship with press writers or bloggers is the fastest way to involve the press. For instance, let’s take selling baby products. you need to make contact with columnists who write on the same (or related) products.

You should turn them into friends via professional social networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Discover the topics they are writing about, then advise them a few points on your product(s), and why they are different.

If you are regularly at the writer’s mind, they will first point to you whenever they write an article or column in relation to your product.

ExpandCart enables you to track visitors’ activities on your store via integration with social media platforms.

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5. Use an Online Advert Model

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are very practical methods to drive organic traffic to your online store. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements can by a long shot help your business. It is designed and meant to drive more traffic and attention to your online store by displaying your online store ads in the search results, showing text or banner ads on websites or apps, and playing video ads on YouTube channels to target more customers.

By the end of 2021, it is expected that online video ads can account for more than 80% of all internet traffic. The system upon which Google Ads work is that you may only pay if someone plays your videos or clicks on your store link.

Using Google’s network means that you have the chance to reach over 90% of their internet users, and you can target your prospective customers according to their behavior, age, gender, and other demographic parameters. It’s also an advertising method within the means for those with a tight budget.

6. Distribute Samples to Influencers

You need to reach influencers on Instagram who have at least 20,000 followers, and send them samples of your product. You may employ hashtags to get to these influencers, the majority of their accounts have an email, whereby you may communicate with them.

You have the chance to explore their account, and find whether they have formerly posted any products or not. Then, you will find that they are ready to post new products. Keep in mind, that their followers are your potential customers; therefore and it is an excellent tactic to drive organic traffic.

7. Create Rich and Original Content

Publishing content that is consistent, relevant, and extremely attractive can definitely drive traffic to your online business. It is not necessary that your online store be exclusively about selling your products and services; you may actually invest your leisure time in creating superior content that allows more visitors to explore the material you have to offer.

Writing Blogs is an enormously beneficial method, to begin with; it provides your customers a comprehensive view of what you have to offer, and it lets you enhance your content by writing about subjects in relation to your business.

Think about publishing viewpoints, editorials, meetings, and informative essays on your products; it will give your customers a motive to revisit your website because you are giving them what they have been searching for and skilfully initiate their purchasing needs.

8. Create a Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a remarkable method to drive organic traffic to your online store. It is not enough to simply “pin” your product photos, you need to pin in contacts photos, you can get these from influencers, magazines, or other sites of images that you like, in the end your visitors would like it too.

In essence, you need to create backlinks to your online store, which would directly link to your product. Likewise, use your blog and the images posted therein to link your Pinterest account as well.

9. Build a Referral Program

I cannot emphasize this more adequately: your loyal customers are your ultimate advertisers. It is by far easier to acquire a new traffic, or a new client, by persuading someone else to mention you.

If you are a startup, you may simply request your family and relatives to refer their acquaintance to you. However, if you already have current customers, you should ask them via email if they are satisfied, and if they would like to refer somebody else.

This is one of the best methods to drive organic traffic for your online business. Honestly, I think the ultimate advertising campaign is to have existing clients to refer potential customers to your store.

When they refer somebody, you should offer both of them an incentive, you can offer them a discount, or a free sample for converting a prospective customer. Additionally, do not forget to give a price cut or a gift to the person who referred them.

10. Email Marketing List

This part is not directly connected to driving organic traffic, but it is about retaining organic traffic. It is essential that you create an email marketing list. I know a lot of online store owners do not like sending emails to their customers. Not only can this be your finest source to drive organic traffic, but also the finest source of increasing sales.

What you should do is include a lead capture form (pop-up) on your business website. Once again, people think pop-ups are annoying, and they don’t like them. But, I can assure you that you will receive emails every single day.

Once people write in their emails into your lead capture form, you basically should send them, at minimum, one email per week, carrying the latest news that you know. It is not necessary that these updates be on the products you are retailing, but they should be relevant content.

You could request them to follow you on Facebook, you may notify them that you have written a new post(s), you can also share useful info with them, in order to benefit from it. You will find that creating an email list will drive a lot of traffic back to your site, it would also drive back the visitors, who previously landed your site, and hopefully will make a purchase.

Aside note: With ExpanCart, you can integrate your store with Mailchimp to send newsletter mailing to your customers.

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Finally: Reap the Reward

With a little bit of effort and research, you are bound to fully understand how to drive organic traffic to your online business and you’ll do it successfully. These 10 above-mentioned tactics are just but a fraction of the many things you can do to raise your online presence. Start small, and make your way up to attract more and more potential customers.

few of these methods have their limitations (e.g. pop-ups or sharing on social networks), yet others have almost unlimited potential (particularly online adverts and SEO). If you have implemented some of these practices already in place, but you are still not certain of how to enhance your store performance, please contact us for a free assessment of your store or the actions you have applied.


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