10 Steps to Create A Professional Arabic Online Store

There is no doubt that investing in any industry is an absolute necessity for aspiring people and entrepreneurs around the world. Create an online store could be a good idea; but Do you know how to create it?!. You will discover.

But there are industries or areas where investment is better than others in terms of profits and the ease of providing the starting and investing elements in this field or that.

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Finding a way to profit from the Internet is one of the best investment areas around the world. There are many ways to profit from the Internet; investing in e-commerce is one of the best and fastest ways to profit from the Internet.

Entering e-commerce and starting your own business needs to have an online store with special features and advantages that will enable your business owner to achieve the highest possible profits. It is worth mentioning that creating a professional online store has all the ingredients for success as quickly as possible; it requires a set of steps and procedures that can help you succeed in starting your e-commerce business.

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In this article, we will review the most important steps necessary to create a Professional Arabic Online Store.

The Meaning of the online store

A website in general means a platform that occupies a global Internet space and provides any kind of service that people receive through the Internet. This service may be an educational service, commercial service or even a marketing service.

As for the concept of the online store, it means those websites and platforms that serve as a large commercial market that offers more products that all shoppers need but it is an e-commerce marketplace.

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This means that online stores are product catalogs that include a wide range of products with different and varied labels. Any shopper can choose their own needs, specifications, features, and characteristics before ordering and even reaching the door.

It should be pointed out that the increasing number of online stores worldwide is considered to be big evidence of the spread of the culture of online shopping and access to different needs of products among all peoples of the world, which also demonstrates the spread of the concept of e-commerce on a wider scale than before.

Steps to Create A Professional Arabic Online Store

1. Choose a suitable service provider to create your online store

As a first step to starting your own e-commerce business and setting up your own online store for online sales, choose an appropriate service provider that helps you launch your e-store professionally and at a convenient price; so that you can display your products attractively and competitively Then achieve the winds.

In this regard, we should point out that there are many electronic service providers in the Arab world, which help all Arab merchants to own a professional online store at the fastest and lowest cost. At the forefront of these is the best e-commerce platform in the Arab world and the Middle East, “ExpandCart”.

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2. Choose the appropriate “Domain”  for your online store

After searching for and finding a suitable service provider to create and stabilize your online store, the second step is to choose a domain name with the name of the store. A domain name is the private web address your e-mail carries, no matter what your store or web site is.

There are a number of conditions and tips to follow when selecting a domain name for your online store, which are:

  • The domain name bears the name of your online store.
  • The web address is easy to write and remember, so it’s easy to get to your store as soon as possible.
  • Choose your domain name very carefully.

You can purchase the domain name you want from companies specializing in selling domains on the Internet and search engines like Godaddy, or by purchasing a domain name from your service provider to launch your online store.

If you are contracting with ExpandCard, you can get a unique domain name at very competitive prices.

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3- Choose the right format for your online store

All online store and website providers offer a wide variety of templates and shapes that can be the shape or appearance of your online store. In this part, it is essential to choose the appropriate template or format for your online store from the templates and forms provided by the service provider.

It is also essential to choose your store style; it should be a simple and easy to use a template so your customers can easily handle your store, which is considered to be one of the most important features of any online store.

It should be noted here that the ExpandCard platform provides a wide range of free templates for all customers from all over the Arab world.

4. Select the appropriate subscription plan

You must know well that web and e-commerce service providers of different types offer different and varied subscription plans that differ in terms of the price and benefits offered by each subscription plan. Depending on your service provider, you will notice different subscription plans that you have to choose according to your needs.

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ExpandCard platform, as one of the most popular online store providers in the Middle East and the Middle East, offers different and competitive subscription plans to enjoy the company’s outstanding services.

Learn more about ExpandCard’s price plans from here.

5- Owning a private store email address

As one of the most important steps to create a website for online sales that can succeed in e-commerce is owning a private e-mail address for the online store and not a Hotmail or Google mail address.

The presence of a store e-mail address makes it easier for customers to connect with the store effectively, and it adds more professionalism.

6- The inclusion of products, images, prices and preliminary data of the shop

After completing your online store, a very important step will be to include all the information about your online store and products. This information includes product names, product descriptions, product descriptions and prices of different products displayed on the store.

In this regard, it should be noted that most of the providers of electronic stores introduce within their services to help traders to enter all these preliminary data and organize the store professionally.

Traders are advised to take advantage of these services at the outset as they help their stores to appear professionally and distinctly, which helps the strong start of the store.

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7- Prepare the electronic payment gates of the store

E-payment is one of the most important elements of the e-commerce process, and electronic payment gateways are the means by which all shoppers can pay for their products electronically and can also receive payments for goods that were sold from the store.

Providing a distinct set of e-payment gateways is one of the most important steps and steps that a trader must take in order to create a professional e-shop.

ExpandCart offers a variety of payment gateways that make it easy to send and receive payments electronically from anywhere in the world.

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8- Selection of suitable shipping companies

Next comes the stage of providing reliable shipping companies to deliver the product from the stores to the customer’s home or shopper.

Your online store’s shipping companies should be carefully selected. They should be professional, punctual, and maintain the product until they reach the customer’s home.

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9- Marketing for the store

Marketing is one of the most important success factors in e-commerce in general, it helps greatly in the spread of your e-store and its products and services among shoppers, and thus increase sales and profits and achieve the goals of the store effectively and categorically.

You must know very well that without marketing in different and creative ways of marketing, your e-store will not be able to achieve the desired success at all, which means that all your previous efforts to create a professional e-commerce store have failed.

10- Analyze the movement on your online store and learn from them to achieve success

One of the most important conditions and steps to owning a successful online store is to take care of all the advanced analyzes that an e-store owner can get; these analyses could be:

  •  The nature of visitors to the store
  • How visitors arrived at the store
  • Their movement inside the store
  • Products that wear good

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E-commerce has become one of the most important aspects of investing and making profits quickly and easily without further complexity and the need for the availability of difficult elements provided.

In this article, we tried to explain to everyone who wants to invest in their own activity how they can start their e-commerce activity and have a professional online store.

The article featured the top 10 steps to create a professional online store and have an online website that has many advantages and competitive advantages to help you achieve successful e-commerce success.

Build your online store with ExpandCart to enjoy marketing consultation, 24/7 customer support, and a full marketplace of apps & services tailored to every eCommerce business.

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