Best Web Hosting for Small Business [eCommerce] 2021

Web hosting services are no stranger to business. Almost everyone knows how important web hosting is for both the commercial and non-commercial online industries. What a lot of people seem to overlook is how it operates and what makes a hosting provider more suitable for a business than the other.

Depending on what you need, a website hosting provider is a professional that can get your website live.

As a website scales, it will need a professional web hosting provider to make sure it’s completely functional and secured.

That’s when ExpandCart comes in handy.

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The Best Web Hosting for Small Business eCommerce Providers

  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • ExpandCart
  • Wix
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Weebly
  • SquareOnline
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • GoDaddy
  • 3dcart
  • Big Cartel

Each one of those eCommerce platforms provides web hosting solutions besides tons of other e-commerce enabling solutions.

And each one of them is an international one that’s known for its solid infrastructure and security.

It’s your job to find the best business website hosting that you’ll depend on while starting up your small business.

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Best ecommerce hosting for small business

How to Choose The Best eCommerce Hosting for Small Business?

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the best product ever, a powerful eCommerce store is needed to be able to sell it.

And that cannot happen without equally powerful business website hosting services. 💯

The wrong web hosting provider can expose your store to slow loading speed issues which result in visitors leaving and not completing purchases.

A streamlined and hassle-free customer experience will, in turn, increase your visits and sales.

Ignore The Myth of Free Domains

I’m sure that a free domain will sound appealing to grasp. But give yourself time to ask these questions:

  • Who will hold the ownership of the domain?

A provider may lure you with a free domain but may retain ownership of it.

Do you know what that means?

It means your business website hosting is owned by the host, it means you cannot leave him unless you buy the domain back. By that time, they could request a huge amount of money for it.

  • How about the annual renewal?

The myth of a free domain often refers to the first year only.

That being said, your hosting provider may charge largely the next year to compensate what he paid for you when you first started.

💡 Think Twice

Frauds like these are often seen in the eCommerce world by both business owners and customers themselves.

Read more: Ecommerce Fraud: What Is It and How Online Merchants Can Prevent It?

Before giving in and buying a service from any web hosting provider, make sure to ask about the ownership and the renewal charges to make sure their policies are reasonable and don’t hold any manipulation in between the lines.

Trust Premium eCommerce Hosting Solutions

To begin with, website speed is one of the main elements for eCommerce growth. A slow website will cost you 7% of sales. (cubewires)

A one-second delay will hold your store back from customer satisfaction by 16%

This is when ExpandCart kicks in with its premium eCommerce hosting solutions to help you avoid any unnecessary loss.

ecommerce web hosting solutions

Consider The Traffic

As you grow your eCommerce business, you might outgrow your host provider’s capacity.

And for that, you need to make sure that your e-commerce web hosting provider can support the maximum traffic without falling or affecting your store performance.

Demand SSL Certificates

Your top priority while running a business is the security of your customers’ data. It cannot be otherwise, can’t be your own, can’t be your website functionality.

No, it’s your customers’ data.

For that, ExpandCart provides a free SSL certificate on all the packages for every website hosted on our platform.

A free SSL certificate from ExpandCart for better ecommerce hosting

24/7 Support System

Your e-commerce web hosting provider must dedicate an expert team for customer support matters.

For things might go wrong any second, no one is free from falls like these, not even Google.

Good customer support will connect you with a real person to talk to and figure out the issue and find out solutions in a blink.


Compare features inside all the pricing plans to figure out the most important features for your eCommerce business.

And don’t let yourself be convinced over a load of features but you don’t really need.

ecommerce web hosting solutions platform

Testing Tools for The Best eCommerce Hosting for Small Business

  • Who Is Hosting This: Find out who is hosting your favorite websites or blogs.
  • You Got Signal: Includes lots of free services to let you know more about any business’s hosting provider like reverse IP checks, WHOIS lookups, and more.
  • Geo Tool: Find out where any business has their hosting actual location
  • Pickup Host: Test the speed of any web hosting provider
  • Domain Tools: Enter the domain name and find out its domain ownership records.
  • Blame Stella: Test the response time and quality of a hosting provider
  • Hosting Checker: Discover who is hosting any website by entering its URL address
  • Bitcatcha: They’ll show you how fast or slow any website is.

Final Thoughts 📚

eCommerce store web hosting solutions are available among multiple enablers around the world.

Each one provides a variety of services and solutions that distinguish it from the others.

So what you really need to do is find the best one that fits your business needs.

My advice: 💡

revolve your decision around the one that all its services enhance the buyer’s journey and help you provide the best user experience in the long run. 🌱🏇

Free for life, no credit card, no hidden fees



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