Automate Ads Easily Now With Convertedin Ads Automation

“Sales growth and unlimited profit”; that’s what every merchant and businessman seeks so that they use ads automation platforms. No matter your business type, niche, or industry… eventually, we all have the same target.

What if I tell you that one of the major means of achieving your objective is paid ads? Not organic reach, not content, which is proven not to be the king after all, unfortunately not the quality either.

It’s paid ads how you directly extend your reach to new potential customers and make your content and quality seen by shoppers who will actually buy.

Due to this vital role of advertising, it had taken technology and AI’s focus to develop it as one of the most effective eCommerce solutions to achieve success and growth for online and offline selling.

Perhaps one of the most signs of this recognition is the ads automation tools and modern eCommerce solutions and how that effectively affects advertising campaigns more than the traditional, manual methods.

It has been inevitable that we come this far with online advertising and take part to accommodate a brighter and smarter eCommerce journey for all of our merchants, retailers, and store owners.

A New Partnership Between Expandcart and Convertedin to Automate Ads

Today’s partnership was one of those previously mentioned essential steps to growth. It reflects ExpandCart’s infinite pursuit of providing innovative, creative, and smart technological solutions to its global eCommerce merchants and business owners.

? We’re proudly announcing an exclusive partnership with Convertedin, one of the leading ads automation platforms in the Middle East!

We will learn about this partnership in detail, and here are the main topics covered in the article:

  • What Is Convertedin and How Does It Work?
  • What Is Ads Automation?
  • How to Use Convertedin Features to Increase Profit?
  • What Are the Different Features of Convertedin?

What Is Convertedin and How Does It Work?

AI Ads - Convertedin Ads Automation

It’s an ads automation platform that allows merchants, marketers, business owners to get access to an easier, more professional, and effective campaign management system to achieve the best results.

How Does It Work?

Convertedin works through AI — An artificial intelligence system that saves you time managing campaigns or analyzing results to optimizing your segmentation and targeting.

You can easily boost your sales and get better ROI through retargeting old customers and building new potential ones – all that on autopilot mode. Convertedin allows you to create advertising campaigns through various sales channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

What Is Ads Automation?

What is Ads Automation

Ads automation is the use of software to automate marketing and promotional processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and advertising campaign management. Automation aims to make operations that could have been performed manually more efficiently by automating them.

To achieve the profit every merchant and store owner is looking for, you need to generate more sales and get shoppers browsing your online store.

However, this doesn’t happen out of spite, you can achieve this with a little effort…

How? ?

  • You need to research your audience: Advertising depends highly on knowing what your target audience is like and their shopping behaviors so you can advertise and sell to them accordingly.
  • Establish a large customer base and target audience: Get this done easily with various campaign releases like awareness and reach ad campaigns

Millions of online merchants follow an advertising strategy that’s based on getting their ad campaigns published on various social media and selling channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

However, what you probably know is that a successful campaign was never flawless from the start. To come up with a successful campaign you witness errors, shortcomings, flaws that may have come with negative results. Your job is to observe, analyze, and optimize along the way until you come to a satisfying result. This may take a whole month and it never stops.

Artificial intelligence does just that without you knowing. It learns just like a baby. It starts with zero and does the above process of observation, learning, and optimization in a few seconds while it may take you days and even months to come up with the same results.

Did I mention AI can manage your ad campaigns on autopilot mode and you can reach a larger customer segmentation with lesser flaws? You can also get smarter potential customers targeting and dynamic retargeting with few efforts!

Want to know how? ? Let’s get into that.

Instead of focusing on mass advertising campaigns that tend to have errors like not reaching the customers that’ll actually buy or having the challenge of running multiple campaigns at once to display the various products you have in your store…

But what if your store has more than a hundred products?! Are you willing to create 100+ ad campaigns every time you need to retarget customers?

Seems a bit unrealistic, isn’t it?

With the ability to automate ads, only one ad campaign will be created, and it’ll include all the products on your store, but will appear differently for each retargeted customer. Each customer will see the products they’ve shown interest in.

Those are called dynamic ads.

Your campaign will only appear to the customer after running a thorough customer data analysis. That’s how smart, effective, and successful automated advertising campaigns take place in 2020.

? For example, a customer visited your online store and searched for smartphone products and then left the store without even starting the purchasing process.

Once that happens,

  • The AI ads automation system provided by Convertedin will analyze this customer’s data and identify his/her interests accurately.
  • Next, the system will arrange the ads’ catalog based on the products your customer had viewed.
  • After that, the system will display the campaign for that customer according to his data.

That being said, the impact of automated campaigns is more effective than the traditional or manual methods of advertising. It succeeded in achieving merchants’ most crucial goal, which is reaching the customer who is already interested in the product.

What used to happen before, and still, as another way of running ads, is that you targeted customers with certain interests that led you to think they might be interested in your products. And you tried with everything you have… Copy, quality, visuals (you name it) to establish the need and get them interested in buying the products.

 How to Use Convertedin Automation Ads to Increase Sales?

First: Own a Stunning Online Store

  1. If you already have an online store on ExpandCart, you can easily link it to Convertedin through your control panel.
  2. Then, start uploading your customers’ data to the system or Convetedin CRM.
  3. The AI immediately starts analyzing customers and dividing them into segments that would benefit your advertising and display accurate campaigns to your customers.

If you don’t have an online store, you can enjoy building a free store from ExpandCart
and own a stunning store in minutes

No credit card required and no hidden fees.

Second: Activate Your Pixel API

Every advertising platform requires an activation code through the online store to allow the system or the CRM (customer relationship management) of Convertedin to analyze and observe your customers’ data and initiate successful campaigns accordingly.

Convertedin ads automation

? Activating your Pixel API is easy since you need a few steps to finish the process:

  • From your ExpandCart dashboard, go to marketing on the left side of the control panel.
  • Scroll down and click on “Integrations.”
  • You can find your social media accounts — Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Twitter, and more.
  • You’ll need to fill in their Pixel IDs – How?
  • By going to your accounts on these platforms and finding your ID.
  • Return back to the Integrations page to paste your Pixel ID.
  • Enable the integration and hit “Save.”

Third: Link Your Store with Convertedin

Now you’ve activated the integration, your one left stop is linking your store with Convertedin to start automating your campaigns.

? Here’s how:

  • Enter your store’s dashboard on ExpandCart.
  • Enter the marketplace and services page and find Convertedin. Use the search box to make it easy for you.
  • Install the app on your store.
  • Complete the activation by filling in your data (name, industry, email, phone) then click “Submit.”

Convertedin Ads Automation

  • After registering (on the left button), you’ll need to login to your Convertedin dashboard (the right button).
  • To successfully link your store and get the integration you need to choose your subscription plan with Convertedin.

Convertedin Ads Automation

Hot Offer ? Exclusive discount 15% on all Convertedin plans for ExpandCart Merchants only.

Convertedin analyzes and studies customer data using an automation system that can easily and effectively run retargeting campaigns in order to boost engagement, sales, and ROI.

As shown in the following image, this is your Convertedin control panel. Through it, you can manage the following sections: “Ads, Segments, Targeted, Customers, Social Media Linkage, Data Source, Catalogs, Configuration.”

Convertedin Ads Automation

Once you have uploaded your customers’ data to the Convertedin CRM system, the system will immediately start studying and analyzing this data and use it to reach the maximum possible benefit for your online business

The CRM system will also create and divide customers into a number of segments according to the data you entered and with the help of data obtained by pixel code activated on your online store.

With these segments, it will now be easy to create ad campaigns to re-target your customers and ensure that they interact with your online store better than before.

What are the Different Features of Convertedin?

Partnership between Convertedin and ExpandCart

1. Data Analysis

To succeed in reaching more customers and study their behavior correctly, you need to collect all their possible data. But this task doesn’t stop at collecting the data, because it’ll need someone to analyze and study it properly and make sure it’s tidy, organized, and not scattered.

This is what Convertedin helps you achieve, as you can collect your new and old customers’ data, analyze them in an organized manner, and divide them into professionally arranged profiles, ensuring that you reach the highest results from your advertising campaigns without errors.

2. Smart Customer Segmentation

Here’s how customer segmentation works:

  • Shoppers bought the product.
  • Shoppers added the product to their cart but then abandoned it.
  • AI starts collecting and analyzing data about those shoppers and their behavior once you connect your store to the platform.
  • Once connected to your store, the ad automation system will be able to create accurately customized advertising campaigns for your customers and your target audience based on their buying and browsing behavior on your online store, which increases sales growth opportunities.

3. Create Automated Advertising Campaigns through Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google Smart Shopping

Convertedin provides you with campaign automation tools to save you the time, effort, and financial cost you spend while creating ads manually.  You can see it by yourself after activating the integration with your store and start creating ads through it.

The platform that you decide to sell through makes a huge difference since you should target your customers where they mostly browse and purchase. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of those platforms in which shoppers today reside in a large and daily scheme.

All you have to do is the first and essential step, which is to activate the pixel code for these platforms through your online store and then leave the rest to Conertedin’s automation tools.

4. Create Retargeting Campaigns

Before creating advertising campaigns to re-target your customers again, you will need to divide the customers who visit the store, old customers, new customers, or any type of customers who have previously interacted with your store into different groups and segments.

For example, when creating an advertising campaign for beauty products, all target segments must be women only and of multiple age groups, and make sure to exclude men from the target group.

5. Create Product Catalogs

The catalog is a display list of all your products with a simple description of each one. The process of creating this catalog manually is very tiring and may contain lots of errors. But Convertedin here saves you a lot of time and effort and ensures accurate results for your ad campaigns.

Also, you will no longer have to make any updates or changes to your product catalog yourself, this will be done automatically. Integrating your store with Convertedin will allow automatic updating to the catalog. Therefore deleting any products that are no longer in stock so as not to consume its advertising cost without use.

6. Create Lookalike Audiences

Convertedin helps you create and target lookalike audiences automatically. Targeting lookalike audiences lets you attract them to become loyal customers, and thus expect them to interact and complete purchases in your store.

What Is Lookalike Audiences?! ?

Lookalike audiences are audiences that have similar characteristics to your target audience.

Prices for Activating Ads Automation from Convertedin

The Convertedin platform provides two basic packages:

A price package for startup merchants costs $99 per month. It gives you access to 2,200 customers besides many other features.

A pricing package for professional merchants costs $499 per month. It gives you access to 15,000 customers and many other features as well.

⚠️ Note: This is prior to the 15% offer we mentioned above.


We were keen to clarify the term of Ads Automation to the world of marketing and advertising today. This came in the context of our new partnership with Convertedin, an advertising campaign automation platform that aims at supporting online store owners by saving their time and effort wasted in daily campaign management.

We also explained the most important features and services that the platform provides to all store owners. As well as how to link sales channels with the platform and on the other hand, linking your store to the platform so it can easily read data and manage accordingly.

Create a free online store on ExpandCart and get benefit from
integrating it with Convertedin

No credit card required and no hidden fees.


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