How to Start a Phone Case Business in 2021? Action Steps

Ready to make money selling phone cases? Well! let’s figure out how to start a phone case business in 2021 🕺

One thing 2020 taught us for sure is not to keep all our eggs in one basket. The responsibilities on our shoulders can’t afford such uncertainty.

One must develop several skills and obtain one or two side projects waiting for the right moment to flourish and come to light.

Well, today is the day you witness this moment because you don’t have to wait much longer. An idea worth sharing is an idea worth implementing. And today we’re sharing a phone case business idea along with success stories from the ExpandCart stores family.

All in all, you’ll learn how to start a phone case business from the ground up. 📈

Can You Make Money Selling Phone Cases in 2021?

Yes. Because let’s face it, mobile devices are taking over the world, statistics proved smartphones have outgrown the world population. 🤳🏽

phone case business statistics mobile devices worldwide
Number of mobile devices globally 2020 – 2024 (Statista) in Billions

Almost 15 Billion mobile devices are out there while the world population is chasing with 7.7 billion 

Hands down, you have plenty of room to succeed in any mobile-related business. Besides, phone cases are one of the easiest phone accessories to source, ship, and deliver.

And they’re everyone’s all-time favorite! Who wouldn’t wanna pimp up their mobile with a cool-looking phone case? Yeah? That’s the spirit! 

Let’s see some numbers 🔍

  • The phone cases market size worth USD 10.91 billion in 2020.
  • Projected to grow revenue to USD 35.5 billion by 2025.
  • Estimated annual growth rate 7.5%.

By the time we think about it, why not produce and sell your own mobile cases?

A couple of reasons… Or shall I say, benefits? 👇

  • Small commodity, makes them easy to store, pack, and ship everywhere.
  • They’re low-cost production.
  • Offline or online, works both ways and easily sold.
  • Can fit into a couple of business models: Print-on-demand for the lower risk or buy in bulk and store to get better profits.
  • 44% of smartphone owners tend to upgrade their phones every following year. Increasing your chances of targeting newly released phone models.

However, expect to find a huge competition due to the easy entry into the phone case business.

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How to Start a Phone Case Business That’s Prone to Succeed 💰

So how do you start a phone case business and succeed in your eCommerce journey? Take those tips into implementation. 

Before you get to selling phone cases, a few expert tips you need to understand.

Such as 👇

  • Which mobile devices you should focus on.
  • What are the top-selling phone cases?
  • The types of phone cases that you can sell or produce yourself.
  • Where to source your design ideas, etc.

1- Focus on the most popular mobile devices

Start your phone case business by selling phone cases for the most trendy mobile devices at the time. That’s how you can guarantee quick profits and smart brand awareness in just the beginning, especially that you cannot sell phone cases for each of the mobile devices out there. For instance, iPhones, the latest models, and the ones that are still getting Apple updates.

💡 Pro-Tip 

Keyword research using Google Keyword Planner will save you a long run in determining which phone cases to focus on selling. Use the search volume column to determine the demand for each phone case and set your priorities. 👇

make money selling phone cases

2- Research trendy and top-selling phone cases

Learn about the top-selling phone cases from Amazon’s best selling list and run local research as well to see if what’s on the list complies with your place of residence (since it’s easier to reach and ship inside the country) and make a priority list for the top wanted covers for your target audience.

best selling phone cases to make money

3- Start your online store to get selling fast

This step can be pretty easy with ExpandCart’s free plan. It enables you to launch your online store for free with limited help assets that can be later upgraded into a full plan when your needs expand. 

4- Start marketing your phone case business

To make money selling phone cases, or anything to be precise, you need marketing. Today no business can stand without marketing. But initiating a strong marketing strategy is a tricky task. View this Free Marketing Plan Template to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales and help you get started.

➕ Also, make sure to consider video marketing in your content plan, and one of the trending platforms that embrace video marketing is TikTok, so take this “How to Use TikTok for Marketing Business Guide” and thank me later.

5- Get to know all the types of phone cases

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Rugged phone cases.
  • Thin flat phone cases.
  • Bumper phone cases.
  • Fabric covers.
  • The wallet type (also known as Folio).

Every phone case type of these has its audience, so make sure to study the phone case market very well before you get started. And like mentioned above, start safe, focus on the most selling to get higher chances of making money to boost your business with marketing and social media ads later one and keep things going smooth.

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6- Decide on your business model 

Decide whether you’ll dropship, print on demand, or produce the whole phone case yourself. Research on each business model to decide your best fit.

In my opinion, dropshipping is the easiest entry to any business since you won’t have to worry about storage or shipping or even packaging your orders. You can depend on AliExpress, or many other options available to integrate with your ExpandCart store.

👉 If you’re interested in this type you can learn more here: 2021 Guide to Start a Dropshipping Business from the Ground Up 

Another option is to design your phone cases using Printful (a print-on-demand platform) that only needs your designs and they’ll take care of the printing and shipping for you.

Luckily for you, and integration with Printful is also available on ExpandCart. You can learn more about it in the dropshipping link above. ⬆️

An online store with no products, no warehouse, and no fees! A scam? Maybe. Anyways, check for yourself 😉

No limited trial, no credit card, and no hidden fees

How to Inspire Your Phone Case Designs?

A lot of my DIY work is inspired by Pinterest. This could be a very good start for you too. Pinterest has so many high-quality patterns and colorful artworks that you can easily download and print on anything you desire.

Other professional alternatives are to depend on design communities like Dribbble, Behance, or Fiverr. Look around for design experts to help you produce your marvelous phone case designs. 

Besides, integrations like Printful and CaseApp provide mock-up generators, you can use them to ease the process.

💡 Tip

Always take the direction of the people, make sure your designs are relatable to your target audience, and always ask your customers for recommendations and whether they want custom designs.

This will be a huge asset to your brand since anyone will be able to send you the design he’s looking for. It’s a win-win situation! 

Successful Phone Case Business Samples 📱

You must take a look at other related online stores to benchmark the market and view who else is doing what and how.

#1 Cavaraty

start a phone case business like cavaraty

An independently owned phone accessories online store that’s based in Kuwait. It’s one of the prominent success stories that was dreamt, built, and achieved growth under ExpandCart’s umbrella.

Cavaraty wanted to sell high-quality mobile products at competitive prices. They started with a small online store with no storage inventory, but with hard work and dedication and the help of our eCommerce experts, they’ve become authorized by more than 40 global brands. 

Don’t worry about your pricing strategy, here are 14 Pricing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Business

💡 Cutting the long story short, here are your learning points:

  • Make sure you’ve done your studies and research on each new product and its market before launching and specifying its price
  • Practice inbound marketing by supporting beginning entrepreneurs and displaying their products in your store (win-win situation)
  • Start small, focus on one product, then plan your expansion. ➕ Prepare to take as many fails until you can’t stop your growth.

#2 wireless-co

inspire your phone case business store samples

Wireless is a Saudi-based electronics brand that sells power banks, charging cables and wireless charges, and most importantly, mobile accessories such as phone cases, headphones, etc.

By looking at Wireless and Cavaraty, it’s easy to assume that once you start selling phone cases, you should aim to reach a higher ground and start selling other related products as well. If you aren’t planning for growth, you’re planning for failure. 

#3 Stoore

phone case business inspiration

This neatly designed online store is specialized in providing electronic devices like cameras, headphones, mobile devices, and smartphone accessories at competitive prices. 

#4 Jawal Store

make money selling phone cases like Jawal

Jawal store sells mobiles, electronic devices, and its components in addition to the maintenance equipment and tools that aim at not only selling the products but also helping its customers raising their knowledge into how to properly and safely use their devices.

Final Words 📓

Today our major topic was how to start a phone case business from the ground up. We got into minor and major details like starting and planning your business model, deciding your phone cases inspiration sources, and other related matters that will hopefully give you the first push to make money selling phone cases.

We also took a tour of some of the electronic stores created on ExpandCart for inspiration. It’s your time now to take your first step and start your own business and start making money selling phone cases.


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