How to Increase Sales on Mother’s Day 2021? Definitive Guide

26.7 billion dollars is the estimated total spending this Mother’s Day, beating out last year’s total spend of around $25 billion.

Would you miss such a buying frenzy this year?

I don’t think so.

This year, the demand for online purchases is expected to be much greater than in previous years, lockdown in most countries and the “you know who” and the reasons we’ve all become familiar with.

Then, how do you increase sales on mother’s day, and make the most out of this outstanding marketing season?

Start preparing your online store, and offer special discounts, and run campaigns that make online shoppers notice and prefer your store than others.

Here is a set of methods and tricks that can be used in marketing through various social media and digital channels to increase sales on Mother’s Day.

When Should You Start Preparations for Mother’s Day Marketing 2021?

In the beginning, Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times around the world, but it is celebrated in the Middle East with the beginning of spring specifically on March 21 of each year.

The day was adopted by the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1956 and then was followed by the rest of the Arab world.

It is interesting that many individuals wait until the last moments to buy gifts, and therefore they resort in large numbers to shopping online, and to get advice and suggestions from various electronic stores.

It’s also a known fact that internet shoppers tend to spend a lot of money than those who shop from traditional stores.

So, when should you start your marketing preparations for the Mother’s Day season?

Usually there is no ideal timing to start marketing for Mother’s Day, but it is best to start with the first holiday in March, as you should do your marketing for Mother’s Day early enough to remind your customers that Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that they should prepare and think about the right gift.

Start giving them unique ideas through your offers and products, which make them remember you when they actually make the purchase decision.

And now we will discuss with you the most important methods and popular marketing strategies this year, which enable you to create brilliant marketing campaigns to increase sales on Mother’s Day.

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8 Important Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales on Mother’s Day

Thousands of companies, online stores, and websites around the world are working on that day to launch many campaigns and promotions, in order to be able to get a part of the tremendous profits that are made due to the high demand of consumers to buy various gifts for their mothers.

In order to be able to compete effectively on those days, we offer you a set of the most important tricks and marketing tips that make the audience prefer your online store or site over others.

First: The creative use of pictures of mothers — let them speak for your products!

Everyone loves to share their photos with their mothers on various social media channels on this day, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and invite your audience to share their mothers’ favorite pictures through your Facebook or Instagram page?

This will lead to an increase in your engagement rate.

Then take advantage of this noise on your page and offer special discounts on your products on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

There is also a great strategy in the same vein that is used by most brands and achieves extremely high engagement rates on this day, as it is possible to ask the audience to share pictures of their mothers using one of your products.

💡 For example, if you sell cooking utensils, ask your customers to share their mother’s best recipe cooked in one of your products, or if you sell clothing products, pictures of mothers can be shared as product models.

This is a Facebook Ad published by BakersVille India Pvt. Ltd that provides premium quality modern food and bakery solutions in March 2020. 👇

Mother's Day Facebook Ad

This strategy will never disappoint you, as you will get a great response on the part of children and mothers.

This strategy is also suitable for use on almost all communication platforms, and of course, you will benefit from it with massive traffic on your page and website, and you have to be fully prepared with the appropriate promotions that attract any consumer as soon as they land on it.

Second: Gift Packages and Product Sets

There is nothing that attracts consumers to buy more than an amazing offer on a complete set.

Let them express their appreciation to their mothers with more than one gift in a specific package or group and offer special discounts on them.

For example, if you sell perfumes, the perfume can be presented with a body cream and a pretty scarf suitable for mothers, or if you sell an electronic product for the kitchen, why do not you provide it with a set of spoons, knives, etc.

Also, present the package in neat and nice packaging with a simple card with words expressing love and appreciation for the mother, the customer will feel that you provide them with everything they need all at once and of course they will be more inclined to complete the purchase from your store and not others.

💡 For example, Nefertari, a company specialized in the manufacture of natural cosmetics, offers a promotional offer for Mother’s Day in its own style by presenting a basket that includes a set of its best products in an attractive and wonderful way to be an ideal gift that pleases every mother.

And not only this, they make a special offer for this occasion with a 15% discount to encourage more customer turnout and increase sales on Mother’s Day.

Increase Sales on Mother's Day

Third: Free Shipping and Fast Delivery

Free shipping is one of the most effective ways to attract customers towards making a purchase decision.

Add a special bar on your site that shows that with the approaching Mother’s Day you will enjoy free shipping on all products or certain groups.

This will attract customers to your store in a way that you would not imagine, add to the offer the delivery speed within 24 or 48 hours at the latest. Customers love that very much and feel that you communicate with them emotionally well and you want to provide all the facilities available through your store, which gives them more confidence in your online store.

Increase sales on mother's day - free shipping

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Fourth: Choosing the Right Keywords to Manage Advertising Campaigns

Based on information from “Think With Google”, most searches are around words and phrases such as ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, ideas for suitable packaging, pictures of Mother’s Day gifts, and other similar searches.

increase sales on mother's day

In your advertising campaigns, be smart enough to target these words in the marketing campaigns for your products.

When the consumer searches for an idea, there is nothing better than embodying his idea in the form of an already existing gift that he can easily buy with special offers, all with a click of a button.

Realize that folks at this point don’t just shop for moms!

Numerous studies confirm that many individuals present gifts on that day to sisters, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and teachers, as well as girlfriends. Do not neglect to target that category with appropriate keywords through your campaigns that fit your target audience.

Fifth: Attract Your Customers With Free Gifts

Special offers and discounts will be found on almost all websites and online stores, everyone tries to take a piece of candy on this special day’s sales and the competition is fierce.

Make your store stand out from the crowd by dedicating a portion of this day’s budget to additional freebies along with the main gift.

💡 For example, A bouquet of gorgeous flowers combined with the product would be a great choice!

And if you do not have enough budget, then allocate some of your special products as complimentary gifts, which will be a great opportunity to encourage the customer to buy as well as promote those products!

Mother's Day Marketing Idea

There is nothing better than moms to promote what they like; if your gift won the admiration of mothers, they will tell their relatives and friends, which makes you have a new list of potential customers.

🕵 Expert advice! You can increase the price of the product a little to compensate for the price of the complementary product or the gift accompanying the main product.

Make sure that the consumer will accept to buy the product at a slightly more expensive price than in the market only in order to obtain the accompanying gift, especially if it is accompanied by a free shipping offer.

Sixth: Let Children Express Their Love With Hand-made Gifts


Many websites and online stores ignore the children on this day, why don’t you target young children by offering certain tools and materials that can be purchased through your store with which they can make special, hand-made, wonderful gifts for mothers themselves!

This method is amazing, new, and very much loved, and is well suited for stores that have craft items such as beads and yarn or decorative items that can be painted like glass and porcelain.

It is great if you help kids get a special gift for their mom, but there is nothing better than having them make that gift themselves!

If you have the right tools, make a fun short video explaining how to use these tools in making great gifts and display it on YouTube and on various social media pages. Add links to the video for viewers to buy these products through your store, and do not forget to make some special offers.

💡 ExpandCart Advice: Create advertising campaigns for these products and target them mainly to parents, they will be very encouraged to buy these products and their children participate in making unique gifts for mothers.

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Seventh: Do not promote your products directly, present them through ideas and advice

What people are looking for on that day are gift ideas, as we mentioned earlier; why don’t you take advantage of that by devoting the week before Mother’s Day to sharing unique gift ideas?

The customer will feel that you are providing him with assistance and not interested in direct selling, let the customer look at you with the eye of an expert and not the seller. This will give him more confidence and loyalty to your brand or your store only.

You can use sites like Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms that are more compatible with your target audience to post a daily list of the best ideas for great and trending gifts this year.

💡 Be sure to highlight unique and attractive products that are popular with your buyers.

Eighth: Send Mother’s Day Reminders via Email

If you have a special campaign for Mother’s Day, or even if you do not, in all cases you should create an email campaign for all existing clients as well as your email list with an attractive Mother’s Day title.

You can include a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas in these emails, highlighting your most popular products. Of course, if you have a bunch of special offers and discounts for that day, highlight them in private messages. This helps consumers a lot to think about your store when the time comes to purchase a Mother’s Day gift.

Mother's Day Marketing Example

💡 ExpandCart Advice: Send private mails to your loyal customers with personalized offers only for them on that day, this will boost their loyalty to your products and your store and thus prefer your products over others. Let them feel that they are special to you and that you care about them with certain offers such as free gifts or free shipping.

After we have covered the most important methods and strategies that help you create powerful campaigns that will greatly increase your sales and profits on Mother’s Day, we move with you to the most popular products among consumers in the Arab world on that day.

Most Popular Products Among Consumers on Mother’s Day 

Engraved jewelry comes on top of the most popular products by the Arab public in the Mother’s Day season, followed by perfumes and electronic products, then clothes and household items. Chocolate, sweets, flowers, and greeting cards also have high turnout rates.

1. Jewelry

Engraved gold jewelry occupied the first place among the best-selling products during Mother’s Day in the Arab world by up to 60%, according to statistics from

Jewelry is one of the most preferred gifts for Arab women on all occasions, especially mothers.

Mother's Day Jewelry Ads


💡 The gem and jewelry market in the United Arab Emirates alone reached about 8.4 billion US dollars in 2018. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 8% to exceed 13 billion US dollars by 2024.

💡 Saudi Arabia has always been the largest consumer of jewelry. The Saudi people consume approximately 3 grams of gold per person. There are many famous Saudi brands offering unique and high-quality pieces that are sold all over the world.

2. Perfumes 

The Middle East loves perfumes in general, as the perfume market value here has reached 2,852 million US dollars in 2019, and is expected to reach 4,414 million US dollars by 2027, registering an annual growth rate of 7.4% from 2020 to 2027.

Mother's Day Perfumes Ads


A luxurious perfume with a unique scent, nothing beats such a gift for women in the Arab world, as many mothers, especially young women, prefer this gift greatly, especially if it is included with a body freshener and lotion with the same wonderful smell.

3. Electronic Products

Household electronic items that make her life easier are among the most favorable gifts on Mother’s Day.

Tools such as a microwave, dishwasher, or vacuum cleaner and other devices that help the mother at home come on top of the priorities for many when choosing gifts on Mother’s Day.

Presenting special offers and discounts on the occasion of Mother’s Day on such devices will be a great option; it is also possible to add a simple gift with these devices, a set of cups or a variety of hooks, which may greatly encourage customers to complete the purchase from your store or website.

4. Home Clothing and Tools

An old classic gift but always a favorite for mothers in the Arab world, traditional home clothes such as luxurious gowns for mothers and mothers-in-law, or modern pajamas for young mothers, as well as household items such as glass cup sets or bed covers in modern shapes and colors as well as carpets.

These products will always be your favorite giveaways that won’t disappoint you.

Bundle those gifts in sets, for example, a house garment with a scarf and a pair of home shoes. A complete set that is tempting enough to complete the purchase, especially if it is offered at a discount or a special offer.

5. Candy, Flowers, and Greeting Cards

Complimentary gifts that are loved by all, if your basic gift is accompanied by a bouquet of flowers or chocolate candy, you will give the gift a special appreciation. Of course, greeting cards are one of the most popular products for many to put on gift wrapping.

You can make partnerships with different flower sites and online stores, as well as greeting cards with lovely expressions.

Adding such touches to the packaging of your product will make the customer known for an emotional affiliation to your store, which provides them with complete options for the gift with the utmost ease.

🕵Expert advice: Whatever product you will include in your store options, save part of your budget to present it privately and free of charge to your customers.

💡 For example, a sample of a new perfume, a red rose, a small brooch, chocolate, or any small gift that makes you different from your competitors. Not only will this encourage customers to complete their purchase, but you’ll also earn their loyalty to come back to your store again.

Now, let’s take a look at the best global campaigns launched by major brands and global online stores on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Successful Mother’s Day Advertising Campaigns — Examples

We are presenting you some of the international and Arabic campaigns that brought up great ideas that you can benefit from, and get your own idea for your marketing campaign for Mother’s Day this year.

1. Thank you Sitt Al Habayeb, Jumia

Special offers from Jumia on Mother’s Day: flash sale, installment offers, and others were displayed in a wonderful and simple way, in just 17 seconds with simple, brief, and expressive words.

One of the largest online selling sites in the Arab world was able to present a distinctive advertising campaign on Mother’s Day 2020.

2. My mom always sees me as special and wonderful, EVA

Eva Fashion’s online shopping site presented an influential and wonderful advertisement on the occasion of Mother’s Day through words that come on the tongue of a child expressing that her mother sees her, in any case, beautiful and everything she does appears unique and special.

In the end, the site offered special discounts on selected Mother’s Day products.

3. Special gifts always keep us close, Macy’s

In this great promotional advertisement from the company Macy’s, the mother gives her baby the bag on her first day of school in order to relieve stress on her child and reassure her that she will always come back.

Then the advertisement passes to the girl after she has grown up and she will go to the university and she does the shopping through the site and she buys a similar bag for her mother on Mother’s Day and tells her that she too will always come back.

The announcement concludes with a wonderful saying that special gifts make us always close.

Finally, pay attention⚠️

If you really need to increase sales on mother’s day, don’t neglect or ignore the current Covid-19 crisis. Show your products as they reach mothers, and sons communicate with them, and share the joy through amazing video calls.

Always include in your campaigns phrases of encouragement to stay safe at home and gifts will reach them in wonderful and complete packaging, with fast delivery service.


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