What is Freelance Marketing and How to Get Started

Every freelance marketing agent was once a full-time employee that woke up one day and realized that the 9 to 5 lifestyle wasn’t for him. In my early twenties, I came by an inspiring Facebook post about a freelance social media internship.

That day I’ve had enough of working as a sales representative. You can imagine the monotony of my lifestyle at that time. However, that post was my kickstart into the freelance marketing world.

And within a year, my monthly income was double what I made in my full-time job. Switching to freelance marketing was one of the best decisions that I made concerning my career.

I think you’ll agree if you’re either in one of these situations:

  • If you wish to learn the skill or get your early study in marketing into action.
  • Would like to be your own boss.
  • Need to earn extra money besides your full-time job.
  • Tired of no social life because of the forced work schedules.

Getting into any new major could be daunting. You may have several concerns such as: how would I pick up clients or earn their trust? What about paying the bills? Do I have what it takes? We’ll put your mind at ease because together we’ll address those concerns and more.

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  • What is Freelance Online Marketing with Facts and Figures?
  • How to Get Into Freelance Digital Marketing?
    • Acquire the needed skills.
    • Build a freelance digital marketer website.
    • Work on your freelance marketing strategy.
  • Digital Marketing Freelance Projects to Consider.
    • Become a freelance digital marketing consultant.
    • Freelance digital marketer websites.
    • Consider freelance affiliate marketing.

What Is Freelance Online Marketing? 📢

Freelancing is delivering projects to clients from a distance. You could be anywhere, not attached to an office or a desk. Online marketing is the process of creating content that eventually aims at attracting more sales or grabbing the attention of a certain brand. The objectives vary from one institution to another.

In other words, freelance marketing is about creating online strategies to achieve certain marketing goals. Those strategies could depend on diverse factors all connected to a type of content. Marketing is nothing without content, whether spoken or written.

Freelancer Marketing

The marketing goals or objectives could vary from increasing engagement, collecting leads, improving customers’ quality or a brand’s reputation, etc. Your brand objective can be 2 or 4 goals at once. For each goal, you create one or multiple campaigns.

Therefore, freelance online marketing is creating all that for a brand or institution but from a distance. You’ll set your own rating whether per hour or project, your own work schedules, and will have your meetings online. All in all, getting into freelance means you’ll take control of both your life and working styles.

Tip 💡 Freelance marketing in particular was one of the jobs that did not get affected by the pandemic.

Statistics found 75% of freelancers say their income wasn’t affected despite the spread of remote work and decreased demand for freelance workers during the crisis.

Some facts and figures about freelancing:

  • The freelance market accounts for 1$ trillion of the United States’ economy.
  • 61% of freelancers are in the freelancing field by their choice.
  • 25% of freelancers report they can find projects within 24 hours. ⏲️
  • Upwork reports freelancers make an annual income of $1 billion.

How to Get Started in Freelance Digital Marketing?

So you like how it seems and want to be a professional freelance digital marketer. But first, you need to know about the many hats a freelance marketing professional has to wear. Since there are various channels and processes to the job, you need to be diverse in your services-to-offer as well.

Plus ➕ You’ll need to study how to prepare proposals, reports, and manage payment methods.

Step by step to become a digital marketing freelancer:

# Acquire the Needed Skills

To get into freelance digital marketing, you’ll have two aspects to improve:

1. Your freelancing skills 💬

To improve your freelancing skills I recommend increasing your freelancing networks, taking project management courses, and getting involved in freelancing communities. Consider a freelance digital marketing consultant 📞 in the process, you can learn a lot by consulting an expert.

2. Your digital marketing skills

To improve and build your digital marketing skills you need to study the wide field as a whole, but make sure to dive deeper into one or two of its complementary sections to find your specialization. One or multiple digital marketing skills will widen your hiring chances of finding digital marketing freelance projects that fit your skills.

# Build a Freelance Digital Marketer Website 🚀

Building your freelance digital marketing business will eventually lead you to figure that freelancing websites doesn’t give you the best scope to improve as a professional individual. So you’ll need to build your own digital marketer website.

This website will be the way you build your brand, which’s the focal point of your freelance business. You’ll use this website to showcase your learning experience, previous work samples, and contact information.

Want a website that’s easy to build, easy to use, and SEO optimized? ExpandCart offers you a great opportunity to build a totally free online store.

 No credit card required and no hidden fees.

Starting your own professional website will allow you to:

  1. Build your personal brand and reputation.
  2. Establish yourself as the expert.
  3. Build your SEO and improve your ranking.
  4. Get traffic to your website = more projects directly to you without the fees of freelance websites.

# Work on Your Freelance Marketing Strategy 📃

While learning or improving your digital marketing skills, you need to apply them yourself to your personal brand. When working as a freelance marketer, you become the brand. This brand’s main objectives should be anything relevant to building a client’s base, increasing reputation, and getting loyal customers. To do this successfully you’ll need to have a working strategy that’ll eventually grab the clients to your website’s doors.

Tips 💡 to create a successful freelance marketing strategy:

  • Create a content calendar to publish on social media that aims at attracting the right clients. You must’ve previously studied how to attract the right audiences and therefore studied and determined your audience criteria.
  • Learn about what exact channels your audience use so you can follow them there and be visible and active where your possible clients are scrolling.
  • After you’ve chosen your niche. Make 80% of your published content about that niche alone.
  • Own a blog and build your authority, it’ll serve a great deal in showcasing how awesome you are in your niche.
  • Speak to other freelance professionals and ask them how they specify their rates so you can learn how to set your own according to each new project you get.

Digital Marketing Freelance Projects to Consider

The increasing digital platforms out there make an ever-ending demand for digital marketing experts. And becoming one of them requires you to be aware of all the categories in which you could specialize. However, on the other hand, the increasing power of marketers makes it hard to get digital marketing freelance projects.

Take a look at the most wanted digital marketing job positions:

  • Content Writers ✍️
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Email Marketers
  • SEO Specialists

# Become a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant 📞

In the freelance world, the amount of money you make depends highly on your rate and the number of hours you work per week/month. Let’s say you managed to make an average pay of $100/h ⏲️, which means you’ll make $10K per month with two days off!

Although you’ll have to deduct almost $1K for paying the bills and taxes, you’ll end up with a net worth of $9K… That’s $108K a year! 💰

Digital marketing Consultants average hourly rates

Did I get your dreams too high? My apologies, but this is all true if you put the work and dedication into your freelance digital marketing niche. After taking the right courses and spending around 3 years working in smaller niches with a solid freelance marketing strategy, becoming a freelance digital marketing consultant will be the easiest and most logical step to make next.

# Consider Freelance Digital Marketer Websites

Since it’ll be difficult to find projects in your start, depending on freelance websites may be beneficial to kickstart your reputation. However, it requires plenty of hard work to build a reputation on any of the websites to start getting clients due to the high competition.

  • Fiverr | +7 million users. Freelance jobs have a price range of 5 dollars to $10 thousand.
  • Upwork | +17 million users. Up to $24/h could be earned by freelance writers on Upwork.
  • Freelancer | +31 million users. You can find over 19K jobs on Freelancer besides 14K freelancers.

A lot of freelance digital marketing projects, but very high competition. Besides, most freelancers using those sites complain of the high fees taken from each project they make.

It’s like someone is eating half your food because you’re using his plate. That’s why we recommend creating your own website sooner or later.

# Consider Freelance Affiliate Marketing 📣

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing products for a merchant and taking commission out of every sales transaction. When the customer decides to buy a product from your affiliate website, you direct him to the merchant’s store, and once the checkout is complete, you get a reward.

The four golden steps of freelance affiliate marketing:

  1. First, determine the products you want to promote
  2. Second, sign up for an affiliate program of your choice
  3. Third, get referral promotion links and start promoting (using your digital marketing skills)
  4. Fourth, collect the commission from sales made for the merchant

Start your own freelance affiliate marketing website for free with ExpandCart.

No credit card required and no hidden fees.

Final Words

Becoming a freelance professional in the digital marketing world could be daunting. but very enriching when it comes to the endless experiences you’ll endeavor.

Digital Marketing is a very wide term to consider for freelancing, but the inner aspects of digital marketing can be easily mastered with a determined mind and the right material.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions below!


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