How to Create an Online Store on Facebook 2022 | Your Full Guide

Social media platforms are expanding and evolving more than ever, they are no longer just a way to rebuild bridges with friends and family, as they noticeably and recently become one of the most powerful sales channels around the world.

On top of such a list comes the most famous platform in the world, “Facebook.”

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Many retailers are constantly looking for a way to create an online store on Facebook to sell their products easily.

If you are wondering how to create an online store to sell products on Facebook the easiest way, this article is for you!

Facebook is one of the sites that people around the world spend the most time on. According to the latest statistic from eCommerce Platforms, the average time an individual spends on Facebook daily is 40 minutes, with over 2 billion monthly active users, you now have a platform to sell and promote.

Let’s start with some numbers and insights about the Facebook platform …👀

Multiple sales channels are good for your business in general, but having a professional online store is the key to increasing your sales Expand your business.

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Top Facebook statistics and figures in 2021

  1. Facebook includes 2.80 billion monthly active users in 2021. (Facebook – 2021)
  2. Based on recent statistics, Facebook is the leading social platform, with 59% of social media users. (eMarketer – 2020)
  3. Facebook Inc. achieved $27.2 billion, in Q4 2020 only, in ad revenue (Facebook – 2021)
  4. There are more than 200 million small businesses. Worldwide uses Facebook tools and platforms. (Facebook – 2021)
  5. Facebook is still the dominant social media platform for young people.
  6. 65% of Facebook users are under 35 years old. (Statista – 2019)
  7. 98.3% of Facebook users the social media platform is used by their mobile devices, which means only 1.7 percent of Facebook users log in from their desktop or laptop computers. (DataReportal – 2021)
  8. Facebook’s latest stats show that users spend an average of 19.5 hours on the social media app each month. (DataReportal – 2021)
  9. Facebook generated $85.9 billion in revenue in 2020, and nearly $60 billion came from the Facebook app. (business apps – 2021)
  10. $40.5 billion of Facebook’s revenue is generated in the US and Canada, even though only 10% of users are in that region. (business apps – 2021)
  11. In 2020, Facebook generated $32.6 billion in operating profit. (business apps – 2021)
  12. Facebook has been downloaded over five billion times worldwide. (business apps – 2021)

Top-Facebook-statistics-and-figures-in-2021-⬅️ These numbers may seem extremely huge, but those were a very simple hint of what the most famous and largest social networking platform in the world, Facebook, can do.

From these numbers, we can clearly point out why is it important to create an online store for your business to sell online through it on Facebook. In the following paragraph, we’ll introduce you to how to operate a store on Facebook and sell products on it easily and in detail!

How to Create an Online Store on Facebook

Creating an online store on Facebook is one of the most important steps needed to increase your sales and expand your business.

An undeniable fact like this is a basic that anyone on the internet can, or actually will tell. But what we’ll add here is that it is also a good step for starting your business, even if you do not already own an online store.


Obviously, due to the ease of dealing with Facebook, creating the store, and communicating with customers. Combined together, they make Facebook’s online store is an essential, easy step for the beginning of your future business.

After a few simple steps, you can have an online store on Facebook to display your products and benefit from increased sales and profits, whether you have a Business Page on Facebook or you have never had a business on the Internet before.

Here are the steps to open your store in both scenarios:

Scenario A: You Already Have a Business Page on Facebook

If you already have a page or group on the Facebook platform where you can display your products, it will be piece of cake.

All you have to do is to enter your page on the platform and then choose the “Shop” option, as shown in the following image: 👇

Create an online store on Facebook
Congratulations!🎉 Your online store is now ready to upload your products with an attractive and accurate short description for each one; So that customers can easily recognize and select them.

You don’t need to go through many complicated steps to create an online store on Facebook, with just these simple steps you have your business page on the most popular social networking site on the Internet, the big and huge, one and only, Facebook!

Scenario B: You Don’t Have a Facebook Business Page [No Worries]

It’s not the worst-case scenario if you do not have a commercial page on Facebook before, you can sell easily through the Facebook market by following the following steps:

  • After logging into your personal account, go to the Facebook menu and select the Facebook Marketplace or “Marketplace”.
  • Now you have the space that can be considered as Your own online store now where you can easily display your products.
  • Next, upload photos of the products and write their description in terms of product details and price; So that your audience can identify them and choose what they prefer to buy.

And Voila! That’s it! These were the steps to create an online store on Facebook is the fastest and easiest way.

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Now we move on to show you some of the features that you will get from creating an online store on Facebook, and why should you do it exactly right now!

Let’s continue

What Are the Advantages of Creating an Online Store on Facebook?

Creating an online store on Facebook gives your business diverse and enormous features that are not available in any other social networking platform. Let’s make it simple and quick! 👇What-are-the-advantages-of-creating-an-online-store-on-Facebook--

  • Accessing a large and different segment of customers from different parts of the world, which in turn is reflected in increased sales and thus profits.
  • Easy creation, with easy steps, and in a short time, you can own an online store on Facebook.
  • Your store is open and accessible to the public 24/7, it won’t be closed and will not be affected by any natural or social conditions.
  • Expanding your business and reaching your brand to millions of people from all over the world.
  • Adding an unlimited number of your products.
  • Allowing you to organize and arrange products into groups.
  • Easy to communicate with your customers through the Facebook page directly.
  • Facebook helps you develop the relationship between you and your customers to become more social and intimate.

And many, many more advantages that you will discover when you start your journey selling your products online through an online store on Facebook!

FAQs About Creating an Online Store on Facebook

In this section, we collected the most frequently asked questions by merchants wishing to open an online store on Facebook.

The following are the top FAQs, take a glance at them and if you have any don’t hesitate to comment them down below and we’ll get them answered too:


1. Do You Need to Have Another Online Store?

No, to create a Facebook store you don’t need to have an online store already.

2. Is There Any Special Requirements for Product Image(s)?

Facebook develops its own guidelines from time to time, so you have to follow them carefully, but often the resolution of the images ranges between 1024 *1024 or higher.

3. Are There Certain Products that Facebook Does Not Agree to Display?

Yes, some products are prohibited for sale through the Facebook store, and these products are on, For example, animals, alcohol, weapons, drugs, and anything medical.

4. What Is the Difference Between Selling on Facebook Through a Business Page and Selling Through an Online Store?

This question preoccupies the minds of many business owners who think In moving and expanding their business to the Internet and Facebook, but is there a difference between the commercial page and the online store?

Yes, there is a difference in terms of the advantages that the online store has over The traditional business page. In the case of the online store, the customer can shop between products and know their specifications and price as well, and then select the product he wants and complete the purchase process to the end smoothly.

It is unlike displaying products on the trade page only, you will not be able to be available for 24 hours to make an instant purchase with the customer.

5. Is the Presence of a Messenger Bot to Respond to Customers Necessary?

Yes, of course, the presence of a Messenger bot will be a huge addition to selling on Facebook, it will help you support your relationship with customers and enhance instant communication with them, which will reflect tremendously on increasing sales and profits.

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After this article, you must have gained knowledge of how to sell on Facebook by creating an online store, and how it helps increase sales and thus profits for your business.

Even if you don’t have a business before, you can start your own business by creating an online store on Facebook And take advantage of the many advantages that Facebook marketing gives you.

As we talked before about, the amount of Facebook marketing and how it can participate in increasing your sales immediately and significantly, which leads immediately to increase the profits for your business.

There are more than a billion people He browses Facebook daily and at every moment in his life, and this is one of the most important features that all business owners and commercial activities should take advantage of to expand their business and reap more profits.

In this article on our blog, we reviewed a group of top numbers, statistics, and insights of Facebook and its users from all over the world, and we explained to you how you can open an online store on the platform to take advantage of its marketing advantages.

Let us know!  Are there other things you would like to know about selling on Facebook?


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