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An aspiring business owner like you should know how to create slogans that are relevant and catchy to increase their brand awareness. But if you’re stuck in the branding journey or having troubles finding a good copywriter or designer for your brand slogan and logo, we recommend you get started with a slogan generator.

Your logo and slogan are essences of your brand awareness journey.

For your own inspiration, we’ll introduce you to the most professional and great slogan maker websites, in addition to the top logo maker websites as well to get the juices flowing.

If you want people to remember your products or services, then you should have a full branding journey based on the logo, slogan, color schemes, and brand voice that will help your customers remember you once they see those colors or any of the elements of your brand personality anywhere else.

That’s how you’re 100% sure that your brand sticks.

And if it sticks, it sells.

While your logo is not only a picture and a name, it is a powerful brand awareness statement, as it determines how your customers remember you once they see it, your slogan is a representation of your brand statement in a creative way.

What is a slogan maker or a slogan generator?

The slogan is the catchy, creative statement you choose to represent your brand. It’s the first thing your fans and customers see besides the brand logo.

A slogan maker is a tool that aims to generate slogans, in other words, a creative tagline for your business.

Notice, it’s the same as a slogan generator, which is an automated online tool that helps me, you, and other brand owners create a great slogan that’s relevant to your business.

What do we mean when we say AI tool or machine?

AI stands for artificial intelligence; it’s a tool that’s programmed to think like a human. These machines/tools are usually like babies when they’re first born/launched.

It starts very stupid, showing results with grammar mistakes and coming up with words that have no meaning. However, over time, (and very vastly) it learns to think and talk like a human.

All you have to do today is enter a keyword and the perfect slogan maker will come up with a memorable slogan that matches your products or services.

How would the slogans be compatible with my niche?

Any slogan maker of the list below would probably generate more than 1000 options of slogans. That should do the job very well. However, I should warn you, they may have grammar mistakes.

So pay close attention to the results and be patient with these tools. Some are smarter than others, so you should try multiple ones, and get inspiration from them all.

The good side of this artificial intelligence tool is that it works by combining the good slogans from the information you entered; some slogan makers require the industry or niche of your brand to get a little more scope of what you’re looking for.

My hack is:

Use the slogan generator as an inspiration tool to get the juices flowing, don’t copy from the slogans it provided assuming no other brand is already using it.

  • Check for grammar mistakes
  • Check the slogan you like for plagiarism, and maybe tweak it a little
  • Try to take bits and pieces from this and that to generate your own creative brand slogan

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How does a slogan maker or slogan generator work? 

All slogan makers work in a similar scheme; you see an empty box, where you should enter a keyword that you’d like to use in your slogan.

I like to consider it a helpful tip to the AI tool, telling it what direction to take generating your slogan.

The required inputs will help the AI tool generate your slogans. It may differ from a slogan maker to the other, according to their programming.

  • You click on any of the famous websites from the list below
  • You’ll find an empty box, requiring you to add a term you want to see in your slogan

Slogan maker example


  • Enter a keyword that relates to your products or services. For instance, try “books/book” if you own a bookstore, or even “bookstore”

slogan maker-enter keyword


  • Try and implement different terms that come to your mind and see what you get
  • Pick up a few that you like, and check them for plagiarism and grammar mistakes

slogan maker-generated slogans


  • Then start filtering and voting with your teamwork or relatives on the matter to pick your perfect slogan.

View these 5 free slogan generator websites and don’t forget to share your results with us in the comments below.

Top Free Slogan Maker Websites

1# Shopify’s Slogan Generator

Shopify’s perfect slogan generator tool enables you to view 1000+ slogan variations in a matter of seconds without the need for any copywriting skills or marketing agency. Just some practice to know your way around the tool and you’re off to go.

Shopify slogan maker example

2# Zyro Free Slogan Generator

Zyro is an AI-based free slogan maker. Unlike Shopify, the slogans generated by Zyro are more smooth to the eye and understandable, yet not as relatable to your business.

It doesn’t provide 1000+ slogan ideas (it takes forever to view them all when generated in stacks anyway). Instead, you can click on the “generate” button if you want more ideas for the same term.

Slogan maker free websites

3# Getsocio 

Getsocio is an eCommerce platform that helps retailers create slogans with a free slogan maker.

This site has a bigger objective to accomplish, so its tagline generator tool isn’t the best at producing advertising slogans out there; yet, it can ignite your creativity with some good slogan ideas.

getsocio slogan maker example

4# Logaster

What matters the most is finding advertising slogans in their nature. Meaning, slogans that advertise your brand message in a catchy manner. You can try Logaster for finding that perfect tagline for your business.

This perfect slogan creator can enrich your brand identity with great slogan ideas since, unlike any other tagline generator, it requires your company name and your industry, in addition to a filter to choose what brand USPs you want to highlight.

logaster slogan maker example


Logaster shows memorable slogan results accompanied by colorful logos to your business. It’s actually my one-to-go tool to help me brainstorm and generate slogans for my future business.


logaster slogan maker example

5# Designhill’s Slogan Generator

Designhill is a classy tagline generator. This tool provides readable and catchy advertising slogans that we realized may be based on previous famous sayings.

They tweak them in a creative way that would generate slogans relevant to your business while also keeping them memorable and creative.

Worth the try 😉

designhill slogan maker example


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It’s always better to kick-start your business branding with not only a slogan for your business, but also a logo that matches your brand identity. But you didn’t think we’d leave you in the middle with a memorable slogan only, right?

Here’s a list of logo generator websites that could help you visualize the best brand logo without designing skills.


The key is templates, find out more here: Competitive Analysis Templates Ready-to-Use & How to Build Yours

The Best Free Logo Maker Websites

1# Canva

Finding the best tagline for your business falls side by side in importance as finding the logo.

We couldn’t start by listing design template websites without Canva leading the conversation.

slogan maker - brand logo maker

Canva is not only a website to design a logo for your online store or business, it’s to ease the making of all types of graphic designs and visuals for no-graphic-designing-skills people.


Did I tell you it supports the Arabic language? It’s worth the shot!

It provides unlimited gorgeous templates that you can customize and use as you want, and you can upload your photos and include them in the design available on the site.

2# Online Logo Maker

One of the most famous websites in terms of creating your online store logo or your brand logo.

Use it to design a logo and browse through various ready-made templates and fonts to get the juices flowing.

free logo maker - slogan maker

One of the features of Online Logo Maker through the free account is that you can save what you designed and return to it at any time to complete it.

3# Graphic Springs

Browse through a large number of logo ideas and templates before deciding on the theme and sculpture of your brand logo.

Graphic Springs aims at helping you design your logo professionally and easily with various customizations that make it one of the best solutions for logo design.

brand logo templates

4# Logo Type Maker

LogotypeMaker, a stunning online platform that aims to help entrepreneurs to create a beautiful logo design. Not only that, but they also provide strong brand solutions, and every user is provided with high-quality service.

Hey, don’t let this logo maker make you forget about the first step, which is finding the best slogan for your business. 😉


brand logo templates - slogan generator

This free logo maker website has over 200 fonts, over 1,000 professional templates, and over 600,000 Vector graphics.

You can continue for free as the rest of the sites, or you can subscribe so that you can extract your photos in 300dpi resolution in either JPG or PNG format.

5# DesignHill

I believe they consider themselves the world’s number one logo maker website for a reason. An AI-based logo generator with high-quality templates and a 98% satisfaction rate.

All you have to do is enter your company name and view the unlimited logos generated especially for you.

brand logo templates - slogan maker

You get to choose from a huge number of icons, customize colors and text, then download your design for free.


Thinking about your business marketing journey must include the branding part, which in turn includes the logo and slogan. But for an eCommerce store owner, you shouldn’t be expected to be a marketing expert. Although the more you know the sooner you succeed. Marketing your own business can be harder than running the business itself, especially when doing both at the same time.

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Your business marketing and branding affect how people see you, or if they’re going to see you at all!

Today we tackled two of the branding elements that help people relate to your brand identity, so create slogans that stick in their minds using the mentioned free slogan generator and logo maker tools.

No doubt that relying on specialists in every field allows you to have a better experience that helps you succeed, but sometimes and in some circumstances, you may have to do some things by yourself.

We’re always on the move to make your business journey smoother.

Let us know if today’s slogan generator and logo maker tools have helped us achieve this goal and smoothen up the process for you.

Take a second to share!


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