Get Free Stock Photos from These Top 20 Websites

Photography is perhaps one of the most important elements of your graphic design efforts. Sometimes, the problem with sourcing free stock photos is that some of them could be of low quality and don’t really hit the hammer on the head in terms of portraying the meaning you intend.

Luckily, there are a number of websites that are available with lots of high quality photos that could be adopted for your business, and the best part of all: they’re free!

A Note About Photo Licenses

Most of the photographs are free to use, which means you could modify them whatever way you want or even use them commercially. Some photos, however, will require attribution or crediting the original author or photographer of the work. That’s why it’s important that you do your own research to make sure you properly use these photos.

Now let’s check out the top picks for free stock photo websites!


free stock photos has a range of photos that are beautiful and free to use and are known for their high resolution. Also, what’s special about this website is a useful feature that allows you to browse through thousands of available images, and that’s beside showing you the most popular photos used and available through their website. The best part is that the website adds hundreds of images daily and requires no attribution whatsoever!

2. Pexels

free stock photos

Known for their high quality and absolutely free stock of photos, Pexels enables you to use their license for Creative Commons Zero (CC0). Photos are tagged and are easy to be found through their pages.

3. Unsplash

free stock photos

Unsplash is where you could find a large range of both free and high-resolution photos that make this website one of the best places where you could source stock images, and that’s because their team constantly checks the newly submitted photos and features the best ones on their pages.

4. Burst

free stock photos

Burst boasts its collection of free stock of photos used mainly by entrepreneurs for their stores, and while some of them are used under Creative Commons CC0, some others should be used only under Burst’s founding license.

It was mainly launched to aid the use of better digital products by entrepreneurs. Most of the photos are taken in-house revolving around the most trending business niches, but you could also find more general photographs, too.

5. Reshot

free stock photos

You won’t be able to find the many photos on this website elsewhere because Reshot has a massive amount of free carefully selected stock photos. Reshot was made with professionals in mind who are tired of cliche photos that just don’t work. The photos are free to use and require no attribution.

6. Pixabay

free stock photos

You could find a large number of free stock photos on Pixabay, as well as other art illustrations which could all be used under Creative Commons CC0.

7. FoodiesFeed

free stock photos

Obvious from the name, FoodiesFeed is your go-to hub for high-resolution and free stock food photos, so if you’re a food blogger or are in the F&B business, this one’s for you.

8. Gratisography

free stock photos

Looking for some high-resolution photos for your personal or commercial endeavors? Look no further, because Gratisography offers that and more for photos that are completely free.


free stock photos

Freestock offers a big number of quality photography pictures that are released under a Creative Commons license.

10. Picography

free stock photos

Picography has both appealing and free stock photos that were taken and released by Dave Meier and other photographers, and the photos are out for use under Creative Commons CC0.

11. Foca

free stock photos

Foca is where you can go to find a wide range of high-resolution pictures, taken and submitted by Jeffery Betts who specializes in both workspaces and nature photos, released under Creative Commons CC0.

12. Picjumbo

Whether for commercial or personal use, Picjumbo provides you with a huge collection of free photos from categories such as abstract, nature, technology and more. They also categorize the most popular photos their collection has!

13. Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics are out there to offer you photos that are free and of high quality from many different industries including architecture, food, fashion and many more. Photos could be used for commercial uses, just without selling or redistributing them.

14. SkitterPhoto

Under Creative Commons CC0, Skitterphoto provides you with various free photos that are both authentic and solely created by Skitterphoto’s founders.

15. Life of Pix

With no copyrights restrictions whatsoever, LEEROY has created Life of Pix for the purpose of providing high-resolution photos that are completely free.

16. New Old Stock

Here on New Old Stock, you could find vintage photos from public archives that are free to use for whatever purpose.

17. Jay Mantri

Photos on Jay Mantri are constantly updated every Thursday under the Creative Commons CC0 with different themes. They have a big collection of artistic and landscape photos that can make anything look 100 times more visually pleasing.

18. Picspree

If you’re a small business or a professional looking for photos that are free to use and have high quality then your destination is Picspree, backed by Getty images.

19. ISO Republic

Updated daily, ISO republic offers a wide range of photos under the CC0 license.

20. StyledStock

StyledStock is for women entrepreneurs (or whoever, really) with their free stock of female-centric photos, and the best part is that they are absolutely free for whatever purpose!


So, whether you are a marketer, designer, or blogger, you’re in luck: there’re thankfully always enough resources for awesome photos that you could need and use to grow your business further. Say goodbye to cheesy photos!

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