Australia’s Top Web Hosting Providers

Australia’s Top Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting services are no stranger to business. Almost everyone knows how important web hosting is for both the commercial and non-commercial online industries. What a lot of people seem to overlook is how it operates and what makes a hosting provider more suitable for a business than the other. Your website needs to be published for it to be seen. The technology required for hosting a website can be either created by a DIY project or it can be supplied by a third party. Depending on what you need, a website hosting provider is a professional that can get your website live if you don’t have the required technology. As a website scales, it will need a professional web hosting provider to make sure it’s completely functional and available. If you’re in Australia then you’re in luck, because we’ll be giving you a list of the best web hosting providers available in Australia.


HostGator is an international web hosting provider known for its incredible infrastructure and customer support. HostGator doesn’t just come with web hosting, it can also provide website building services to get your site up and running from scratch. Those who are migrating from another web hosting provider will receive free migration assistance. Expect 24/7 support from their customer service via more than one platform; phone, live chat, and email. A perfect choice for smaller websites whether it’s individual or commercial ones as this pretty in-depth review on Mangomatter explains in detail. A guarantee period of 45 days proves that they care about providing a superior hosting service.


Only a few companies can come close to offering a bang for your buck like SiteGround does. It starts at AUD 4.95. It provides phone, chat, and ticket support for its customers. They designed their custom WordPress caching plugin, PowerCacher. Your website will be under a very secure umbrella as they design their own security measures on every server. The disk space may be a bit lower than some other hosting services, but you’re also getting daily backup, SSD storage, and free migration.


Based in Australia, this web host offers lightning-fast customer support. The price range is very competitive when compared to other Australian-based web hosting providers. They cover different fields with 3 pricing plans, depending on what you need and the capacity of the website. Expect a free domain if you don’t have one in addition to free SSL.


This one is for those who are starting to feel like they’re swamped with choices and aren’t able to make a decision easily. They have presets that can make anyone comfortable. While they are pricey, they are reliable and dependable when it comes to providing a convenient and superior service. The 50GB disk space is one of its strongest feats. Crucial is also an Australian-based company, an eco-friendly one as well. You might feel a bit stuck as the number of hosting options is lower than most other providers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a billion-dollar worth corporation or just an indie band looking for some online traction. Web hosting is something that you can’t put off for later; you’ll need to make sure you’ve settled on a web host provider, and not just any provider, a provider you can trust.

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