Best Websites to Learn About E-commerce News And Insights in 2022

It’s important to be on the top of your game in the e-commerce industry and keep learning about the latest news and insights and knowledge out there, something that will help you thrive and succeed.

You may be interested about the latest updates in the e-commerce world and want to learn about eBay, Amazon, and the other e-commerce storefronts, or maybe you are running your own e-commerce marketplace and you are willing to improve a certain aspect of your store like increasing conversion rates by working on google ads, social media strategy or content marketing efforts. So, when you would want to do that, where do you go?

Additionally, where would you find the thought leadership insights that will shape the future of e-commerce and provide you with an awareness of the upcoming trends and topics?

With the myriad of news sources available today, it’s not difficult to find information. The challenge is separating the signal from the noise and finding all the information you need — without spending all day reading.

It’s not difficult to find info on e-commerce, however, it’s important to separate the valuable content from the one that just provides noise, to refine and help you get exactly what you need.

Here is Where You Can Find the Latest on E-Commerce News and Insights

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Among hundreds of sources, you can check the below links for some fine info & help whenever you need:

  1. Practical E-Commerce.

Practical E-commerce provides information that is practical on different subjects and topics out there, stuff like marketing, design and conversion rates optimization. Also, you will get to find insights on shopping, analytics and management, and much more. Moreover, it’s one of the most recognizable places to get info on how to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces.

  1. National Retail Federation.

NRF is the largest retail trade association, that’s why it offers a remarkable and distinct look into the industry as a whole, and it provides original research and exec-level insights making it a great place to find information that you need. Furthermore, its blog is also where you can get info on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and also across the holiday season.

  1. Econsultancy.

Econsultancy’s experts directly write useful insights and actionable info on topics such as e-commerce, digital marketing and technology, so that’s why the blog articles provide a wealth of bite-sized topics that are free to access. However, their briefings will require a paid membership in order to access them.

  1. Retail Dive.

Retail Dive provides regular news about Brand launches and store closings, that’s beside providing reports on latest trends and expert opinions that are quite insightful. Moreover, they provide great news about major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and other big retail stores.

  1. Digital Commerce 360.

You can visit Digital Commerce 360 for news, analyses, topics and other form of useful content resources such as webinars and white papers.

  1. Forbes Retail.

Forbes is famously known for being one of the best business magazines. What you might have missed is the fact that they also have a great retail section that could benefit anyone working on the business of e-commerce.

  1. Modern Retail.

Modern retail provides new on startups, retail stores, platforms, events and much more that feature the latest in insights and trends, that’s beside a collection of content about most attractive industry topics.

  1. The Goods, by Vox.

The Goods was launched by Vox to cover consumer culture, providing quite useful insights into consumer psychology and behavior, so although it’s not exactly related to e-commerce, it provides a helpful content on selling products/services to people.

  1. Glossy.

Glossy focuses on the impact of technology on the fashion and beauty industries, yet their insights are quite valuable. They offer both the options of free content and paid memberships.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends in Marketing and Advertising

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Below you can find some of the finest sources of marketing and advertising that will provide you with the best info, latest trends and ideas.

  1. Media Post

Media post will offer you with a diverse source of information on online advertising, and digital marketing with the highest of standards.

  1. eMarketer

eMarketer focuses on the intersection of anything digital and marketing, media and commerce, and it offers both free and paid subscription options.

  1. Social Media Today

Social media today has gives you reports and original analysis on the latest events in the social media industry.

  1. Buffer

Buffer provides a mix of information into the social media sector, beside actionable tips to up your social media skills.

  1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is where you get content of some of the industry’s leading experts on SEO; keyword research, link building, and more.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing institute(CMI) provides information all about content marketing, strategy, operations and management. Also, CMI offers a series of how-to guides that are a great resource of getting you moving forward.

  1. The Daily Egg

The Daily Egg focuses on conversion optimization, also covering topics around website design, UX and testing, and a multitude of topics that enhances the customer experience.

Newsletters for E-Commerce News and Marketing

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Newsletters are a great way to not miss any of the latest updates from your favorite websites. A good newsletter combines original content and curated one that is not easy to find elsewhere.

1. Lean Luxe.

Lean Luxe has a tagline that reads: “Rigorously defining what luxury now means today, and covering the businesses at the forefront.”, where each post will be nothing short of original & interesting content from all over the internet.

2, 2PM.

2PM has a weekly Monday newsletter that provides the latest updates in the fields of media, brand, data science, and e-commerce, and constitutes a wealth of news, insights and lots of interesting content to consume. It offers a paid membership, where you can receive a brief three times a week along with a weekly report.

3. Chips + Dips.

Chips + Dips provides information on the intersection between e-commerce, branding, and technology, with an issue that is released every few weeks including interesting stories from across the internet, and in-depth look in the currently trending content.

4. Full Court Press.

The full court was founded by Marco Marandiz, who currently is heads of marketing for Eliott. He has a newsletter that is full of insights into DTC marketing, marketing, and e-commerce industry.

5. Retail Brew.

Retail brew provides quick updates about the industry that comes to your inbox twice a week. Additionally, you get to check also general news in their Morning Brew, and updates in the innovative technologies in their Emerging Tech Brew.

6. Digiday.

Digiday provides a daily newsletter that comes with a focus on the intersection of media, retail, culture, brand, and marketing plus links to relevant industry trends. You get to choose between free and paid membership, where the latter provides you with more options.

7. The Hustle.

If you are looking for a generalist newsletter with the biggest stories of the day, look for The Hustle.

8. Vogue Business.

This one is focused on the fashion industry (surprise, surprise) but it’s worth considering even if that’s not your niche. It provides a global perspective on business and technology in fashion, and so touches a lot of areas of interest across e-commerce. The newsletter includes original reporting and curated content from across the web.

Podcasts That Are Perfect Sources of Knowledge About E-Commerce:


  1. Retail Gets Real.

As recommended earlier for being a news source, NRF could also be checked for their Retail Gets Real podcast featuring interviews with executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

  1. Future Commerce.

Future commerce provides informative discussions about brand strategy and gives useful insights about its future, besides they have a new series called Step by Step on how to kick start a successful retails business.

  1. ModernRetail.

As a Podcast from Digiday, Modern retail focuses on the Direct to consumer field with its entrepreneurs and retailers.


There is always an ever-evolving need to know & learn to transform your business from merely an idea to a flourishing and a thriving one. That’s why it’s important to stay updated, especially in a fast-paced environment where development moves so fast. The above resources will make sure to keep you informed with some of the go-to resources that will provide you with what you need.

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