Why migrate from Magento to Expand Cart

Have you wondered why many businesses who run their online stores on Magneto are migrating to Expand Cart.

Outstanding cloud hosting and site security are included in all Expand Cart plans

Hosting and your online store security are prime opportunities to save with Expand Cart platform, If your online store is built on Magento you know that you will need a very strong dedicated or cloud hosting that will never cost less than $2000 / year and if your online store is receiving more than 500 visits every day and you do have more than 100 products you will need to pay $4000 / year in average for hosting only. That’s because Magento is a very heavy platform and it has a lot of code and to make it run quickly and seamlessly you will need to apply a lot of optimizations.

And as for security Magento will let you figure out how to secure your online store and find out the secure hosting environment and manage it to make sure it’s always up to date. This will of-course add a lot of man power and a lot of working hours for you and your team.

Expand Cart set it all up for you – You don’t need to even think about it! An outstanding cloud hosting over with AWS are included as well as very high level of security and a daily backups for all your data all are included at any of Expand Cart plans.

Easy to use and manage

Well we are not here to mention that Magento is a bad platform that’s is 100% wrong here we are defining the difference! And set our point of view of why Expand Cart is better for you. As we all know Magento has been initially created for developers not for Marketers or business owners and that’s the 2nd reason of why you should migrate to Expand Cart if you don’t have software development team.

Expand Cart has been basically built for Marketers, Business owners and admins so each and every single feature there has been built to be super easy starting from launching the store itself and adding products to template and design customizations all has been set up for you not for developers and you can do it yourself.

Store stability, customization and updates

Magento is a heavy platform with very complicated code structure which will require that you hire or deal with a group of talented developer to make sure of your store stability, Updates and customization.

Well at Expand Cart Expand Cart team will take care of all of this you don’t even need to think about.


Now you probably have a Magento online shop and you pay $2000 / year on hosting as you receive less than 500 visits every day and things are looks good.

So do you have a plan how you will upgrade your host when you receive 1000+ visits every day , have you estimated your hosting cost and the migration process to a better server not to mention the cost of down time during the migration process. This is called scalability at Expand Cart you don’t even need to think about it thanks to cloud hosting and the technology used in Expand Cart code itself Expand Cart guarantee unlimited bandwidth unlimited processing for your store on all plans so your store will keep running efficiently if you receive a 100 visit a day or 1M visit a day no upgrades or migrations will be required.

Migration for Magento to Expand Cart is free

Expand Cart offer a free migration from Magento in case you register at Ultimate or Enterprise plan so migration process will be easy and free!

Build your online store with ExpandCart to enjoy marketing consultation, 24/7 customer support,
and a full marketplace of apps & services tailored to every eCommerce business.

No credit card required and no hidden fees.



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