How to Market Your Business on Instagram?! Top Ideas And Tips | Part 1

How to Market Your Business on Instagram?! Top Ideas And Tips | Part 1

Ready for some good Instagram marketing tips?

Instagram is continuously proving itself to be one of the most commonly used social media platforms that is highly engaging with its 25 million registered business accounts, and with 100 million photos and videos being uploaded to the platform every day, something that brands can easily tap into while leveraging the power of Instagram marketing.

It’s interesting to mention that almost 31% of Instagram users belong to the 18-24 age group, the thing that is highly important and worthwhile for a business that is trying to attract their audience. While also a highly competitive arena, your business can definitely benefit especially with a solid marketing strategy and the proper brand awareness.

In this article, we will be talking about Instagram marketing techniques that will help you get remarkable results.

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Create an Instagram Business Profile

Before starting your Instagram marketing efforts, make sure that you have created an Instagram Business Account.

Instagram marketing

Wondering about the benefits of doing so? Here are some:

  • Users can click on the contact button to get in touch with you, that’s besides being able to have a look on your website too.
  • Getting access to the highly useful Insights tool that helps you with analytics of the traffic coming to your pages such as reach and impressions.
  • Being able to create ads without depending on Facebook tools to do so
  • Increasing the chances of your content being noticed in your fans’ news feed.

While the switch might seem simple, the benefits will be huge and impactful on your marketing endeavors.

Instagram Marketing Tip #2: Use Sponsored Ads

Companies using Instagram advertising are on the rise and the number of monthly advertisers now is over 2 million. Here are some statistics you need to know:

The companies that use Instagram ads are increasing every day, and the numbers of those using ads are reaching 2 million per month. Here are some important notes:

  • Every day there are 200 million users who visit their Instagram account.
  • Instagram posts with a location get more 79% engagement
  • For every 10 hashtags that are used in Instagram posts, 7 are branded.
  • 60% of Instagram users mention that they see new products while 70% of frequent buyers go to Instagram to discover new products.

This means something important: Instagram is here to stay, and as a brand, it could be truly beneficial to your marketing efforts to leverage its benefits to reach your target audience in a way that is cost-efficient.

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And besides the fact that Instagram has 1 billion users as a base, here are even better reasons to start advertising on it.

  1. Considering the fact that Instagram and Facebook are connected, you can use Facebook advertising experience for better targeting of your audience on Instagram.
  2. Between creating ads and putting a budget, you could manage each aspect of Instagram ads in the Facebook ad manager.
  3. Some of the benefits of Instagram ads that they are appealing and non-intrusive, which means that you could have higher conversions at a relatively low cost.
  4. You could either use images or videos when you promote your products or services.
  5. Difficult to miss ads as they occur in full-screen mode on the mobile phone screen.

Instagram Marketing Tip #3: Team up with Influencers

If you want to increase your reach on Instagram, you should consider enlisting the help of influencers who have successfully built a huge fan base. Since more people are buying products based on the content of their Instagram feed, you would want to get help from Influencers to get your brand In front of them.

Instagram influencers are power users who have a large audience base who follow what they publish and trust their recommendations. However, in order to leverage successful influencer marketing on Instagram, make sure you reach out to influencers whose audience are relevant to your product.

This is an example of HP using an influencer for a campaign they were running:

Instagram marketing

So, forget about making short wins and focus on building a long-term marketing strategy with the help of influencers in your field of interest. You should always aim for building brand awareness with an audience that could be interested in your product.

Tip #4: Cross-Promote on Different Social Media Platforms

So cross-promoting works by promoting your Instagram on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter where your audience already reside and trust you. That way you create more exposure to your Instagram content, complement your brand image, and decreasing the costs of creating new content on Instagram.

Here’s an example of cross-promoting by for Instagram content:

Instagram marketing

You can cross-promote on other social media platforms using different ways, here are some suggestions:

  • Set an automated posting manner of your Instagram content to be posted on other platforms using tools such as Hootsuite
  • Promote your Instagram video content on Facebook or LinkedIn to drive traffic back to Instagram.
  • If you are having Instagram contests post about then in other social media accounts to increase your followers on Instagram

When done well, those tips could help grow your marketing efforts on Instagram bit by bit.

Tip #5: Leverage the Right Metrics

Prior to improving your Instagram performance, you should be able to track it first. Know what you are doing and what to measure, so that you have more clarity on what to do next, and get the most out of your efforts. Do so by observing the following:

  1. Follower Growth Rate

Because the number of followers you have on Instagram maybe not much of a use, their growth is not, and it could indicate that your content and its posting frequency is making a positive impact.

Instagram marketing

  1. Engagement Rate

Measuring engagement, which includes likes and comments, will give you a better idea of how you should be changing things and what steps to take. You want to find out the average engagement percentage of both, your total followers and per post to get a clearer understanding.

Detecting engagement, such as likes and comments will give you an estimate and better know how to proceed or what kind of changes you should be making. What you should be measuring is the average engagement rate for both, total followers, and per post so that you get the bigger picture.

  1. URL Clickthrough Rate

The URL clickthrough rate is an important metric so that you could see how many people are clicking the link in the Instagram bio, which could indicate the conversion rate.

So to help your business in a more effective way on Instagram, you should be keen on monitoring the above metrics besides others such as the growth of hashtags, hashtags interaction and others.

Tip #6: Strategic use of hashtags

Almost every social media marketer knows how important hashtags are. However, it’s crucial to know how to use them in a strategic way, so that you get more people to see your content, click with your brand so that you improve the overall reach.

The two hashtags types you need to focus on are:

  1. Brand or Campaign Specific Hashtags

A brand hashtag is usually your company name or slogan that you use to promote your brand on Instagram. Make sure that your hashtags are catchy and authentic for your marketing campaigns.

Instagram marketing

  1. Content Hashtags

The content hashtags are used within your content and are relevant to it, their importance is that they help your content get recognized by your target audience and make it more discoverable. Just don’t use too many though; finding the right balance is useful.

Tip #7: Craft a remarkable Business Bio

Creating a strong business bio makes a difference in how you get noticed by others. Your Instagram bio explains what you do, it’s the persona, and the call to action you would people to take.

Parts in your bio to pay special attention to:

  • Profile Photo: The photo that represents your brand or company.
  • Username and Name: Pick up a proper username and name as they are both searchable
  • Bio: You have got only 150 characters to make a good impression, so use them wisely.
  • Website: The site that you want your followers to visit should be placed there.
  • Call-to-Action Buttons: With an Instagram business account you get the option to insert an additional call to action such as call, email, and more.

Taking time to build a successful business bio will make all the difference in advancing your marketing efforts on Instagram.


Now since we started we have talked about some of the most important tactics for Instagram marketing to push forward your brand and thrive, where we discussed the importance of creating a business account, using Instagram ads, partnering with Influencers, cross-promotion on other platforms, leveraging the right metrics, how to use hashtags, and having a bright bio. We will continue the rest of those powerful tactics in the second part.

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