Your Full Guide For All Google Ads Types And Features

Google Ads is an advertising network launched on October 23, 2000, in the United States. The network consists of the Google search engine and searches partner engines, Youtube, and a network of associate sites (Display network).

Ads or banner ads are targeted according to the input keywords by the advertisers, or according to their browsing behavior. It is a paid listing (via auction) and targeted traffic acquisition platform for the Google search engine and its network group of sites.

Let’s dig deeper into and learn more about Google ads…

Significance of Google Ads

The platform is continuously introducing new features to further expand the possible ad formats and ad accuracy.

Knowing the different possibilities offered by the platform allows you to think about your strategy and define which promotional materials are best suited to your objectives and best suited to your budget and target acquisition cost. It is possible to start having results with reduced budgets.

In this article, we will take a look at the characteristics of each major ad group available and fields of operation.

The Google Search Networks

Adverts on the Google search engine are the platform’s historic advertising mode. It remains to this day the most optimal solution to capture highly targeted traffic with specific keywords, provided that the targeting of your keywords is typical. These ads can be enhanced with a variety of very interesting ad extensions.

💡 Examples for Google Search Networks: Google Shopping, Google Play Store, and Google Maps.

Find more here: Google Search Networks

⚠️ Important Considerations

  1. Targeting can be highly accurate (geographic area, languages, ages, layer of audience, etc.)
  2. If you want to avoid attracting unqualified traffic, you need to adequately target keywords.
  3. In order to optimize your ad groups as far as possible, you should correctly structure them.
  4. The landing page must be relevant to the user’s query and your ad.
  5. The quality score of your keywords and campaigns will determine the average CPC of your keywords.
  6. The average CPC price on each keyword will increase based on your competitor’s bids.

Google Ads Call Only campaigns allow mobile only to display a phone number to generate calls rather than visits to a website.

💡 Example of ads on the Google search engine on the query “auto insurance”.

The Google Ads Display Network

The Display network brings together all of the partner network’s websites, mobile, tablet applications and video sites. Google pays these sites on the clicks they generate through the advertisements displayed by the platform.

For advertisers, the Display network allows you to develop your reputation through ads on thematic sites and pages more or less close to your field of activity.

The ad format is varied to adapt to the formats displayed on network sites: text ads, picture ads (animated or not).

google ads display
google ads display

⚠️ Important Considerations

  1. Targeting is broader than on the research network, by topic.
  2. You can choose the specific locations (sites) in which to show your ads.
  3. You can choose the themes of the display sites in more or less wide ways according to your wishes.
  4. You can choose Interests to show ads to a particular type of audience (such as visitors interested in dating sites).
  5. You can choose demographic data (gender, age range).
  6. All of these targets can be combined together.

💡 Example of a Display ad on the excellent Presse Citron site and the Fitbit banner ad display.

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Mixed Selective Search with Display Campaigns

Search with Display campaign makes it possible to mix two types: display on the search network, and use of the display network.

As each strategy has its own dedicated logic, it is preferable not to use this delivery method. If both modes are used, a campaign for each mode will be created.

Google Ads Video Campaigns

Video is today an essential distribution channel. YouTube ranks second in the two most visited site and social network rankings in the world. It is therefore easy to understand why YouTube is a must, provided you know how to make the best use of the functionalities of the platform and the various campaigns that the famous Google search engine continues to develop.

It is estimated that:

  • 66% of users visit YouTube several times a day.
  • Over 45% of them are in the age group 25 – 49 years old.
  • Almost 89% of them are parents.

Since the acquisition of Youtube, this platform has been accessible to advertising via Google Ads. These Google Ads video ads are mainly used to create brand awareness.

⚠️ Important Considerations

  1. Video broadcasts are billed per viewing.
  2. You need to have attention grabbing videos and a real branding strategy.
  3. You can stream videos to other sites on the Display Network.
  4. This type of ad has demographic, location, interest, keyword, and device targeting, so you can reach the right audience.
  5. Unlike TV advertising, YouTube ads let you know all the stats you need, such as views, view rate, clicks, reach and frequency, engagement, performance …

💡 Example of video ads for a phone brand that appears before the video to view. As well as a video proposal from another advertiser on another topic.

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

If you are an e-merchant, selling physical products, this type of campaign is suitable for you. This type of ad increases your website traffic and helps generate quality leads and thus increase your conversions.

With Google Shopping, your products should be visible at the top of search results with products from competing sites, as well as in the price comparison on the Shopping tab.

google shopping ads
google shopping ads-the products appears above the results

A photo, product description, and the price are displayed with a link directly to your site.

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⚠️ Important Considerations

  1. You need to import your product feeds into Google Merchant center and associate it with your account.
  2. Watch out for your competitors’ prices on similar items, they are visible at a glance if you are not competitive.
  3. Google Shopping rules are strict, follow them.
  4. Your price offers must be competitive.

💡 Example of Shopping ads on the Google search engine on the query “buy iphone x”.

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The Application Download Campaign

Application Download Campaign is reserved for companies that want to promote their Android or iOS applications. You will be able to promote your application throughout the network: Google, Display network sites, Youtube, Android application store

Depending on whether you use the search network or the display network, the targeting settings will be the same as for promoting your website.

Example of application download announcements for the query “hotel application”.

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Google Ads Remarketing / Retargeting

Google Ads Remarketing allows your visitors to retarget their advertising on the search network and the Display network.

By installing a tracking code on their sites, Google allows advertisers to create and classify visitors by audience. These audiences can then be found so that they can be offered stimulus ads again, and thus stimulate the buying cycle which can extend from a few days to several weeks or months depending on the sector.

google ads remarketing
google ads remarketing and retargeting audience

Google Ads remarketing is therefore an ideal solution to retain your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Types of Remarketing

  1. Standard Remarketing: This Google Ads feature allows you to serve ads to your former visitors as they browse websites and apps on the Display Network.
  2. Dynamic Remarketing: A feature in Google Ads that allows you to serve ads to visitors who have previously viewed products or services on your site.
  3. Remarketing for mobile apps: If you use your mobile app or mobile website, Google Ads allows you to serve ads when they use other mobile apps or on other mobile websites.
  4. LSA Remarketing: allows you to target past visitors to the Search Network. You can target and personalize search-targeted ads for these visitors when they search partner sites and Google.
  5. Video remarketing: Google Ads allows you to serve ads to people who have interacted with your YouTube channel or other videos. You can serve ads on YouTube or through videos and Display Network websites.
  6. Email remarketing list: If you have an email list of your customers, you can import them into Google Ads. This feature allows you to serve ads to them if they are connected to Google Search, Gmail, or YouTube.

⚠️ Important Considerations

  1. You create your remarketing lists with different visitor criteria (customers, prospects, abandoned carts, video viewers, etc.).
  2. Adapt your advertising messages according to your targets (promo code, new products, specific products, etc.).
  3. Create remarketing campaigns that are separate from others for easier tracking.

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In a Nutshell

Considering its scope and authority, Google Ads is essential to leverage for any advertiser who desires to reinforce his business and stretch out to his audience online. To realize the benefits, you have to get started and launch the first campaign.

This article should help you start off on a stable foundation. There is much other advice for advancing your Google Ads campaigns. By implementing good practices and, primarily, by seeking to improve each campaign, you will uncover the full capacity of this tool at the service of your business.


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