Why you should migrate from Open Cart to Expand Cart

Open cart is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms and now Expand Cart is the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East, and 100’s of open cart users has migrated to Expand cart at this article will illustrate the main reasons for this.

Arabic language

One of the biggest reasons that makes Open cart users migrate to Expand cart is the native Arabic backend available at expand cart that has been developed by native Arab engineers and has been designed initially for Arab users.

Not only the back end but as you may know that more than 90% of open cart templates ( front end design of your store ) doesn’t support Arabic where 100% of Expand Cart templates support Arabic language.


Like any other open source platform Open cart doesn’t provide any type of technical support to their platform and you have to bring your own developer who should understand the code then support you.
Not to mention the e-Commerce support that you will defiantly need as a store owner from e-marketing, to all e-commerce expertise that you will need.

Expand Cart provide both types of support with an outstanding level to all clients which absolute helped them to bring a much better results and profit from their online shops.

Full integration with payment gateways and different couriers

The default version of open cart support a very few number of Payment gateways and courier and if you and you need a different one you will have to look for extensions that has been developed for open cart by the payment gateway or the courier themselves which usually have many bugs and in some cases it’s not even functional and in many other cases you will may don’t find this extension at all.

Expand cart has already build a completed tested integration with dozens of Payment gateways specially Arabic payment gateways like Payfort, PayTabs, SADAD, FAWRY, FATOURA, Zein Cash and international payment gate ways like Stripe, 2checkout, PayPal.

The same with courier expand cart has a completed tested integration with many couriers such as Aramex, SMSMA, DHL, Fedex, UPS and more.

Hosting & security

Like all open sources platform open cart let you figure out your hosting and store security by yourself , which is usually un convenient for many store owners.

Expand cart provide an outstanding hosting for all clients using cloud hosting technology on Amazon Web Service (AWS) which guarantee an ultimate performance for all stores no matter how many visits you receive every day.

As for security you may know that all open source solutions are considered un-secure and that’s because its open source and any hacker can easily know its security holes, Expand cart source code is closed and secure and expand cart engineers are always update it to keep it secure and it’s hosted on one of the most secure hosting environment on the planet which is Amazon Web Services. But expand cart engineers didn’t relay on this only they take daily backups for all stores and keep it a way on separated very secure servers.

Template Editor

Store design is a very important factor for the success of any store and here it’s not only about how good is your template its about how far it matches your brand and product which can’t be done unless you are able to edit your store design the way want.

Expand Cart launched a revolutionary template editor that we consider as one of the best template editor in the word with this editor any store owner or marketers and can customize his store template the way he wants in a very easy way without the need of any technical help.

The mobile App

Smart phones takes more than 50% of internet browsing now a days that’s why expand cart has designed all its templates to be a real smart templates that’s operate in an excellent way on any Mobile device but they didn’t stop here! With Expand cart store owners can build by themselves their own Mobile App for both Android and IOS directly from their store control panel which is absolutely a unique feature provided only by Expand Cart.

The Features

The number and quality of features on Expand cart are at least 10x of what you may find at open cart which is of course a very important reason of why many of the store owners has moved from open cart to expand cart.

Continuous development

Open cart make a new release every few years, and here I mean real releases. Where Expand cart make daily release of fixes, enhancement and new features which guarantee to put expand cart users on top of their competitors.

Build your online store with ExpandCart to enjoy marketing consultation, 24/7 customer support,
and a full marketplace of apps & services tailored to every eCommerce business.

No credit card required and no hidden fees.



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