What Are Website Backlinks and How to Build Them?

Anyone working in e-commerce, e-marketing, or launching websites and blogs, whether intended for a general public audience or for a specialized discipline, knows that building trust in any brand or online store is not an easy job. And for sure backlinks is a vital part to do so.

It is a task that takes time, and needs hard work; in order to make the global search engines trust in the credibility and strength of your store or site and begin to suggest and show them in the organic search results (i.e., your site will get ranked).

Due to the importance of the backlinks and their effective role in website ranking, you have to review everything on your blog about backlinks from the understanding, importance, to the benefits thereof, as well as ways that websites and online stores can get powerful and good backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink or (also incoming link and inbound link) is a hypertext link placed on a page of a website A that points to a page of a website B.

Under certain conditions, a backlink circulates Google Juice from page A to page B. You should monitor the number and quality of backlinks making reference to your website, in order to enhance your popularity and visibility.

The frequent reference to your site’s link or the link of an article on your blog to other sites and blogs on the Internet is evidence of the quality of the content, service, or product provided by that site, or store, which plays a major role in promoting and strengthening the domain authority, as well as the page rank of your site on search engines.

We also note that having many relevant backlinks that vote or refer to your blog or online store is called “Link Juice”, which is popular with all the world’s search engines and is highly dependent on improving your website in general.

Seobility, review backlink profiles
Seobility tool for a thorough review of your and competitors’ backlink profiles

Link Building, the SEO Backlink

In an SEO strategy, getting a backlink can be done in two different ways.

Naturally: We talk about a natural backlink when someone who likes your content decides to talk about you by pointing a link from one of their pages to one of yours. A natural link is also a link without any consideration on your part and without a return link. Getting natural backlinks can be part of a link building strategy.

Through a link building strategy: A link building strategy aims at obtaining quality inbound links by selecting the domains at the source of the link(s). The goal in a link building oriented SEO strategy is to get links from pages with high PageRank or Trust Flow.

Any site should abide by a set of standards, like the variety of source domains and their niches. Thus, we have the natural backlink on one side and the SEO backlink on the other.

In both cases, check that the backlink does not bear the “nofollow” tag. Generally, Google does not track “nofollow” links and PageRank shall not be transmitted. Google will remove any links with “nofollow” attributes from its index.

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Types of Links

Backlinks fall into two basic types of links, these are:

1. External Links

External Links are the links to your website, or online store referred to in other sites and blogs on the Internet. External links are the most important factors that improve the ranking and visibility of your site on different search engines in the world.

2. Internal links

Internal links are also a good type of backlinks that is favored by the Google search engine, as it is seen as a proof of the quality and consistency of content within your site.

Internal links are those links found on the site and refer to other pages, articles or blogs on the same site. These links are also called on the same site or the “internal link” blog.

SEO Spyglass on competitor's backlinks
SEO Spyglass, a tool that helps you “borrow” competitor’s backlinks

Significance of Backlinks

Backlinks bring many advantages and benefits to different sites, blogs, and online stores around the world. SEO specialists are well aware of the importance of Backlinks in many functions and benefits of websites and online stores.

Getting quality backlinks in large numbers to one of your web pages increases its popularity and visibility. A web page with good backlinks will rank better in search engines than a similar page without inbound links. In fact, and since the birth of the web, getting backlinks has often been one of the pillars of many SEO strategies.

Here are some of the advantages and benefits that can be gained from Backlinks:

1. Organic Ranking

Backlinks have an important and influential role in the emergence of your site or blog or store naturally in the first search results for various search engines around the world free of charge without the need to pay budgets in addition to the effective role in improving and enhancing the ranking of your site on search engines.

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2. Organic Traffic

Backlinks attract many visits to your site. It is also one of the most important and best sources of free access to your website, blog or online store without paying for it.

Semrush tool for backlink reports
Semrush tool for generating backlink reports and domain summaries

3. Indexing

Backlinks help search engines to reach and crawl your site faster and more effectively, thus driving search engines to quickly archive and index your site, blog, or e-store to appear naturally on search engines and in the first results.

4. Search engines’ Confidence

Increase the confidence of search engines and your credibility with those engines greatly because the search engines consider these links as a vote from one site to another and the greater the number of votes and the quality of this sound whenever this is evidence of the reputation of the site for search engines.

How to Build A Powerful Backlink for Your Online Store?

  • Create and add good, useful, and unique content to your online store that pays websites and blogs to be used as a reference and source of information.
  • Get links from manufacturers or product suppliers to your online store by ordering directly to your store on their sites and blogs.
  • Count on the influencers in your field and encourage them to promote your store’s link to their personal accounts and their various blogs. The influencers are (bloggers, Youtubers, owners of huge accounts on social networking sites, etc.).
  • Interact and comment on blogs that discuss topics related to what you sell on your store by adding valuable opinions and then placing your link to your store.
  • Publishing as a guest, known as “guest posting”, is to publish on other websites and blogs and add some links to you.
  • Request links from bloggers, sites with high credibility and widespread fame directly for money.

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How to check the presence of your backlinks?

Getting backlinks or doing everything to get them is a good introduction to link building, you must then be able to regularly check that the links obtained are still in place. It is also necessary to check the links gained and lost naturally. Free webmaster tools like Google Search Console give you a first idea of which domains and pages are linking to you.

Not all backlinks are visible in Google Search Console. For SEO managers, paid tools such as SE Ranking provides a much more complete inventory to analyze your rank tracking, keyword research, and competitor rank tracking.

SE Ranking detailed link analysis
SE Ranking offers a detailed link analysis for many parameters

SE Ranking offers, for example, a detailed link analysis for many parameters some of which are: index/noindex, follow/nofollow, cached/not cached.

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Backlinks are a key ranking factor and you can’t ignore them if you want to rank well on Google. Link building is a huge field of SEO in its own right, and you will find a lot of specialists who focus solely on this.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get started with quick and effective tactics, like the ones we’ve listed above.

Build good links, and you will see an increase in your rankings; just make sure you keep an eye on what your competition is doing and grab new opportunities as fast as you can.


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