How Google specifies the arrangement of ads appearance – Google AdWords

In these days, Google AdWords has become one of the most important kinds of ADS which achieve the best results for the clients and make your website one of the most important ones in your career field.

What’s Google AdWords ?

Google Adwords
Google Adwords is an advertisement site on Google search network which you can choose keywords through, so if the user searches for the keywords on Google search network, the search results will appear and the advertisement on the search pages will appear, as well. All of that will be according to what we’re going to learn through the lines below.

The importance of Google AdWords

Google AdWards has ranked first k in the most of e-marketing methods for products and services which are available to be shopped on the internet because it features precision targeting and reaching the right customer.

Google Adwords enables you to target who’s looking for your product with a strong degree to be the most appropriate client’s choice and time for visiting your website. The client can find a page where there are elements of attraction and thrill, so you can improve the way of showing your service or product’s features and its competitive advantages.

The calculating method

Google Adwords follows the method of calculation per click which means that you’re charged only for who’s pressing on the ad or visiting your site. The accounting price is according to the price per click which you determined to be the maximum price per click during your Ad campaign. It’s known that the price per click varies from word to word based on the competition for it. It varies as well from one country to another.

Targeting method

Targeting on Google AdWords depends on many factors such as keywords, place, ages, hours and the days of showing or stopping the Ad. This is based on your analysis of your website and following up the results of your Ad to know the better and suited times to your target customers. It’s with the way which your website’s visitors use as well “Pc – Mobile – Tablet”.

The success of your advertising campaign has been measured through 2 main factors:

  1. The rate of CTR CLICK
  2. The rate of return on investment “ROI Return on investment”

Some important terms that you will learn through the video

  1. Auction system
  2. Maximum cost per click
  3. Click through rate
  4. Landing page experience
  5. Ad relevance
  6. Ad format
  7. Quality score

In conclusion

Google AdWords is the most important and oldest advertising platform and it is important to know everything about it to use it properly and to achieve the best results for your site.

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