online store, Ten strategies of creating a unique and special

Creating a unique, Special and professional online store that can override your competitors, requires you to consider some of the methods and considered steps in dealing with customers.

E-commerce is currently in its golden age, product marketing, and sales are growing and Continuous prosperity Research and statistics predicts the growth of more than $ 4.8 trillion in 2021.

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As a rule, the more sales of a particular field, the more competitive it is naturally, more of competitors in each field to gain and reap the most gains from e-commerce.

For this, you need to take some steps to stand out between your competitors in the field you master, to gain customer loyalty and make them marketers to your online store products instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns.

In this article, we will outline ten strategies if you follow them will be able to Competition and reserve a seat in the field of e-commerce.

1- Choose a unique field

The first step towards success in any field is to become interested in it.
William Osler

Perhaps you can imagine yourself working in the field of selling T-shirts, it seems to be an excellent field and a large turnout, everyone, whether young people, children wear T-shirts.

But did you think about how many stores sell T-shirts? Hundreds, maybe thousands, right?

To show you more, imagine yourself selling pet tools. Your target audience is now much smaller. You only target pet owners.

Are you aware of how many online stores sell pet tools? Of course much less than the online store that sells T-shirts.

2- A blog for the online store

online store blog

It is one of the most important tools of e-marketing.

Today, the Internet has become the first source of knowledge, millions of people open their browser to access and get answers to their questions, If you create a unique and engaging online store that can grab the attention and interest of visitors, this is a great opportunity to create unique content.

Creating an online store blog is an easy way to write valuable and useful articles with information about your products and your field.

These articles help visitors to know the identity of your site and how to get the best products and offers as well as can make a visual explanation through the inclusion of explanatory videos of products such as technical products.

Also through these articles, you can change the destination of customers and make them convinced of a particular product.

3- Provide the best customer service 

Perhaps customers may not remember that you gave them the best quality or the lowest price for a product, but they do not forget how they were treated and followed up on their demands.

Building a good reputation for your online store is one of the most recognizable in the world of e-commerce.

His reputation and customer feedback spread among consumers faster than anything. If distinguished in customer service, it became free and continuous advertising among people.

If there is a problem with the client, and you are already wrong, no need to excuse, just admit your mistake and remedy it quickly and solve the problem of the client and do not do again with other customers, this is a thousand times better than giving the justification or blame the customer himself.

4 – leave positive impressions

A successful online store, it describes that your products have caused a stir in your customers, have left an emotional impact with it, and will always remember you.

One of the best ways of e-marketing is to play on the feelings of customers, stimulate them feelings and motivate them with continuous offers that makes them emotionally linked to your online store.

Always try to connect customers emotionally to your online store, Where can make the visitor happy or more motivating or proud when they see your ad, your daily offers or visit your site.

Use simple tags, an easy word which through them you can give customers that impression.

5. Useful videos

The promotional video, which explains the features and specifications of the product, is considered one of the best modern means of advertising that you can work hard and add in specific parts within your online store.

Make a video explaining the features of your products, offers, and discounts and share it on Facebook, YouTube and the rest of your social media to spread among those interested in your field.

6- Making special offers and discounts

online store offers

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded?

Any reward or prize makes the relationship between you and the client as strong as possible, and this relationship always continues between you, and this shows the extent of your interest in the client and proves to him that you appreciate him.

If customers know they will get something extra if they buy from your online store, this motivates them to buy more.

Always make promotions and discounts for your customers, also reward them if they can bring in more customers, You will notice that sales will always increase.

7. Be Continuous

Of course, all people love surprises, but the surprises that only fit their expectations. In the world of e-commerce, the most important thing is that surprises are appropriate and continuous.

If you are used to adding a new product in the online store on a weekly basis, and the customer is used to it, do not let him down and continue to do so, until he always sees the new.

If you are used to making a weekly or monthly discount, continue to do so and do not make your customer frustrated by stopping from something accustomed to not even lose him, the customer if he met his expectations in your store, repeat the visit constantly.

8. Be An Expert 

online store expert

As an example, let’s say you want to buy a smartphone, and you go to an online store that sells smartphones.

You go to the product page to see information and specifications about it, but you have seen a sentence like this “This phone is excellent, beautiful and modern, so buy it now”.

What will the customer think about this situation? Yes, the seller wants to make money only, but he does not even know the basic features of the phone, simply, the customer will look for another online store.

In order to gain customer trust, you must provide proof and reliable information as an expert in your field. Your product and description, photos and content that you place are evidence of your credibility, learn and learn more about your products, write unique and special articles, answer customer inquiries in detail, and make them feel confident about you.

9. Speak the language your audience speaks

One of the most important things in making a unique and special online store is to understand and speak the language of your customers, Speaking with them, Certainly not meant in Arabic or English, is meant their language of dealing and their own way and terminology… Etc.

Clients always want to deal with those who think they are from their social environment or they will ignore you. Try to be one of them as much as possible.

10. Make your customers nominate you

One of the best advertising tools is being nominated by customers, right? In general, you have a personal experience buying something that a friend has recommended for you.

Always keep in mind, people’s opinions are the most valuable and the highest thing to make your online store succeed and continue to appear, no commercials are better than what customers say about you.

So always make sure to recommend you to others, whether on your online store or on social media platforms.


Of course, it is not difficult if you apply the strategies mentioned in this article, these methods will make your store distinctive and unique.

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