E-commerce in Simple and Comprehensive Points

First of all, we should point out that without the industrial revolution and the great technological development we have reached these days, the term e-commerce has no existence in our modern world, and this broad and comprehensive term cannot raise any meaning within us. Commercial transactions were a very difficult and difficult process and were not as easy as we arrived today, as they needed to travel long distances and countries that are remote for days and may be up to months in a row so that the trader can promote its products and products in a way to achieve the desired profit.

But this difficult situation has changed completely thanks to the tremendous technological development we have achieved, especially after the invention of the Internet and then the social networks that made the whole world in a state of communication and exchange intellectual, cultural and commercial as well; it is possible to conduct transactions between the consumer and the merchant through those Networking is one click away from home without any trouble or misery in it. Hence the term e-commerce; what is e-commerce? and what is its importance to individuals as well as businesses and businesses? This is what we will learn in the course of this report.


Definition of e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the modern terminologies in the language that has recently emerged, but it has firmly imposed itself on all language dictionaries throughout the world; e-commerce is a term intended for those transactions between two or more parties in close proximity Or spaced depending on the Internet and various electronic means of communication as well as information technologies spread throughout the world.

In spite of the modernity of this type of unconventional trade, it has been remarkably able to make a big breakthrough in the world of commerce. All traders around the world rely on this kind of trade – ie, e-commerce – to promote and sell their products Ease without incurring excessive expenses in promoting those products. E-commerce has also helped reach very large numbers of consumers, not only in the origin of the product but throughout the world. Anyone, thanks to e-commerce and technological development, can get a product that he likes with a single click and comes from another continent, Where the place of manufacture, using the various means of shipping found by e-commerce around the world.

Importance and benefits of e-commerce

When talking about the importance of e-commerce, we can conclude that e-commerce has become an integral part of our daily lives, depending on how important it is from one society to another and from one culture to another. However, it has become of great importance to all individuals, It has already been dispensed with from our lives; it has become one of the things that surround us and our behavior.

E-commerce has dramatically succeeded in changing the purchasing culture of the world as well as purchasing behavior, and the ways in which the consumer depends on access to his personal purposes as well. In the coming period we will recognize the benefits of e-commerce for individuals, companies, and communities:

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First: Importance of e-commerce for individuals:

E-commerce has returned in its comprehensive and wide-ranging concept to individuals with many advantages and benefits that have transferred their lives a great qualitative leap. Perhaps the most important benefits for individuals are:

  • Many people around the world have helped to manage and profit from their homes without any trouble or hardship.
  • Has made it possible for many to start businesses and businesses with little capital, as many young people are already making huge profits from e-commerce.
  • Played a major role in changing the lives of people with special needs as well as housewives in entering the business market and making profits from working from their homes, which made them clearly influence in the processes of community development.
  • Has enabled large and small traders to complete their business transactions faster and easier at any time than anywhere on the planet.
  • E-commerce has also created a large number of shipping routes around the world. It has made it easy to send products and goods from one place to another, with ease and speed.
  • E-commerce has also created educational platforms for sharing experiences and opinions among individuals around the world in terms of e-commerce methods and innovations.



Second: The importance of e-commerce for companies

The benefits of e-commerce are not only for individuals, but the effect and the great benefit of that kind of trade is that part that goes back to business companies and businesses around the world. Perhaps the most important benefits for companies are:

  • E-commerce has provided businesses and businesses with a wider range of products in the domestic, international and international markets.
  • E-commerce has also enabled businesses to reach a wider range of consumers across the market faster, more effectively and more effectively; they have played an active role in achieving higher levels of sales, which have significantly increased their profits for these companies remarkably.
  • E-commerce has helped companies and traders to develop from their products as well as to avoid defects by being able to learn that customers have responded quickly and easily through product evaluations that have become e-commerce for all companies.
  • The creation of the product according to the desire of the consumer was also one of the most important benefits that returned to commercial companies from e-commerce.
  • It also played a major role in reducing the period of completion of the purchasing transaction, reducing the time between the receipt and payment of the product.


Third: the benefits of e-commerce to the community

E-commerce in the world as a whole has great benefits for individuals and companies. Electronic commerce is also a great benefit to society, which we will discuss in the following points:

  • E-commerce has allowed for different types of social life, especially after allowing many people to work from their homes and to achieve the winds, which played a major role in reducing congestion, pollution, and other benefits.
  • E-commerce has also provided new avenues for low-income people in third world communities to obtain their product needs at prices that suit their potential, by making available multiple purchasing platforms that enable them to trade more competitive goods.

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