Success ways to support marketing efforts across social networks

Managing social networking pages may take a very long time. However, there are many ways to support marketing through social networks and develop personal files on those sites in just a few minutes.

We will explain to you 15 ways which through it you can improve and develop your marketing through social networks in less than an hour. Few of these tips are very quick improvements, while others focus on testing and experimenting with new things.

1. Optimize bio description

The short glance that describes you “About” is one of the first things that the public sees when visiting your profile on social networks. So it’s a priority to think about what you want to say about you or your website or company.

It may be interesting to wonder what you would like to be famous, If you are represented in a real estate company or you are marketing content, for example, the audience should be able to see that immediately after seeing your profile.

It also requires you to think deeply about what the public might looking for to find you. The impact of research on social networks is in the growth of continuous, and undoubtedly you want to appear in the search results when an individual searches for a person or company within your field.

2. It is imperative that all profile pictures have a proper size

Images are an essential aspect of marketing through social networks, and the most important of these images is the image of your file. You can add your profile picture within minutes, and be sure it fits with the recommended dimensions on each platform.

Most social networks cut or extend the image to fit the custom window, but if you want to leave the best impression possible to others you need to improve the images before uploading them.

Here are some of the suggested image sizes for most social networks

  • Twitter profile photo: 400×400 pixels
  • Twitter header image: 1,500×500 pixels
  • LinkedIn profile photo: 400×400 pixels
  • LinkedIn logo: 400×400 pixels
  • Instagram profile picture: 180×180 pixels
  • Facebook profile picture: 180×180 pixels
  • Facebook cover photo: 851×315 pixels

3. Be careful to keep files on all social networks updated

You should keep updating your information on all of your social files, including your files on social networks that have been Experienced once and did not continue to use it again. There are new social platforms that appear frequently, and when we try each one and see how they can be used, we actually upload a profile picture.

You do not necessarily have to reap the rewards of success from every platform you try or upgrade to be one of our long-term social communication strategies for us for a long term. but even if you decide not to continue to use a particular social network, it is worth your attention to update your company’s data and to put the link that network leads to a place where you are more active and interaction.

4. Experiment with audio files 

There are amazing possibilities in audio files, some new applications such as Anchor allow you to create audio content, it’s a really amazingly easy thing.

If you want to sweep the audio file’s world, you can try converting a blog post to a soundcast podcast on Soundcloud, or responding to some clients through voice messages or starting some conversations with Anchor followers.

5. Ponder in your analysis

When you have a few free minutes during the day, it is usually spent in follow-up analyzes, and you can learn really cool things by throwing a quick glance at social networking data. Here are three places where you can find some Visions of your performance in social networks.

Facebook visions

Facebook has the most in-depth analytics, and Facebook’s views are like a gold mine for marketers. To access Facebook Insights, go to the Facebook page and choose Insights from the navigation menu


Twitter Analytics

You can see some comprehensive analytics on Twitter, which is available free to all users. You can find more engaging tweets for interaction, important signals(mentions), information about the audience and many other things with using Twitter analytics. To access your analytics, visit

Analytics Buffer

Analytics Buffer is an amazing tool to put more successful publications on social networks under surveillance. You can choose to arrange and format your publications based on the largest number of clicks, or repeat the publication tweets, likes, or based on any measure you want to see, and that with using their analysis.

You can also see some organizer structured charts, which provide In-depth vision Linked into the performance of your social networking strategy. For example, the following graph shows how the number of publications we send each day relates to the number of clicks we receive.

Experience Buffer for Business to spend 30 days analyzing and learning from such schedules.

6. Design ideas for new publications

Continuity is a core component of any social networking strategy, but continuing to create high-quality content every day, or even multiple times a day, can be complicated.

When you have a few minutes of space, open your notebook or a new file and write down whatever ideas come to your mind for posting on social networks. Perhaps mental emptying without filtering ideas is an amazing way to reach new ideas, and continue to deliver great content.

7. Repeat a published post has been successful

If you share the most prevalent content at once, you may lose the chance to get a lot of clicks and interaction.

At buffer, we like to repeat sharing the most popular content on social networks.

Buffer analyzes are usually directed to detect the most prevalent publications. Here’s a snapshot of the tweet that got the most clicks in the last thirty days.

And from here I re-share Re-Buffer some of the most popular publications that have influenced our audience to maximize the publication potential.

8. Start tracking your profile links

The links that are placed on your profile are the most visible in social networks. Perhaps the number of people who click on these links is very interesting, and you can find some amazing insights through tracking their performance.

There one quick method that can easily be implemented to track profile links, such as using shortcuts such as

9. Promote a brochure

With the massive development of social networks, became promoted publications which are promoted (through the purchase of advertisements) have become an integral part of the appearance of the content and made visible by the public, despite many publications.

At buffer, we attended at any publication that gets above average, even the rate of arrival is fairly low, then we promote the publication to attract clicks and paid interaction.

10. Perform experiments on a new platform

New social networking applications and platforms are emerging continuously, and it is important for marketers to understand what attracts consumer attention. One of the best ways to keep you informed is to spend some time trying and experimenting on new platforms.

App Store is the best place to discover and experiment with new platforms. most of the time when I surf the Social Networking category I see applications I have not heard of or used before, and I often find some interesting applications between 10-30 Ranked.

Here’s a list of some apps you can start with:

  • Beme
  • Yubl
  • Blab
  • Miitomo

 11. Keep your saved searches on Twitter

The search process in Twitter is very informative and effective, and attention to what is happening is the best ways which through it get the value from Twitter. The searches that are kept can be amazing to keep track of people who share your content, refer to you and keywords that relate to your company’s field.

You can save up to 25 searches per account. To save the search process, first, open search field, and then click more options at the top of the results page, and then click Save this search.

12. Make a live chat on Facebook

Facebook now places Live Video within the priorities in the latest news, showing that live streaming may be a great opportunity for you if you want. to start streaming live video, click Refresh Status, then select the Direct Video icon. You can write a quick description and choose the audience you want to share before you start streaming if you want.

During the broadcast, you will see the number of viewers, and the names of friends who follow, and the comments will appear in turn based on real-time. The broadcast can not exceed 30 minutes, and when the broadcast is finished, it is saved in the timetable like any other video. As a living example of this live broadcast experience, Brian and Joel doing Advert asked me anything AMA.

13. Prepare some visual content

Visual content has a great impact on the people, fortunately, its preparation does not necessarily take much time with you. There are some tools that can help you like Pablo and Canva to create great images ready to be published in just a few minutes.

There are some strikingly integrated forms of creating social networking images in the Pablo tool, which we use to create visual content that we share with blog posts.

14. Implement a new deployment schedule experiment

Trying to test new and new publishing times and schedules are one of the easiest experiences you can have on social networks. You can estimate the effect of different tables on interaction by looking for metrics such as the interaction received by each publication, the interaction that occurs every day and new followers.


15. Ask your customers to show their feedback

Asking customers for feedback is a great way to learn and explore more about your product and marketing it. It takes a few seconds to send a leaflet urging customers to make their observations and you may learn from it priceless.

At the buffer site, they use Twitter sometimes to quickly develop customers as follows

We recently started trying Twitter Polls as a way to collect notes in a fast time of followers.


Thank you for reading the article, and we hope you benefit from these tips and guidelines.


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