Top 20 Social Media Updates in The Last Quarter

It’s 2021, and social media updates don’t just come by the day – they come by the hour. If you’re a business owner selling online, or if you run any kind of social media account that you’re constantly working on growing, it’s imperative to follow up on these social media updates as they come!

This is why we’ve compiled a complete list of the most recent and important 20 updates that have hit the social media world in the last quarter. Knowing them will help you expand your business, enhance your social media campaigns, and make an unimaginable profit.

Let’s take a look at them:

Top 20 Social Media Updates

social media updates

Social media update #1: Instagram brands itself as a video platform now

If you come from the days where Instagram was a photo-sharing app, that’s old news now. According to head Adam Mosseri, the app is undergoing major changes that are heading in the way of different key focus areas than the ones we’ve been used to. Something we’ve all noticed is Instagram’s recent shift to more video content, as it’s trying to hit home towards being more of an entertainment and video platform, similar to its competitors Youtube and TikTok.

Social media update #2: Twitter’s testing out a new way to stop spreading false info

Twitter users have always been able to report certain tweets for whatever risk they pose, but recently, the app has also introduced the option to report tweets as ‘misleading’. In an effort to further combat the spread of misinformation, particularly in tweets. You also have the option to specify the area in which you think that tweet is misinforming, such as ‘Politics’, ‘Health’, or ‘Something else’.

Social media update #3: You can now look for specific video sections through Youtube search

The video streaming giant is majorly updating their search game. Youtube has enhanced its in-app search tools by allowing its users to search for ‘video chapters’ or specific parts of a video. The update rolled out came after Youtube started a chapter segmentation feature for its videos to be able to identify key elements in their videos. In turn, video watchers will be able to click on a drop-down menu of these video chapters directly their search results so it’s easier for them to connect to the specific parts or elements of the video they want or were looking for.

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Update #4: Video calls are now available through LinkedIn

For the past year, video calls were available on LinkedIn but through third-party facilitators – now, the platform just rolled out a native video options so its users can more easily connect with each other without having to go through or download another app!

Update #5: Reddit, too, is now expanding its video options

That one place most of us go to for advice is now jumping on the bandwagon of focusing on video content as it tests out its new TikTok-like feed.

Update #6: Facebook Messenger finally introduces end-to-end encryption for video and audio calls

For a minute now, Messenger users got to enjoy end-to-end encryption while chatting, but now they get to video and audio call with more privacy, too.

Update #7: You’ll soon be able to import your WhatsApp data between Android and iOS

For those of us who care about importing our WhatsApp chat history and data to their next new phone, the app points its fingers to us as it plans on introducing the option to import chats between the two different device types.

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Update #8: Snapchat launches its very own version of Google Trends

In this exciting social media update, Snapchat introduces Snapchat Trends as its new market research tool that highlights key topics of discussion among its users. The tool measures keywords and terms through their mention volume within Snapchat to portray their popularity in an attempt to help marketers more easily conduct their research for the social media app to leverage that data, and using the app more efficiently (and more, in general) in the process.

Social media update #9: Facebook tests out podcasts and a new Clubhouse-like feature

iOS users in the US have now been able to try out listening to voice notes and joining audio-only rooms, much like the ones on Clubhouse, on Facebook.

Social media update #10: You might soon be able to have your ads up on Instagram’s Shop tab

If you already sell your products on Instagram Shop, you’ll be happy to know you’ll soon be able to promote them on their too. The app is now testing ads on the tab, which would come with the same ‘Sponsored’ tag we see on its story and in-feed ads.

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Social media update #11: Twitter is implementing Instagram’s ‘remove follower’ option

After everyone fell in love with Instagram after having given them the option to remove certain followers instead of block and unblocking them, Twitter has now done the deed. The new option will enable users to remove a follower so they would stop seeing the respective account’s tweets, but they would still be able to search for them and follow them again.

Update #12: You can search for Instagram reels using audio now

We know TikTok viral videos by their audios, and although Instagram’s reels came a suspiciously close second, you could only look up ‘audios’ on Instagram just like you did on TikTok starting very recently.

Update #13: Facebook is getting reels too

As the collective of social media apps try to emphasise their video content, Facebook now joins the gang by adding Facebook Reels to its main app. Just like Instagram, reels on Facebook will enable users to create short-form videos on the app, as well as even share their Instagram reels on Facebook.

Update #14: Ads are coming to Instagram reels

After Instagram rolled out its sponsored posts to in-feed posts then stories, it is now introducing ads to its reels feature. Ads playing in-between reels will be vertical and full screen, appear between posts, and last up to 30 seconds.

Update #15: TikTok is testing TikTok stories

It’s upside down day in the social media updates world, where TikTok are the ones copying Instagram for a change. After Instagram has been adapting most of TikTok’s features, TikTok is the one adapting an Instagram feature now as they test their new Story-like feature, which will allow users to create videos available only for 24 hours.

Update #16: Twitter is testing a Shop module

The newest to officially join the ecommerce game, Twitter is now testing a new shopping feature which would enable shoppers to discover new products and buy them directly through the app.

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Update #17: Facebook launches campaign ideas generator

We love the few truly honest moments where social media does make our lives easier: Facebook creates a win and will for small businesses as it creates a tool that helps them with campaign ideas to inspire them. The Campaign Ideas Generator uses the industry you’re in and generates campaign ideas for you to use, customised for your business needs.

Update #18: Snapchat grows its advertising offering with dynamic ads

You would probably like to check Dynamic adds on Snapchat, with their cool features, which is not just limited to adding a product catalog, but also get access to a variety of templates to help you quickly execute without a design team, so you get to create ads at scale while serving them in real-time, a feature that is currently available in the US only.

Update #19: Instagram is starting to allow users to hide their like counts

The app is now giving the option to choose whether or not you want to see like counts on the posts that appear on your feed. In an attempt to emphasize the content itself and not just the numbers that come with it, Instagram also allows you the option to remove the like count on your own posts as well so the people visiting your account won’t get to see how many likes you get on your pictures and videos.

Social media update #20: Twitter allows its users to share tweets on Instagram

Let’s face it, tweets were made to be spread as screenshots on Facebook and Instagram as soon as they get viral. Now, Twitter is giving users the option to directly share a tweet to Instagram stories with the click of a button without having to screenshot them.


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