What Is Google AdSense and How Does It Work?

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Still eager to know more about what is Google AdSense and how does it work?

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Types of Advertisements

Let’s first make sure that you are aware that advertisements are divided into two main categories:

Offline Advertisements

Offline advertising refers to the ads that are launched on the ground, not the virtual world, including outdoor ads, television ads, radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads, among others.

Online Advertisements

These are the ads launched on the Internet, whether on the various websites and blogs or ads on various social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others).

types of advertising-online

Of course, we will be talking about the second type of advertising, online ads, and one of the biggest and most popular brokers who offer different types of online advertising services: Google.

The giant Google, as an intermediary, provides advertising services for publishers, the owners of sites and blogs as well as the owners of applications for smartphones and channels of YouTube, as well as advertisers, all providers of different services, alike.

? In 2015, it was estimated that AdSense gave publishers access to 2 million active advertisers across the globe.

What Is Google AdSense and How Does It Work?

Google AdSense is a free tool offered by Google to all online publishers, including webmasters, online store owners, and bloggers, as well as various mobile application developers and YouTubers. This tool was created in order to allow the aforementioned to make huge profits from those sites and blogs by placing different ads, which are often related to the nature of the content provided within those sites and blogs and channels.

To make money from their sites by placing ads within Google AdSense, all website owners need to simply sign up for free service and install AdSense on their website, and then Google will distribute the ads in various formats within the website. These distributed ads are often related to the nature of the content and services provided within the website.

Depending on the number of ads distributed within the website by Google AdSense, the publisher gets the agreed earnings which we will explain in the following paragraphs.

? The average Click-Through Rate for ads served on the Google Display Network is 0.4%

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Google AdSense Features and Services

First off, we should mention that Google AdSense allows all website owners, bloggers, mobile applications developers, and all YouTube channel owners to have many great competitive features and services that help them effectively and quickly earn more profit in legitimate and easy ways from their websites. The following are the most important features of Google AdSense.

1. Huge Customer Base

The program has a very large customer base around the world, with Google AdSense accounting for nearly 2 million people around the world as clients of the program.

2. The Right Announcements

Google AdSense is known for presenting the appropriate announcements to the public on the website.

As discussed in the previous paragraphs, the program reviews all ads to ensure they are high-quality and relevant to content or audience, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets. As a result, more profits could be made.

3. Owner Is Controller

The owner of the website shall make the first and final controller in the nature of the advertisements presented.

Google AdSense provides all publishers and website owners with many options to control the content, format, and places of ads on their sites. They can block ads they do not like, customize the places where ads appear and choose which ones best fit their sites.

4. Most Profitable Wins

The tool allows publishers to broadcast only the most profitable ads.

Google AdSense allows all website owners to access the largest network of online advertisers bidding on their ad space so that they can make the most of their ads.

5. Instant Support

Website owners can get answers to large and small questions about the program at any time easily.

Google AdSense enables all website owners participating in AdSense to get useful support and practical advice on how to monetize online content. Google provides this through:

  • Help Center.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Social channels where you can start conversations in AdSense.

? Every year, Google pays over $10 billion to its publishers.

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What Is Google AdSense Vs AdWords?

If you’re new to this world of advertising on Google, then you’ll probably get confused between the two platforms.

Here are the major differences between Google AdSense and Google AdWords:

  1. AdSense is for website publishers, where they can reserve spaces for advertisement placements on their website, be it a text, a video, or an image. While AdWords is for the businesses who want to advertise on Google’s network, be that search ad, display ad, or others.

    Google AdWords vs AdSense
    Google AdWords vs AdSense
  2. AdSense pays website owners because they offer precious spaces on their websites for ad placements. On the other hand, businesses pay to AdWords in exchange for using these spaces to put up their ads.
  3. Google requires more information to set up a Google AdSense account than it requires for registering an AdWords one.

These 3 differences can answer your question: what is Google AdSense vs AdWords.

So, which platform do you use to EARN money?

Yes, that’s right?

How to Earn Through Google AdSense?

Most probably you’re reading this article to learn how to earn through Google AdSense, and you’ve come to the right place.

You’d better know first that Google pays you only when your earnings reach or exceed $100. If you don’t earn $100 in one month, your earnings roll over and are added to the next month.

? Did you know? Google AdSense allows you to block up to 200 URLs from showing up as ads on your website. Use this feature to block your competitors or those ads that might offend your market.

Here are some tips to help you earn money through Google AdSense.

1. Follow the rules

Make sure to read Google AdSense’s rules and terms and adhere to them strictly. Google can, and will, terminate your account instantly, and it’s not very forgiving if you break the rules.

2. Don’t incentivize clicks

Beware of using traffic-driving programs, buying pay-per-click spaces, clicking your own ads, or asking others to click. and remember, Google isn’t very forgiving about breaking the rules.

3. Create great content

Having great, relevant, quality content that t=your target market wants to read will ultimately make you money, whether through AdSense or other monetization methods. Providing valuable content will definitely attract quality traffic to your blog or website.

4. Optimize for mobile

Make sure your website/blog is responsive or mobile-friendly because mobile devices dominate the largest percentage of users. Also make sure you’re using responsive ads so Google can send appropriate ad sizes to mobile devices viewing your site.

5. Test and switch

The standard sizes of ads are as follows: 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600. Test ad types and placement and switch them till you find the options that lead to the most income and attract more clicks than the others.

? Since you can’t click on ads on your own site, right-click the link and select “Copy Link Address” to know what URLs are showing up on your website.

? AdSense can pay publishers in their choice of 51 currencies.

How to Create Google AdSense Account?

In the definition of Google AdSense service, we mentioned that subscription to the program is free for all publishers, but signing up for AdSense requires a few simple steps to install the program on any website and start receiving Ads, and these steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Google AdSense
  2. Click Sign up now.
  3. Enter the URL of the website where you’d like ads to appear.
  4. Enter your e-mail address.
  5. Choose whether you want AdSense to send you personalized help and performance suggestions.
  6. We recommend you choose Yes so we can help you get the most out of AdSense.
  7. You can change your connection settings at a later time.
  8. Click Save and continue.
  9. Sign in to your Google Account.
  10. Select your country or territory.
  11. Review and accept the AdSense terms and conditions.
  12. Click Create an account.
  13. You are now signed in to your new AdSense account.

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Google is one of the most important and largest online advertising intermediaries, offering various services to advertise on all online advertising channels. These services can benefit two key players in the advertising process: the publisher and the advertiser.

Through this article, we focused on the first player in the advertising process, who is the publisher.

Accordingly, we have showcased the Google AdSense tool, which enables all publishers, including the owners of websites, blogs, and YouTube channels with views and high subscriptions, to benefit from more ads displayed within their sites and channels; i.e. how to earn through Google AdSense.

We have also covered what is Google AdSense vs AdWords and mentioned the three main differences between them.

In addition, we have explained all Google AdSense features, services, and pricing, as well as how to create a Google AdSense account.

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