Common mistakes when promoting your store via Twitter and how to avoid it

When it comes to trademarks and companies, it is taken into consideration that social networking platforms are linking between the brand and the customer. Many companies imagine that when creating a professional profile, all social Strategies will be known and easy to apply. But these platforms are not in the interest of one side without another, and that success and excellence must be the responsibility of the account holder.

Twitter is one of the most successful social networks, where the essence of each message is described and photographed at a maximum of 140 characters. This limitation of the number of characters is a fair balance of trademarks when it is associated with sending messages in short form. Trademarks that do not have a meaningful message vary from those that have a piercer and clear message. So using Twitter may improve your brand’s so far.

However, if used Twitter without a valid strategy, it may result in your weaknesses Points. It will be easy to fall in some of these common mistakes when you promote your company on this social platform.

5 common mistakes when promoting your company on Twitter

1. Excessive in promotion

Twitter shows the date of your publications on your accounts, and It is bad that your customer sees your overpriced in publishing promotional content. Regardless of the fact that the platform itself has rules about a lot number of promotional publications, a client can easily realize that this brand is not interested in creating a link with him simply by looking at their account and thus becoming less willing to stay on the page and interact with the brand.

There is nothing to encourage customers to continue to follow the brand on social networks unless you give them the reason. Social networks were born in order for everyone from all over the world to communicate and interact with important events in their lives or cultural and social events that they pay attention to. If customers want to buy a product, they will go to your online store, which is usually the official website of your brand. In all probability, this site will be full of product specifications, Professional images, reviews, and announcements. and all the customer needs is to find the product he wants. and this is the purpose of the site.

So it is logical to ask yourself why consumers are seeking into social networks and are constantly pursuing the site brand outside it. and this most likely no happen unless social account provides something additional along with content on the site. Repeating the same site content on social networks is a common mistake that most marketers fall into.

The comforter of your account at the Twitter platform is to make the customer remember your product. On the other hand, what the customer cares about is to find something useful on your account to make a base which from it can build on his relationship with the brand. As a result, excessive advertising on Twitter can hurt your brand.

How to avoid this error?

Do the 80/20 rule. Meaning that 20% of the content can include publications to promote and market the product. The remaining 80% should focus on communicating with the customer. Create useful, innovative content, and related content with your brand and share it with them. In this way, you will promote your product without feeling as if you are selling it by force.

2. Scarcity of interaction with customers

One of the things certified about social networking is that it is not a tool or Instrument of communication unilaterally.

Some companies see that lack of interaction with their customers is a good way to show that the strategy and culture of the company are serious and that they are constantly busy working on the product of their preferred customers. Other companies are likely not to put a specialist in charge of answering customers questions and communicating with them.

Twitter users are interested in building an interconnected community. It is not enough to use the 80/20 rule only in order to attract readers’ attention even if gain a great benefit from it. Your brand must have the entrepreneurial spirit to build a relationship with the client.

You will participate in the online interaction world at the moment you create a Twitter account. If so, you will not be able to clarify the choice by answering customer queries or even just answer them when there are no questions. but Communication and interaction with them will be your brand responsibility.

How to avoid this error?

Improve and develop the usual response to your customers and re-twitter their publications on a daily basis to achieve a process of mutual communication. Always be sure to use the appropriate manner that consistent your brand. Frequently, the response should be related to the original publication.

Besides, you should improve and develop a mutual relationship as much as possible. Often requiring a qualified staff member to carry out the task. For example, you can open a new way to support customers via Twitter conversations. Customers are more communicate with Twitter, so it’s best for you to find out about the problems in your product and to encourage customers to ask questions about it on Twitter.

3. Didn’t benefit from Twitter Ads

The Twitter platform has more than 300 million active users, making it an open source on a broad base of different categories. So it is no Surprised that marketing teams decide to use Twitter as a platform to showcase and promote their products when Twitter allows them to advertise.

But from this great community on Twitter, there are only 130,000 advertisers effective, which is considered a waste of one’s easy and active resources. As the promotion of twitter can lead to an increase in sales on the ground by 29%. Realizing that paying for the promotion of Twitter can be a little hesitant, but Twitter is one of the fastest ways to showcase your brand to potential customers who may not have other ways to reach you. When you ignore a Twitter ad, you will fall into one of the common promotion mistakes because you will lose the opportunity to benefit from large resources.

How to avoid this error?

Twitter ads are suitable for both small and large businesses. There are two ways to use it:

Triggered Tweets: They are similar to regular tweets, but the only difference is that they appear as Propaganda publication. You can set the Synthesis of Population for your audience besides the budget you want to set for the day. Twitter will carry the rest of the task. It selects users who have previously interacted with similar content and then displays your promotional material in front of them. You pay only when the user interacts with your post or profile. So you will not lose your money this way.

Pro Account: When you active this paid option, your account will appear more in the “Who to Follow” section. then your brand will be among the first recommended Twitter accounts, and this is one of the fastest growing trends for followers. In addition, your new followers Related to your field and will have a real interest in your product.
Twitter advertising options can be non-spam promotion methods and will work just like natural marketing strategies if you use them correctly.

4. Random selection of hashtags

Many companies underestimate the estimated value and importance of it. These keywords can be used to represent a completed marketing campaign and their Efficiency and effectiveness as a way to track the activity of the campaign.

One of the crucial things to trump any marketing campaign on Twitter is the right choice of labeling. You will find many examples of successful promotions that can be a source of inspiration in the use of tags. The important thing that the company should set in mind when selecting marketing campaigns tags is that ignoring the search about the tag before choosing it can completely destroy completely its activity on Twitter. A famous example is what happened to Entenmann, which sells pastry products. The company chose the keyword #notguilty label to express its calorie-reducing products. This label from the first looks like the best choice for people who want to enjoy delicious food without worrying about calories. But the harvest was a disaster. It turned out that the same label had been used earlier in a murder case to cover the controversial murder verdict which was adopted on Case Anthony. The rest of the story was a terrible dream for the bakery company.

How to avoid this error?

Do your research and be sure that the label you will use is authentic. It must also represent your brand. If your tweets are fun and Interesting, you should send the keywords you have chosen for the same message. In addition, take advantage of the activity and effective tagging at every phase from phases of the campaign, so that you can print them on leaflets and product posters to promote them in the real world as well.

5. Lack of tweet or shared content

The meaning of scarcity is of the essentials of Cialdini (professor of psychology and marketing) the essential to the success of any marketing campaign. building on this concept, you can entice followers to a short brief, but incomplete of the story to make them in a constant craving to know more. However, Twitter is an exception to the Cialdini database. In most circumstances, Twitter works better with minimal content.

As we explained above, your interest in Twitter should be focused on making your brand visible to as many people as possible. So the satisfaction with content creation and Twitter only weekly will not be in your side. On the contrary, your followers will lose interest in your file, which lacks Ranking and organization, and will be followed by your competitors who dazzle their audience with clever updates in their field.

How to avoid this error?

There is no such thing is called “I do not have anything to Twitter at this moment.” The worldwide web has a lot of interesting articles, as new research shows up daily. The only limitation is groundless is that the links you post must be for your own site only. There is no barrier to the participation of external articles in which the significance and value you want to communicate to your audience on Twitter. It’s always recommended that you publish content related to your brand. It’s good to publish at least once a day and share new details, useful, relevant information related to your field.


We’ve talked about the five common mistakes to avoid when promoting your company on Twitter. Hope to be a reference for you to benefit from it in your marketing plan to promote your store and not to fall into it.

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