Meta Tags… Improve your online store on search engines

After you have finished extracting the appropriate keywords for your online store, then coming to the phase of using these keywords in the web page components.

Firstly I would like to point out especially with beginners in SEO world, that you can learn the basic elements and factors to enhance appear your online store pages on search engine pages result in 15 minutes. but in fact, you will spend many hours to see the results of your business In reality.

Through this article, I will guide you on meta-tag factors and just one of the basic factors … and remember that there are many factors that Google relies on the ranking of search results!

What Is The Meta Tags

Meta Tags are orders or “commands” that are called from the browser to highlight page elements and are usually not visible to the user. They are usually placed between <HEAD> and </ HEAD… etc.

Assuming that article reader has at least some simple information on the HTML language.

Meta Tags are important elements that help search engines in categorize your online store pages and link them to keywords that entered by your customers and visitors.

What Meta Tags Contain

Meta Name, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword, IMG ALT Tags, and of course another number … etc. These elements promote (Meta Tag) search engines by finding your online store pages on web and each (Meta) have their value for search engines.

Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keyword only will be explained to you in this article.

Meta Title

It’s the most important elements of Meta and improved the emergence of your pages on the search engines, and hence you should distinguish between the title that appears to the users and the Meta Title.

Meta Title it’s your page title on the web… which through search engines can summarize the content of your page.

Whats the guidance should be taken to better use the meta title?

  • The best use of meta title or title tag is to in insert the most important keywords that you want to focus on.
  • A number of characters must be between 10 and 60 Character… don’t worry Google will not punish you if you exceed the number of characters but will ignore the extra characters.
  • Make meta title appear as a real title and not just a keyword phrase that has spaces between them.
  • Insert a Special title or different for each page on your site.
  • If you want to focus on two keywords at the same time, would prefer to place the most important word in the first.
  • Google may punish you if you want to put words that are not relevant to your site, so please be careful.

Meta Description

The meaning of the meta description is to write a simple explanation that summarizes your page content … The search engines show this explanation in the results pages.

In the past, Google depends only on showing meta-description in the search engine results pages. Currently, search engines often display pieces (snippets) sparse of content that reflect the keyword that entered into the content page.

Whats the guidance should be taken to better use the meta description?

1. Make a meta description expressive about real marketing text for your page and not just make keywords. the point from this is the text will appear to the user in the search results pages, and the more attractive text, the more likely it will be clicked by users.

2. Set the maximum number of characters to 170 characters.

3. Include the most important keywords.

4. Insert a special text or different for each page.

Meta Keywords

The meaning of meta keywords are keywords for your site and are usually not visible to the user. In fact despite the disappearance of importance meta keywords role in Google, but we can not ignore the role of this meta for search engines such as Yahoo and bing … etc

In one of Google’s blogs, one of its engineers called Matt Cat said in 2009 that Google relies on more than 200 elements in ranking results of the search and do not consider Meta Keywords one of these factors! In any case, we would not prefer to ignore this element.

What’s guidance should be taken to better use the meta keywords?

For meta keywords, as we mentioned earlier, it has been heavy in the search engines in the past, but at the present time, the role is very simple.

In all circumstances, we should not ignore it, and we advise you at the same time not to include a large number of keywords and focus only on the most important keywords.


Despite the continuous updates and developments of the Google algorithm, meta tags still play an important role in the ranking of sites on search engines. As we have already told you at the beginning of this article improve the meta tag is one of the most important factors that contribute to and reinforce the process of improving the ranking sites.

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